"Every solution you need is already provided.  All you need to do is reach for it." 
Intuitive Channel & Guide Communication Specialist

​Though there are a great many resources that can be called upon and used as tools for decision-making, we share with you here several keys that can act as gateways to allow you to access the higher realms and your critical internal guidance system to handle daily situations that arise.  It's also important to step above the noise and chaos of the earth plane to view things at the planetary level.  This will give you great perspective and assist you in realizing how positive and expansive the support is for you.


Speed in decision-making can be accomplished by the use of kinesiology.  You may have other extensive methods to hear your own guidance, but to be clear, with the drastic energetic shifts occurring on the earth plane right now, use of kinesiology as an unemotional option is an excellent tool to have mastery of.  To learn more about how it works and the expanded energetics, we recommend the book Power vs. Force by David R Hawkins. And you can Download and Print the How-to Kinesiology Guide to put it into practice.  Remember that the key to success is to use it daily until you trust the connection with unimportant things.  This connectivity will put you in direct discussion for immediate yes or no answers from your higher self/soul/Guide team.
Accessing Key Resources ~
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Medical Medium & the Shift to Higher Care

A great struggle has come for humans as they realize that sensitivities are increasing exponentially.  There is no fight to be had for this.  It is, in fact, a gift.  But the toxicity levels on the planet are exponentially increasing as well.  As a sensitive if you have struggled with health issues or fatigue, then we strongly recommend that a thorough exploration of the book "Medical Medium" by Anthony William be engaged with.  There is very little about the current healthcare system, with the exception of emergency trauma medicine, that is going to be accurate for you.  This book will provide you with a complete understanding of the current 100-year history, and decisions made that bring incorrect answers to providers.  This 3-book series is critical to reversing issues and allowing a continuing path along this timeline physically.
Understanding your Connectivity at the Planetary Level of Engagement

Dolores Cannon was a pioneer who provided the world with an extensive knowledge base of understanding and connectivity to the history of the earth, the role of the extra-terrestrial races, as well as our own awareness about this time period on the planet and why we chose to come. On subject matter that can raise fear, she and the Guides she works with will take you through an amazing and very necessary educational program without drama, negativity or conspiracy.  Without the knowledge of interplanetary interactions, you will find that a large piece of the puzzle is missing as you traverse this lifetime.  We recommend you start with the book entitled "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth," and expand out from there.
The Decision-making Guarantee

Did you know that you can predict the outcome of every decision you make before you make it?  And you don't have to be even a little bit psychic. The truth is, you will make a decision from only one of two places...love or fear.  A mixed manifestation and outcome may occur when you're not clear in your focus, or by the percentages.  But here is a simple worksheet you can use to begin to get more in touch with your true motivations.  If the greater percentage of your intentions behind initiating a decision is fear-based, then the outcome will be negative.  If the greater percentage of your intent is love and joy, then the outcome of your decision will be positive.  Ready to take the stress out of things?  Download the worksheet Aleiya created and try it out.
Aleiya Hunter