"A Guide may wait thousands of years for the channel capable of holding them." 
Intuitive Channel & Guide Communication Specialist

​As a channel, I would formally meet my spirit guide "gatekeeper" Sylvan in England in 2003. I knew that she was female, and that other intuitive mediums and practitioners said she was clearly an angel. They described how immensely bright her light was as well as how direct and protective her communication.  But that was her job.  To assure my protection and well being through any room I needed to walk, or interaction I would have.  

Up to that point in my life I had been set upon a path of study by private instructors in every imaginable metaphysical subject. From 1992 until 2003 I was clearly scheduled to watch and learn without any notification that I had abilities of my own. But in England, all of that would change. To my great surprise the notifications and proof came one at a time in a very deliberate and personalized curriculum in just a single week through an intensive trance and platform mediumship training program. "...There is nothing you need to learn...only to remember."  I channeled her for the first time that week in deep altered state.

My guide-group is extensive, and each works with me based on their own area of expertise and the matters at hand - Angelic, Galactic, Elemental.  But as a channel capable of working with an array of beings, the angel Sylvan is my primary guide.  It would be years before my practical-side would acknowledge that she and one of my male guardians were directly from the Angelic Realm.  I always felt angels on one hand were too commercialized and overused to explain things; and on the other, the concept was overwhelming to me.  But in 2016, through a series of very specific events; one in which I found myself standing unharmed in the center of a busy road with a white feather falling from the sky into my hands, I had to acknowledge the reality of it.
The Angels - a Gatekeeper & a Guardian  ~
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"As the vibration of the earth changes, should you be one who chooses to merge the worlds within you, so too shall your connections between what you term "spirit" and the physical plane change.  
No longer do they need to be separate.  Your team will be as unique as your mission.  
And they will not be hidden from you."  ~ Sylvan
The Guides ~
As a metaphysical instructor who very much participates in the practical world, it comes as a surprise to some that I work with and deploy my guide-team in the 3-D reality as much as I do.  In truth, they are my guardians, my love, my partners and my family.  I came to realize very early on, that the metaphysical doesn't get put in a closet from 9am-5pm while you are out interacting with the humans in the physical plane reality.  Those standing around you may not know what you are or what you are capable of, but at the height of your true mastery, allowing the highest energy for healing, guidance and service is something we greatly encourage.
"We are so happy that you speak with us, and even more so when you listen ."  ~ The Guides
I and my Guides connect on the "internal planes" of communication across multiple dimensions.  Learning to work with your own guide-team and being able to communicate and coordinate is about developing a language that is unique to your abilities, and then using it.  To learn to play the piano you must practice. To develop a relationship with anyone requires discussion, direct interaction and deliberate intent.  

Awareness of synchronicity; developing and trusting your knowingness; using kinesiology to connect into the electrical system of your body; using divination systems; studying universal symbols and their meanings (astrology, numerology, crystals, animal energies, etc.); are ways to develop your own personal language and understanding.  These are all platforms of communication that can be drawn upon and used.  And the key to mastery and deepening awareness is participation.
        The little girl clutched at the edge of her brownie uniform in a nervous gesture that no one was actually present to see with the exception of the trees standing like silent sentinels across the wooded area. It was quiet. The only noises were the crunch of autumn leaves beneath her tiny sneakers, and the occasional sound of laughter coming from children in other parts of the park. 
        Why had she chosen to do this? To wander away from her Girl Scout troop. Into the trees and down the hill that lead to the forbidden wolf perimeter. They had been given specific warning not to go near this place, because the animals were wild and dangerous. Perhaps it had been the pressure of the other two girls that had started her into the woods; but now, long after the others had fled in fear, she felt drawn to complete the journey alone. Something she never did, in part, because at age seven she was afraid of nearly everything. But also because she always followed the rules set down by the adults.
        She hadn’t seen any wolves on this trip to the zoo, their enclosure stretching out for a few square miles to give the pack room to run. The tour guide had said they preferred not to come near the humans, so a sighting wasn’t to be expected that afternoon.  
        But she really wanted to meet one. 
        A decision that seemed unreasonably important now given the circumstances, as she moved closer to the forbidden fence anyway.
        The animal broke without warning through the underbrush and landed not far from where she was standing, nearly scaring the life right out of her. She considered running until logic merged together with some crazy version of certainty.  The fence would protect her… but he wouldn’t have hurt her anyway.
        He closed the gap by fifty, thirty, and then twenty feet before coming to a halt. His fur quivered, and he was breathing hard. Even to her young observance this creature was wild, and she watched him shiver slightly as if deciding what to do…charge or retreat? She knew the second the wolf had made his decision to do neither. Instead, a flow of unspoken communication began between them, eye-to-eye and soul-to-soul. An agreement perhaps, from the spirit of the wolf who held the energy of “the teacher.” Something shared that would be used, required and called upon from within this child years later. And no one ever knew about the encounter beyond the spirits who shared it.
The Wolves ~
One group of entities and energies I work with are my wolves. There are four of them.  My encounter as a child with a wild wolf on the physical plane was the first step in the introduction.  And how do I work with them today?  Below are two excerpts to assist you in bringing this into focus.  

The first is a segment taken from the book
12 Tribes Rising from Eternity's Fire, that chronicles my life through the monumental processes of realizing my abilities, and provides the practitioner's guide to assist you on your own path.  

The second is an excerpt from a posting on the
Dendera Private Gateway where subscribers are provided with access to energy and astrology forecasts, earth change updates, and most importantly a view into the private interactions to watch the direct guide-team work I am set upon the path to accomplish and how to explore those options in your own world.
The Wolves...Past & Present 
~ from "12 Tribes Rising From Eternity's Fire"
The situation was gaining momentum now. My interaction with the Public Safety Officer had me realizing that the plane I saw from the cliff’s edge had indeed crashed, and first responders were having trouble finding it. I started walking at a fast pace back out of the area through the woods and without thinking, reached for my wolves clairvoyantly and telepathically. They came to me when I called. The rain was coming down more steadily now as I connected with my spirit guides/guardians.

Show me the plane...” I ordered…”Take me to the plane.”
And instantly we were running. If the State Troopers couldn’t find it….we could.


As mercury stands retrograde and a 2-week period of difficult astrological aspects are faced, there are several reoccurring questions that some of you may find pushing at your emotions…

Why am I still here on the earth plane?
What am I supposed to do with my skills?
Where am I supposed to be?

For me it’s been an incredible quantity of new situations and relationships in my progression since relocating to Alaska, but I’ve also been more pointed with my Guide team about questioning why….and perhaps because we are all a bit tired down here. Earth changes and crazy weather have become common place. And I for one am a bit burned out watching the humans choose painful experiences to cycle through educational programs. I am reaching now more than ever for the bigger picture and demanding broader-reaching solutions, disclosure and alignment. So if you’ve been having tears and temper tantrums at times like I have; know that you’re not alone and it’s ok to start to participate in the set-up for those things. Keeping in mind that as you question them (your Guides), that will also require you participate and come with your own initiative to work more deeply in those energies and with your abilities to prepare for what you are demanding.

Through it all, I have done my best with this and held the line to continue (as I hope you have), in practicing the use of abilities with exercises to fine tune them. If you want to know where you’re supposed to be in the larger picture and be given a bigger job/promotion so-to-speak, then you’ve got to practice in the new energies and communication structures being built around you in the day-to-day. It can be played like a game…though a very serious one….whereby you are channeled so deeply into the flow of the synchronicities that a lineup of 5 or more per day in sequence becomes common place. So how do you do it? You start at any point in your day/on the grid and say….”where do I need to be right now?” And at that moment you will feel, know, be reminded of something on your to do list, or feel a “pull” that whispers….do this….or…..walk in this direction….or….go here next.

So yesterday I ended up in a situation that clearly was meant to bring a great many things together. I was still in a tired state and asking/demanding some demonstrations as to why I’m still supposed to be walking this path on the earth plane. I woke up with the usual “I’m going to relax today because it's the weekend” array of casual intensions and instead immediately felt the ‘pull’ to GO. There was an uneasiness in the air that always tells me…something’s coming….something’s about to happen. I was at the farmer’s market all of 5 minutes followed by going to a friend’s house to check in and see how her movers were progressing with the packing. I said to her as I shifted in and out of guide-pull awareness “I’m supposed to be somewhere…and I’m trying to figure out where.”

Tiredness had me using the intuitive plug-ins of kinesiology and directionality.  According to my internal guidance, I was supposed to go hike at the state park. Which lead to me really needing to dig for motivation as the sky was clouding up and I wasn’t sure how fighting weather and my unhappiness was going to yield a fun outcome. But as I repeatedly emphasize when I share with practitioners….it is SO important to listen. In my world, it’s literally ALL that is. Every physical-plane thing is secondary to guidance. It’s a continuing dedication to my mission even on days when I’m feeling pretty sure I can’t figure out what the point of any of this is.

The other thing to know about my personal progression of abilities recently, is that I have been working with my wolves. This mostly is an exercise in communication when I enter the woods at any point. My spirit guide/guardian wolves are something I can clairvoyantly see clearly. I appreciate that since so many of my other abilities don’t always provide vision as I navigate the day-to-day. Instead I will just get a “feeling” or “knowingness" as the primary component. I love seeing the wolves, and didn’t realize until this situation that I was actually “training” when I would connect with them to see their reaction to my surroundings. If my fight-or-flight uncertainty arose…which can happen because I deal with so many dimensions and energy…I will shift into looking through my third eye to see what they are doing. Are they on high alert? Are they playing? Are they laying in the sunshine in the grass as they keep an eye on things while I meditate? Are they on high alert because I am unsettled, or because there is a danger such as a bear or person with negative intent in the area? If you are elemental as I am and work with the animals, the earth and other creatures, I would encourage you at this point to move beyond your old techniques of just reading animals as signs and consider what amplified interactions may be available to you. As all of what I’ve discussed here so far is about to come together in a way you can see and apply in your own world….

Don’t close your eyes. ….I both felt and heard the directive.
I sat out on the cliff’s edge overlooking the crashing ocean waves and did my best to meditate. But odd gusts and something else was blowing in on the wind. An unsettled condition that I was chalking up to what these days seems like nearly a never-ending state on the earth plane. New energies collide with old; mental imbalance among the humans becomes more pronounced; and I wonder how to find any relaxation in the midst of it.  

And today was no different. I had played the game. Go-walk-in-the-woods-in-the-direction-we-lead-you. An exercise that I’ve been practicing for months. Sometimes it seems to be about finding protection from the elements. Sometimes good energy spots to connect to, rest or to do healing work. On one such occasion about a week ago I diverted into the woods down a path completely unfamiliar to me. The sun shone through the trees and it was enchanted. Which was fantastic because with this being serious bear country, I hesitate to go too far into the brush. At the end of this particular trail though, the game of follow-the-guidance came with a requirement to go past a sign that said “dangerous cliff - do not cross”…but cross the barrier I did to find myself down a slope few traversed looking out across the water from another set of seriously high cliffs. I can’t say I was comfortable with the concept of slippery mud and dangerous edges, but I was proud of myself for my bravery and safely returned back to the meadow wondering briefly, as always, what in the world that exercise had been for.

Don’t close your eyes.
Again I felt the discomfort that wouldn’t let me settle into altered state, and as I grumbled about it, my attention was suddenly diverted to the view of a small plane headed right for me from out across the ocean. I heard myself say… as my internal guidance radar went off……”you’re too low….you’re on the wrong flight path for the island….” But it just kept coming. I ripped my ear buds/music out and as I flew to my feet, I realized I could hear no engine noise.  Were they gliding? The plane had wheels and no floats so a water landing was out of the question as they wobbled and dropped out of sight in the direction of the bay to my left beyond the trees. Did I just witness a plane crash?

Looking back I am incredulous that I doubted the awareness of the instant connect I had with the pilot as he panicked, or that I hesitated to call it in. But I later realized I wasn’t supposed to call it in. I hiked back to the top of the hill to find a VPSO (emergency responder similar to a police/wildlife officer in Alaska) scanning the water. Oh shit. I asked him if he was looking for a plane in trouble. The answer was yes. I gave him direction and noticed that he was going to choose to ignore my guidance. Perhaps because I was a girl or because I had thought it was simply one of the float-plane-cowboys that daily chase each other around in the skies doing dangerous stunts and buzzing roof tops. But now the situation was gaining momentum within me. I started walking alone at a fast pace away from him and his casual annoyance and back out of the area. Then I did something without thinking that was kind of amazing. I reached for my wolves clairvoyantly and telepathically.  They came to me when I called.

“Show me the plane...” I ordered…”Take me to the plane.”
And instantly we were running. If the Troopers couldn’t find it….we could.

The rain was coming down more steadily now. I suddenly realized we were moving quickly down the exact path that ended in the past-the-point-of-safety-cliff’s edge that I had been lead to the other day. And I paced the wolves all the way from one end of the park to the other. Breaking out into the clearing first and then down the muddy incline. It would turn out to be the only beach access point (down a 200 foot cliff) to the crashed plane now visible, wheels up, upside down in the bay just off shore. An State Trooper boat had just reached them by water, and the pilot and his passenger had already swum to safety and been picked up. A few minutes later a wildlife trooper and the VPSO officer I had directed at the other end of the park arrived to scale the rest of the way down the cliff to get to the scene. I caught the look in his eye. I was the only ones standing there to greet and direct them… and I could tell what they were thinking...how did this girl manage to know exactly where to go down this hidden path and get here before we did…? A bit of male annoyance was mixed in with the questions running through their minds. From my position at the edge in the hour that followed I assisted in guiding the marine safety liaison, communicating with their main office remotely, and hiking in my friend from the newspaper. I was also the only one to get the necessary photos. 

I had demanded a demonstration from my guide team.  How does any of what we are doing on this life path fit together?!?  
The training, the pain, the wandering, the enormous quantity of souls around me in transition, the sadness, the new energies to be managed, the fears that rise and can’t be allowed to lead, and the encounters with volatile personalities in daily interactions. It’s a lot to deal with. I share these incidents and amazing situations with you so that they can be used as a point of reference and inspiration in your own world. 

Are you allowing new moments of “training” to occur…?
Are you allowing new options of interaction with your abilities and Guide team…?
The Private Gateway Journal - Summer 2013​
~  from "Finding Convergence with your Abilities"
Aleiya Hunter