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When we step into altered state and merge with energy with positive intent while not attempting to control the outcome, we allow our abilities and presence to work in partnership with the universe.  Interdimensional energies are accessed and a "door" is opened. And when this open door is quite literally brought through the channel and captured in acrylic paint and color on canvas, those paintings forever resonate with that energy. They become vortexes that can pull negative or difficult energies out of a room, or work in the other direction to bring energies of peace or healing back through and across the earthplane region from other dimensions. Others come to life to carry the intent or energy of an element such as fire or water; or the assistance of a nature spirit. And there are yet more that work galactically to bring in universal energies of creation, climax, alignment or awareness.
In Color on Canvas ~
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The Gallery ~
Walking in the Light
Flowers & Light
Blue Fire
Beyond Eternity
Blue Portal
Wildfire Flowers
Creation of the Etherics
Dragon Energy
Ghost Planets
On Angels Wings
Out of Africa
The Nature Spirits
The Elemental
The Gathering
The Mantle
The Sea Snail
The Whirlpool
Wind on Water
Winter Moon
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Aleiya Hunter
"With the merging of what is within and what is above, we have the opportunity to experience something truly elemental.  A peace so profound it whispers of miracles."