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Would you like to see changes occur in any area of your life through graceful transition...?  
In a world that is moving very quickly, it is now possible to use that fire to easily shift your life circumstances.  In private session with me, I provide very direct recommendations and guidance for practical application and decision-making.  I’m a big believer in the growth we go through as souls here on the earth, so I will help you see where you are standing; how you got there; and the path forward.  I will feel into the situations around you that you would like to discuss, with a psychic view of the current, past and future.  The effect of providing you with that type of information is both empowering and healing.  We will bring together the elements of a practical and supportive action-plan that provides balance and direction.  Many people think that changes in life only occur through hardship; require terrifying leaps; or that others are in control.  After a session that brings all the pieces of your life into clear focus, you will see that none of those perceived barriers need to be your reality.

You are welcome to provide a bit of information below at the time you request the booking to let me know what subjects or situations you would like to be the focal point of your session.  I might work with cards either before or during your session should I feel they will be a helpful tool; or simply work directly with a combination of intuitive communications from the Guides/your higher self/etc.  You will come away from this time together with more of a sense of where you want to go and why. And the recording that you receive will help you integrate it after the session.​
Private Sessions ~
To Request a Private Session

To request a private phone session, please fill out the form below and tell us your preferred possible dates 
(at least three options).   

The pricing for a 60-minute session is $199.00 USD and the time zone to be aware of for appointments will be Monday - Saturday, between the hours of 9:00am - 4:00pm 
Pacific Standard Time


What comes next...

After we receive your request, we will email you an Invoice for your booking through PayPal.  Receipt of payment is required to hold your booking, and we request 48-hours notice should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  If a cancellation is made less than 48-hours before your session time, a 50% charge will apply.  

Depending on your country of origin, Aleiya will either call you at your designated appointment time, or you will be provided with a telephone number to call in on. In addition to your session fee, please be aware that your personal telephone carrier will bill you appropriately for any long-distance charges that may apply.
Please double check your email address to assure it is correct or we will not be able to reply to your request!
Aleiya Hunter
Below, please provide us with some date and time information that might fit best for your schedule.  We will compare that to Aleiya's availability and provide you with some date options for a private session.