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If you are a practitioner who provides a service such as a metaphysical teacher, healer, author, channel, or educator on any subject that provides positive assistance and upliftment; and meet the criteria listed below; you are invited to fill out the online application form provided below. 

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Financial systems on the planet are set up to purposely trap you into a mindset that money in the form of cash or credit is the only measurement of prosperity or means to survive. This is controlling and purposely dis-empowering. The actual truth is that manifestation of prosperity is energy flow, and it is unlimited. It is called forth by your focus and participation in the process of sharing your creativity and actions. There have been civilizations on the planet in the past that set up systems of barter and care for each other who didn’t use money; and that is more needed now than ever. We encourage you to work with; consider supporting each other; and shift outside the current controlling financial systems framework of society when possible as a segment of your participation in the world. 

It’s important to remember…if you want to build your business, it’s up to you to keep the energy moving through interchange and sharing of your talents, inspiration and artistry. If you don’t have a website or share your gifts publicly via the internet in assistance to others, then how will the universe connect you to the unlimited possibilities worldwide for interaction and expansion of your dreams?
Aleiya Hunter
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If you offer physical Goods for sale such as artistic works, food production, books or other tangible products, and meet the criteria listed for both service providers and the elements listed below; you are invited to fill out the online application form provided below. 

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