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Much love to those of you who have been with me for many years; and welcome to those of you who are just joining us. I have worked in the area of Metaphysics for more than 25-years with students, practitioners and civilians in a variety of both public and private ways. Following my guide-team’s instruction, it’s time for the next evolution.  

The Dendera Gateway is open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

The Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

I hope that you will feel free to add comments to posts and share with each other.  This is a great forum to do this.  I encourage you to leap to the new Gateway Platform, bookmark the page to check frequently for new posts, conversations, and then you can always return here to reference the tracking modules provided that give you up-to-date information on planetary alignments, quick reference definitions, astrology, and a way to maintain your global awareness.  I also recomment that you sign up for both email and Facebook communication methods which will have unique new information and special offers of their own at times.  I will be flowing with the faster pace in 2020 and beyond, and leaving it to each of you to keep u if you would like to share in the adventure!

I look forward to continuing the journey with you.
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September 2016 - the Crescendo of the 3-Eclipse Series

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/17/16

We are standing on the edge of the last in a series of three eclipses that are bringing a new force to the planet. Aleiya and her Guides discuss what you have, how to apply it, and why the next step you take can be a crescendo of amazing life change rather than crisis.

Watch the 40-minute video production at:


Definitions made Manifest for the “Markers of Reason” and Interaction across the Earthplane

by Aleiya Hunter on 08/06/16

Reading the signs and instructions provided by the universe is a very, VERY personalized event. Many of us have so many “Masters Degrees” and PhDs in the subject matter we’ve been called upon to proliferate, that it would blow the circuitry in the intellectual and energetic systems of many of the humans to even try to conceive of it.


I’ve noticed an increase in the last three years of monumental changes in that circuitry as it presides over our guidance. I am aware now that I’m always 3-weeks to 3-months ahead of what is about to happen in the world.  A knowingness that calls to action even before I might understand what exactly I’m preparing for.  It’s something that blows in the wind.  The energetics compounded with the elemental.  For you can’t have one without the other.  A 6-months lead-in is also brought in when the object is so immoveable on the timeline that it’s catered to as one of the “markers of reason.”  These are the primary points of light or incident.  We came for these things.


I stood last week and stared at the light filtering through the garden center greenhouse and spoke with my friend who works there. “Summer is over.”  I made it a statement. It was only the end of July.  She looked at me in horror. “Don’t say that!  We have three more months to grow and harvest!”  Declaring an early end to summer in Alaska is considered blasphemy because the darkness and difficult weather of winter can be such a long stretch to endure.  I appreciate the gardeners’ dedication here.  They are feeding us and came to do such things.  But I’ve seen the changes. The tomatoes coming out of my personal organic greenhouse don’t taste like sunshine this year.  Despite the hot days and sun.  The cucumbers either; and they are twisted into strange shapes; while the strawberries rot or don’t produce. 


Now before you think to yourself…”well she must not be in tune enough with the elementals or her energy must be bad, etc.  Let’s return to the original and important concept of discussion.  Reading the signs and instructions provided by the universe is a very, VERY personalized event.  Compounded to our higher purpose here.  I read and work at the planetary level.  I went fishing this week and I’m giving away the beautiful salmon I caught because I can feel the lower vibrationary effects that the planetary impacts have had on the fish this year.


Our vibration is changing. We came here for this.  Rotating to a 12-strand DNA and cascading through higher vibrational impacts in the shell we agreed to maintain is an elongated journey. Sediment breaches the elevated matrix. 


I could talk about the crazy astrology, but it’s not a surprise to us.  I’m being shown very clearly that clearing things up is important before November 1st.  But what does the personality do with that information?  We talk about reading the signs and guidance and the distinct clarity of it.  I have a graded ramp to gaining momentum during forward motion.  My intuition “sees” the knowingness.  My automatic-pilot steps up to lead.  This is the result of years of insisting on clearing the debts and accumulated “debris” from my system.  I wake up and know to stop doing something, or to initiate something.  And I do it.  But what about the “over runs”…?  They do happen also.  I’m very good at the details caught in the air and made into the timeline.  The “over-runs” are when I notice that my dedication to the situation or task has brought me to a point of confusion for my personality.  The tired “little person” inside needs a better explanation or absolute sign that the world; which as we know it is coming to an end; isn’t coming to an end so-to-speak.  And here is a monumental example played out this week…


Since you people have “met” me, you know I’m 12-worlds away from how Doreen Virtue works.  I’m more likely to leap into a room (physically or energetically-speaking) with teeth barred, surrounded by and merged with my wolves.  I’m called in as a last chance.  The opportunity given to the room to shift out of terrible patterns.  I don’t even have to argue.  My light and guide team will frequently do the work.  And thankfully, these days, I’m not so responsible for those rooms.  We’ve left many of them behind to ‘blow up’ on their own or stand in what I showed them could be possible.  Doreen on the other hand, who is wonderful, is more likely sent in after I blow up the room to hand out bunnies to hug and invite or give shelter to the most sensitive of creatures of the light.  We all have our jobs don’t we? 


So in the matrix of it all, I would have to say that I don’t believe all of the human stories and descriptions of beings like “angels” are exactly correct.  Elemental; extra-terrestrial; and an array of other guides make up my contingent.  And I’m sure they laugh when I get a bit pissy about the labels; and at my frustration over religion and the definitions put forth.  My usual attitude in any given situation is… “WHATEVER…just tell me what you want me to do about this…”


All of that being said, if you work with nonphysical guides, you will understand the drastic difference in vibration between them.  The higher their frequency, the more euphoric the feeling is during the connection.  Mediums have to raise their vibration up while guides have to step it down to meet us on the internal planes.  At least that’s the definition I’ve always handed out. Until now.  We’ve entered a time where manifestation on the physical plane is merging with the etheric.  It is foreseen. What must a higher vibrational frequency bring?  A quickening.


I found myself looking at houses for sale this week.  Though I stand now in a house that’s perfect. But I went out anyway with my friend who is a realtor.  There was a mix of information being passed.  Things I needed to know.  The housing market they said would block selling my house was suddenly changed.  A reminder that the “market” or society is irrelevant at the personal level of the fulfillment of protection, relocation or any other type of decision-making.  I was reacting to the 3-month out warning bells of things needing to be completed and prepared for by November 1st.  Which might not have anything to do with selling my current residence or moving.  But my “little person” wanted to curl up in a smaller house or one that’s not on the edge of a cliff facing another winter of shaking 70mph winds.  I was subconsciously “reaching” for my guides.  I want to feel safer and more comfortable.  Not that I’m unsafe in any way, but jeez.  Sensitives all over the world are exhausted.  And I’m no exception as I just try to keep the balance.


As I was driving to the second property to look at, my attention was suddenly completely focused on something falling from the sky.  It came from high up and fell slowing to the ground in a twirling motion.  I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road.  It was a very large feather.  I got out of the car and picked it up, noticing that there was also, magically, no traffic on the well traversed road.  I got back in the car and drove to meet my realtor friend at the house.  It took me a minute of disbelief, but I found myself standing in the front yard looking down at another large feather.  The house was, numerologically, an 11. And the seller I would learn, was named Michael.  The mirroring name of the only archangel I particularly speak to and work with. 


I went home and realized with appreciation how much choreography that must have taken.  And that it wasn’t about buying the houses viewed. 




Discussions with the Guides – Standing in the Circle of the “9” Year of Completion

by Aleiya Hunter on 08/04/16

A hunter that has reached the finish line.  Peace in our time.

The energetics of that resonated in my ears.

It’s no mystery that we must be the peace or whatever warrior our soul claims us for that day.  I resonate with the wolves and the light and the love it takes to stand in the circle.


There may seem to be great injustice now, but that is just a prelude for what is to come.  Does it not claim its “victims” with a precision unprecedented in the modern age.  A “bad behavior” rises up and suddenly that person is removed.  Time is on your side.  It always was.  You will see the wars large and small wage. But each is then transferred.


Standing in a circle requires more ability and challenge to the personality who is used to waging war.  We always “reach” for the next thing to fix or accomplish at the end of the day, at the end of a to-do list that will never end.  Or will it? 


It’s ok to be ok.

Feel that for a second.  And then for another.

The world and the fear industry would like you to believe otherwise.  And the “pull” to be of “service” can also lead you into the fray.  But I’m seeing an interesting pattern emerging among lightworkers who have clarity and are choosing to release and move through and away from past negative patterns.  They are being provided with a “perch.”


I laughed when that word was given to me. Women all around me are divorcing abusive husbands; walking away from past friends (both male and female); and cutting the ties with such absolute power it’s impressive and astounding. We are leaving them standing in their own destruction now.  To implode their lives and have only their soul to talk to.  And the soul is not going to tread lightly.  In love it only wants the highest path and is providing the opportunity to shift while there is still time on this particular timeline.  As the lightworkers move to “protected perches” there is a visible chasm that opens behind them.  There are actions to be taken, for certain, to participate in that set up, but the setup is clear and complete.  One friend walked away from house and husband and moved to a complex with wonderful energy.  Less than a month later her angry vicious ex-husband is now facing a raging wildfire.


I, as you may recall, removed the badly-behaved rental tenants, organizations, people, and even last of abusive family from my life over the last 8-months.  And then my neighbors began to violate my property. I would be required to plant a ring of alder bushes around the edges, install a simple rope gate and “no trespassing” signs, and pay a visit to the State Troopers who are now protecting and assisting me.  Energetic intent and physical action.  We are required to participate and make necessary course corrections in this world.  But resonance is everything.  I am allowing protection, not going to war on the level of the “animals” (badly behaved humans).  I remember my job and allow the transitions.  They want a fight and law suits and to do harm.  But my light and protection will not allow it.  It is something to be in partnership with in this free-will free-choice zone.  It is my responsibility to find and participate in solutions that stand in as much peace as possible even while deploying guardians and standing up for myself.


Recognize this “9” year for what it is.  The best, last, moments to lay a foundation in eternity.  And what would be your choice for eternity?  Would you continue in the life you have been?  Would you press for better moments of clarity and love?  These elements weave around the tapestry of your heart and surge through the vision at a speed greater than can be moved by thought.  We stand with you so clearly that you will laugh when you see us.  A powerful vision becomes a man or woman helper standing at your right side while the person at your left is wiped away.  They don’t belong here anymore.  The souls  of tragedy.  You are not a soul of tragedy, but of light and peace.  Take that to the finish line.  Take your heart away from tragedy and recognize it’s falsehood and imaginary boundaries.  We are the light of the cosmos within your person and protection now.  Breathe with us. Rest with us.  Lay in the circle and rest with us.  Consider that during that rest there will be building.


When is enough, enough?

I stood in front of a friend who is a very busy realtor.  She has no shortage of clients and work and income.  But for the third or fourth time in two years, yesterday, she was speaking the same words.  She is exhausted and overweight with cascading health issues.  As the energetics have sped up, she is overwhelmed.  She can look me in the eye…again…and notify herself that she needs to take more time to balance, eat healthier, and rest.  But she has yet to do this.  There will always, for any one of us, be another giant task or project. Especially now as the creative flow of light opens up and pours in with solutions that can be used to replace the old patterning and darkness as it’s challenged and removed from the planetary atmosphere.


“No one is going to give it to you,” I said to her gently as I got her to sit down for a moment in my greenhouse surrounded by sunshine and plants. “There will always be more to attend to at work.  But your body is in terrible shape now and it’s telling you what you must do.”


One thing I love about the universe and the matrix is that there is clarity of communication…IF you are listening.  It tells you when you need to relocate.  It tells you when to slow down.  Tiredness or discomfort are worth taking the time to consider.  It makes me a little crazy to watch a woo-woo person, or anyone, paint a situation as ‘mysterious’ that has giant signage, knowingness and clarity.  Then go off and do a moon goddess ceremony or something while claiming victimhood and refusing to make any physical changes to their circumstance.  Nothing is mysterious. Your knowingness speaks loud and clear.  All you have to do is stop everything for five minutes, or five hours.  Unplug from the chaos, technology, other people’s noise, and your to-do list.  What do you KNOW.  For those of us who live by guidance as the priority, we can still get caught up in the action-action-action initiatives.  We not only see the now and the later and the road ahead that we are leaping to finish in ten minutes what needs to take a bit longer.  We forget our emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies need to have time to set up for the next level.  All while releasing massive amounts of the past for ourselves and the planet.


I took a day to “play” this week.  Went to the river to enjoy some Alaska nature-time.  I’m glad that did, but it was not without the usual difficulties.  A massive geomagnetic storm, sun exposure, not comfortable with fishing or doing harm to them, noisy bridge traffic, dealing with the smell after my friend fileted the fish for me.  Believe me when I say I would rather be vegetarian if my body allowed it.  So for the next couple of days I got to deal with the impact of the combination of “exposures” which yielded exhaustion and physical pain.  It can be disappointing for those of us here to do jobs as “sensitives” when we try to have normal “human fun.”  But I’m proud of myself for going out and interacting and making the most of it.  There was kindness in community and friendships, and beauty in the land.  And empowerment and self-esteem-building mixed in.  I looked at my tall super-model beautiful friend who has the perfect body and husband and physical capabilities and declared my truth.  That it’s ok to be ok with myself.  I’m brave enough and have proved myself capable in a million ways.  If there are some moments and things I am too sensitive for or can’t handle, then that’s ok too.




Discussions with the Guides and the Blending of Worlds

by Aleiya Hunter on 06/27/16

The blending of intellect and fusion of territorial opposites is making for a cascade of events on your planet at this time.  Raised by this awareness, those of you who would be kings and queens in your workings of mastery will find a shift to light.  Like a chasm has been blown out beneath you.  But instead of something to be feared or your own territory stopping in desolation; if you look into what has been cleared beneath you, there will be a surprising time of light.  Like the world will stand still just for you.  Hear it in your soul.  See it so clearly that no other’s forecast or vision will take you into the outer reaches of climax that are due for another.


I was sitting listening to the usual round of weekly astrology markers this morning thinking… “man, if anyone was tuning into this and ONLY this as their precepts and then trying to follow it intellectually, they would be losing their minds.”


Astrology is a wonderful wall mural that allows us to see and tune into the universe.  If you do so with vibration, it will sound like music.  For there are constant assistant-points that we use to get through to you.  To charge you, inspire you, collect you in our arms for even a moment and then encourage you to be set again upon your path through lights more dismal.


As an intuitive and sensitive, you, as am I, must by now have realized that far beyond the interjection points of any one piece of information, there is the importance of discipline of the track-of-thought.  Never has there been a time more important to hold your own counsel yet in coordination with higher guidance as your mentor.  Even as we say that, we correct ourselves.  For there is no one who holds more sway or answers than can be found directly by you.  We trusted you as part of the regimen that would invade this planet in quiet yet peaceful and arduous endeavor.  All of the stories are true.  The ones you know from the higher realm.  You aren’t here to blast through the wall, yet you are.  There has to be a working of the system.  But you are far past that now.  For futures unfolding and the years you have waited are long.  Let the pieces we give you tell of a story of one who reflects you at the deepest levels.


I listen to them talk sometimes and realize how complicated yet uncomplicated it is.  My world can’t be quantified or managed by my mind anymore.  I hear them laugh.  It never could, but that was part of the learning to get through the system we discuss here. Time doesn’t exist, but you can’t bottom-out in that.  You have to build it in.


I’ve been pushing past, and clearing more than imaginable in the last 5-months.  It took a minute to get you there.  Blink and it’s over.  My guide team is closer in spirit.  My exhaustion at times unparalleled yet balanced by speed of light.  It’s the bodies…mental, emotional, and physical that require you to remember that integration will take more time.  Only perhaps another minute in the grand scheme of things, but through it all we will be there. 


I stood out on the balcony and looked around my yard.  There are seven trees I always wondered about but never had identified.  They bloomed now with white flowers and would later host red berries that the birds dearly love.  The identification on the physical plane didn’t matter as much as the information about them that would come from a visiting friend.  “oh! You have mountain ash trees!”  I blinked for a second. 


How often have you paid close enough attention to the facts presented to see the invisible trail? A flash in dreamtime might be woo-woo enough to have you feeling attached.  But are you applying the force-recon notifications as the General you are?  You may feel angels or the lighter touch as a preference, but bringing through your warrior spirit to lead as well will do you good now.  Begin to integrate all of the parts of you into a singular impact.  Let them be friends, not separate business partners lost in their own duties that fragment you.


As I accepted the house and property as residence without interruption, I had, as many are now, wondering about the protections. And from a completely unrelated source the point had been made recently that mountain ash is of high protection on both the physical and spiritual planes.  It was a point well taken in a time of interactions when my personality would appreciate the sentinels that had so clearly been put in place even before I realized the work they would attend to.


I share this and the next accounting of occurrences to address and correlate for you a discussion about centering in the moment.  I recently did a rare in-person session with a client.  It was about boundaries and reminding me that working with groups, or by phone with individuals is more appropriate at this time.  But it also allowed me to see in direct effect what the current energies on the planet are doing.  The way they are “hitting”… the effect it’s having…and the opportunities, of course, that it presents.


This girl had quite a declaration on her way in the door as to the labels she holds for herself.  Witch, Pagan, recently released from jail, past Satan worshiper, past drug user, scars on her wrists from attempted suicide during a drug-induced binge she doesn’t remember, and more.  I didn’t care.  I work with my Guide-team and go straight to the soul work.  Her personality is of no consequence, as I know whatever truth needs to be discussed or energetic work needs to be done will exist in the space across dimensions that I’m led to during a session.  The result of a marathon 7-hours was removal of a negative entity using soul recovery and extraction; deployment of my guides as both Guardians and Healers; directly addressing anger and fear and patterns that hold them to her; and an introduction to areas of metaphysics she had never seen.  She was astounded and acknowledged for a heartbeat that for the first time she was free and had never felt so much better in the high vibrational energies and clearing through any method of incantation or ritual she had ever attempted.  But I knew what would come next.  Raging anger.  It didn’t matter what topic or excuse would be selected, I knew she would choose one.  And within 24-hours she would demand something unacceptable from me as a way to reject the light when I lovingly deployed an appropriate boundary.


When we work with people who come to us, as healers and intuitives, it’s important to recognize how the current energies impacting the planet are having an effect.  This brings us back to seeing the wider cast of the net in astrology or other more direct and personalized notifications you might get.  They are still sidelines that require you stop and rest and get quiet and listen to catch in the wind.  But they will be huge in their points of assistance.  They will make things easier by reminding you of what “easy” looks like.  It’s quiet and centered.  It doesn’t require you take on this girl or any like her.  But it does require you notice the fragmentation of her soul, and what that means.  Damage unhealed is blowing people apart from the inside out.  And there will be days when we will say to you over and over again… work in your garden.  For Aleiya that is an actual place as well as a metaphorical one.  The more you attend to and connect to higher energies the more you help the fragmented personalities around you in bulk.  We laugh and give you THAT word.  Bulk.  For they are hurt and sad coming through in such quantity now that they fill the release points of the planet.  But you get to be with this in a different way.  Be in your garden.  Meditate and manage the speed by recognizing your tendency to do-do-do and tempering it with moments of height rather than width.  Stay with those words and they will teach you something.  Height is above and width is across the earth plane.  You will feel very different between each one of them. What do you think a channel IS? What balance point do you hold?



Discussions with the Guides - The Explosions of Love and Light on the Return

by Aleiya Hunter on 05/17/16

US Coast Guard C-130 aircraft to tower control, we are declaring an in-flight emergency. We have lost and engine, possibly two. We have aborted the planned landing…


I hadn’t flown in months.  But something on the outskirts of my awareness had been building to this all day.  The tower card and native American challenge cards had graced my morning readings.  I thought it was for the 45 mph wind and cold and exhaustion my aircrew and I had faced on the Aleutian Island where our mission had taken us.  We were there to work with the children and community.  For my aircrew it was about the mechanics and intellectual side of bringing education.  For me it is always about the grid and the power of light and channel whether it’s in a room or on an island so near to the arctic circle region.  But there would be other elements today.  Flashes of knowingness in the first 8-hours.  I was seated directly behind the pilots on the flight deck.  And as we started our decent to the airport, I felt the ‘buzz’ of more than just standard alertness as the aircrew got to their feet to watch for hazards.  Eagles… an unannounced float plane in the mountain pass…


And at the last minute once we had gotten over the small airport, the pilots were suddenly retracting the landing gear and pulling up to abort the landing.  One engine was over-torqueing and then a second.  This meant that if they tried to brake on landing, two engines would decelerate as requested while the other two would speed up and throw the plane into a catastrophic scenario.


For my part in this scenario, I noticed I was fully present with zero panic.  A fellow metaphysical practitioner asked me later if I had gone into that detached “twilight zone” space of feeling like I wasn’t totally present.  And I was surprised to find that my answer was no.  But I was running two levels of systematic checklists.  The physical ones included tightening my 5-point restraints and noting the yellow handles both on the hatch above my head and down the stairs to my left in case I needed to egress after the crash through one of these exits.  I turned the volume up on my headset so I could better hear the fire-rescue scrambling on the ground talking to the tower, in addition to my aircrew as they sorted through decision-making on the internal communication system.


On the metaphysical-side, I was checking in with my Guide-team.  If there was anything I needed to do energetically. I have the capacity to manipulate electronics, and didn’t feel that I’d caused this one, nor did my personality need to direct anything.  This was a test of my reactions. The light in the room doesn’t need to have any other job.


The stress in the tower controllers’ voice was pronounced as he asked for fuel quantity left in the engines that could explode on impact, and “number of soul on board” to relay to fire-rescue incident command.  The Military police had also scrambled on the civilian roadway to stop all traffic in case we crashed through the blast shield at the end of the runway.  You could feel everyone hold their breath as we shut down an engine and waited for the resulting shift at 3,000ft above the island.  Military pilots and aircrew are usually the rescuers not the crisis, and best trained in the world, so all hell was breaking loose on the ground in response to our rare situation. 


We would proceed with a 3-engine landing in difficult cross-winds.


For my part, I noticed that I was more fascinated and ready for the situation than anything else.  There was no avoidance-dive into altered state or fear.  I asked if it was my soul’s intent to “exit” and knew it was not.  I requested protection for my aircrew, as I knew whatever was to come next I would walk away from.


As you think through what you can see my response was in this new paradigm shift that is traversing the planet, let’s apply that to the broader purpose for all of us.  We have been talking as things progress about what each of us will become.  What does a light worker do in the new field of work?  It is instinctive.  There is no hardening or tightening up on impact. And the impacts and explosions are now in our field of view rather than half a world away.  In the last 24-hours I have seen (4) people I am directly associated with as friends or co-workers come face-to-face with their issues.  Or more accurately, with the ramifications of not dealing with their issues.  One lost his career and was thrown in jail for an alcohol issue “unbecoming of an officer”.  The second finds herself with both a job loss and a car accident in a 3-day period.  The third has his house catch fire and pulls his three little girls and wife out just in time, but loses everything they own.  And the fourth is emergency evacuating from an unstoppable forest fire.


When I’m asked for counsel and can feel this stuff coming for a client, my recommendation is frequently the same. What is/are the big life-issues they aren’t willing to consciously change about their patterns or decision-making that their soul is calling for?  Because the days of it just whispering and tapping on the shoulder are over.  As the light and darkness crash into each other and we stand with (5) planets in retrograde requiring a rendition of action in immediate ways for those still in resistance, none of these “incidents” are mysterious.  Some of us are present as the light even as we graduate through the next levels of how that will work.  Intuition and instant-guidance is amplified and to be followed as automatically as the heart beats.  We are developing our ‘muscle memory’.  I crash deliberately and with mastery through multiple dimensions at times of critical incident.  My higher self leads because it’s what I have very consciously trained to intend as needed.  On board that flight that could very likely have ended in fire or explosion, my responses would be what were needed on every level.


With the retrograde planets bringing up anger and mental instability, it’s good to keep in mind that this can cause a whole lot of over-thinking this month.  I have had moments of tremendous mental-trap negativity that surprised me in its tenacity and led to dives into nearly insane levels of depression for minutes or hours at a time.  When I asked about it of my Guides, the answer came…


You are the firewall between the light and the darkness.”

Think about that for a moment.

Are you kidding me!?!...was, of course, my response once I had felt into that on a global level.  Who else would be the ‘balancers’...?  We have always been on the front edge taking the impacts, getting the upgrades to DNA on the fly and channeling directly the light so that it can fully enter the earthplane as only we incarnated can achieve.


And this brings us back to the current energetics.  The guidance is pronounced that this month isn’t the normal mercury-retro “let’s think it through” gymnastics.  This one is to go within and use it for deeper connection-building on the internal planes.  The network and grids within you are critical for restructure now.  So when you face the earthplane situations of those around you and explosions, you will react from a stepping stone within the new shift-points.


There is a full moon build-up this week in addition to the retrogrades and any number of other astrological impacts and crossings that a professional astrologer could name in the sky.  I have found it interesting in the last 24-hours as I progress with my work week as a communications professional that my guide-team is closely recommending “…say less.”  Fewer explanations…less pointing things out…care taken not to push anyone’s buttons.  There’s just no speeding this up…so slow yourself down.  I have clarity of mind rather than the usual fuzziness of mercury retrograde, but following the methodical plans already in motion seem to be key right now.  They are BIG 9-cycle-year completions under way.  How else do we expect to be ready to host the new opportunities and energies if we don’t end the irrational items that no longer fit? 


You are seeing the earthplane and lives explode around you because these are the people who commission it for expansion.  It is an opportunity one and all to do what hasn’t been done.


I would fly 4-days later on another mission.  Supported and filled with sunshine I would again be given a VIP seat on the flight deck.  And as my guides know I am always “reading the signs” they send, it was the name of my aircraft commander/pilot on this second flight that was to remind me of my protection…both the pilots first and last name were of an archangel.




Discussions with the Guides - Marking Time & Clearance Rates for Your New Earth

by Aleiya Hunter on 04/11/16

It was the first time I heard myself declare it in quite that way.

Someone asked me…“What is the play for 2016…? What do you want to achieve…? What is your goal…?”


Peace in our time.

That was my answer, but it wasn’t said in that fluffy Miss America woo-woo hopeful-thought kind-of-way.  It came with power.  Impact. I visioned the declaration as it was originally delivered in a clairvoyant flash from the movie Avengers where immediately after the line is spoken, the wall explodes behind them.  It was a declaration for my timeline.  And though I didn’t expect it for the world as I looked psychically out at the landscape of the next 4-years, I knew it was my time.


My guides have walked especially close to me since that realization in January, and for all that was to follow.  It was a very violent full moon eclipse series…they noted in March as I ripped through the next set of instructions to change my world.  It has been mentioned before.  You can’t continue to allow the application of other people’s energy through an impact zone that is only feet from your body.  As the vibration on the planet rages against what is to come, your highest form of mastery is yet to be seen.


The last two nights have been my first since literally throwing my rental tenants out of the downstairs part of the house. Done with total accommodation for all they would need and at the logical end of their lease terms didn’t stop them from psychically pulling everything from passive aggressive attacks to full intrusion.  But last night I slept.  Possibly for the first time in years.  This was the point. 


As sensitives/intuitives, from a young age, we learn energetic combat.  To “map coverage.”  We know the impact zones.  Where we will take our next psychic/energetic “hit.”  A parent at the end of the day who comes home and adds alcohol to anger.  Elevators with strangers. Certain retail stores and restaurants and dirty parking lots.  But we have reached a point in our manifestation and training where we can literally choose our way out.  Relocate.  Stop interactions. Clear the playing field.  Break the rules and make new ones.  You will be shocked when you stand in your truth and power how fast the people around you will either tremble and stop their bullshit, or get blown out through the plumbing. It is detachment through decision-making and mastery. And while it’s SO fast now, there will be moments when you will encounter two things.  First will come a necessity to “mark time.” And then when the room clears of the thing that was creating the negative impact on you, you will panic at its loss.   


So let’s talk about the first part.  I learned to “mark time” literally during a hurricane. I was alone as Hurricane Charlie ripped a terrible path over Florida and over the roof of my apartment.  I’ve been alone a lot in this life, yet knowing I was never alone as my Guide-team stands in resonance. I learned during that terrifying 9-hour storm that the key was to just stand there in an odd sort of detachment.  It will pass.  It will be over.  Once I have done my job through declaration, attention, preparation, and necessary interaction; there are moments, hours, days, weeks or months that will stand on the calendar to be marked.  And in that linear time period it’s my job in mastery to pick another project to focus on. I’m not saying worries and fears and frustration don’t come up as you navigate the time period.  But I am saying that you’ve come far enough in your metaphysical studies to stop using it as a weapon against yourself in some bull shit dance of drama.


A good friend and metaphysical practitioner who lives half a world away from me frequently texts with me back and forth.  It’s a nice friendship.  We met at a particularly powerful retreat in Sedona in December.  So as I was standing fully in my power of constructing 2016 and wiping out what needed to go (despite moments of fear and pain), I asked how she was progressing with her own shift.  I was surprised (yet not, because I’ve seen it a million times), that she sent me back this really long text that was like a thesis dissertation.  A well-rehearsed compilation of exactly what her ongoing cycles and negative mental self-abuse patterns are that are keeping her in a state of nearly non-stop depression.  It was laced with denial and so much nonsense.  Or maybe, I realized, that I had leap-frogged past this type of metaphysical self-analysis that practitioners use as an excuse to stay in negative patterns but make it look like they are dealing with it.


What I wanted to text back in reply to her declaration of self-imposed incapacitation was…

“…so knock it the hell off!”


What I replied instead was…

“…well the good news is that as soon as you make a decision that that is over, it will be.”

And then I turned off my phone.  I don’t help people support their negative patterns.


She and I aren’t finished, but I’ve had to put her in a position in my world where at any moment she won’t get a text reply back when she checks in and thinks that staying in those negative excuses or a focus on depression-points is going to be ok with me.  Because it’s not.  Now, to be clear, I will say without reservation that nobody on the planet has stood alone in depression for more years than I have along the way.  But I handle it differently when it comes up.  I let myself feel it.  I name it if it’s apparent where it’s coming from, or check in with my Guide-team to ask what it is and where it’s coming from. (Because sometimes I’m processing for the region or the world.) 


What I don’t do is wallow in it like it’s some kind of personality-game for attention.  It might take an entire day of just pushing through tasks before I find the break-out moment and can breathe some relief.  But during that time period, I will stop and attend to it.  Do I need rest, retreat, and 6-hours of television to just get out of my head for a while and recharge?  Do I need a “win” of accomplishment by completing simple tasks?  I’ve learned that meditation is nice, but sometimes getting the hell out of the house and my head is the key.  And not four days later.  Decide and move. Go grocery shopping.  Cook a new recipe.  Go for the chocolate mocha decaf coffee.  Get OFF of Facebook.  Recognize your self-imposed “impact zones” and get out of them.  And as a big moral to this whole story, which is where we started the discussion, if those impact zones are repetitively in your space, set a course to remove them permanently. You may have to mark time for the “eviction” process to complete out, but you will get there because in this free-will-free-choice zone of the earth plane you can rock any house you want and come out the other side standing in a more peaceful place that you claimed.  We aren’t waiting for everyone else to get their shit together anymore.  We are tearing down the house, and then repainting it in the most beautiful color of lavender you can find.


It’s worth noting as we stand in April that astrologically-speaking there is a Saturn-Aries-Mars combo going on that means we will have even more to do.  I laughed when I heard that wondering how I could possibly be asked to add more to my transition platform.  Then I figured it out. While there may be those who are getting hit with the karmic side of that astrology, I’ve already been proceeding with guidance and taking definite action.  So though it continues to be an “involved” process with a big to-do list, I’m now standing surrounded by the results.  Peace in our time.  My timeline. House quieting down in between me nearly throwing up as I use salt and crystals and paint to remove the damage done to the energy fields.  I stand in amazement.  How did I live with this rotation of entitled and badly behaved shitheads for 3-years?!? 


Now, if you’re offended by my seeming judgement and language in some of this conversation, it’s good to remember that I’m a warrior.  I span elemental as well as extra-terrestrial soul groups and beings. I work with light as you could never imagine with reverence and being in so many worlds it would boggle your mind.  There is no hypocrisy with me.  I don’t stand in a metaphysical circle and “Namaste” everybody. I speak truth with honesty and compassion but not sympathy.  I believe and act.  And I have a fun sense of humor and sarcasm through it all.  Sometimes I play a game with my Guides where I see how far into the day I can get without calling someone a “shithead”…and then laugh.



It’s a repeated message.


Then when I start to stumble and stutter in fear and question “if it’s OK” that I give myself something good in a day, the second repeated message is simple…



As the house emptied out I found that my psychological, emotional and mental reaction was pure panic.  Like an abused woman who stands in the moment of choice.  It’s why they go back over and over to the “abuser.”  A change, even if it’s a shift to a higher vibrational manifestation, will set off the part of you that is used to “mapping coverage.”  It notes the change in the environment and assumes with terrifying response that something bad is coming.  Even if it’s all good.  And it’s at those times as a master that you give your little person inside time to curl up in the corner for a few heartbeats to calm down.  Talk to yourself. Cry it out.  And then allow the new peace to stand.  It’s the in-between place.  I asked my Guides…”Oh no!  I’ve emptied so many people out of my life!  Will I now be even more alone?!  How will I survive that?!”  And the answer I knew was that I was completing a cycle.  A cycle steeped in decisions I won’t judge from the past because they were perfect and complicated.  And now I’m making space for better relationships and my work internationally as a metaphysical practitioner so-to-speak.  And those futures couldn’t happen as long as I was dealing with the wars.


I got up over and over in the early evening last night to check the door locks and explore some of the rooms of the big 7-bedroom house, now empty.  It was like foreign territory that a part of me didn’t know what to do with.  But I gave myself that time and response-reactions.  Then I went to bed and slept…without nightmares or intrusions.


What clearance rate do you have right now?  Diet changes; back to cooking; health rebalancing; rechanneling and 12-month planning for financial changes; house changes and removals; back to working with crystals in a different way; turning my kitchen into a huge indoor vegetable greenhouse are just a few of mine. It has all been a very involved 3-month time period. My  equivalent to a quantity of 8-9 months in the life of a human.  It has required that my original new year’s psychic vision of being carried off the battle field come with my participation to enact things that in any other realm would incapacitate and terrify a human.


I had my first archery lesson this past weekend.  A past life recall combined with the next level of my warrior abilities in the physical is met at the threshold by a lifemate who has long walked as a Spirit Guide with me in the merger with my wolves.  A protection is in place.  A reach of dimensions to guide me.  No longer do I wait for my future.  I am the future.




Mastering the Realities

by Aleiya Hunter on 02/04/16

I learned something last night.

The darkness can’t stop the light; it can only make a lot of noise.


Exhausted, as seems to be far too often the case, from any number of physical or other factors as I work and traverse the earth plane. The storms rage outside and in the other dimensions as a war of some kind is about.  But this night would have a similar patterning of visibility mixed with invisibility.  I would “see” the work I was set upon the path to do.  With such clarity that I would wake up channeling and in altered states right beside my guide team. 


So I had to ask myself… what was different about last night that I could “see” so clearly and be making decisions with such clarity as I worked as a lightworker...?  A night where my personality was aligned with my higher soul and there would be no question about who I was or what I was doing ‘there’ or ‘here.’


Then I remembered.  I had walked very distinctly away from “the noise” by the middle of the day yesterday.  Didn’t follow any one of the patterns available and so well learned by all of us such as calling someone to regurgitate my historical life-events; as if that is actually a form of relaxation on the energetic levels. I also didn’t push myself to do something ‘metaphysical’ such as meditation or altered state painting or listening to an audio channeling.  Not that those things are negative, but let’s put them in their place.  They were the action tools given that have appropriate application to draw you away from the “noise” that the darkness makes.  But the biggest point of application that I realized I had employed last night for hours, was to truly rest and follow my guidance explicitly about what television programming to watch…on internet streaming not cable.


The “noise” that we talk about here is fear.  In some cases it is produced and offered as a visible manifestation, situation, or object that you are told (or conditioned over time) to be afraid of.  In other scenarios it is subtle and repetitive programming or an undercurrent buried in a broadcast frequency.


But “they” are not the only ones here.  We are here.  The keepers of the light.  Hidden in plain sight at times.  Standing so clarity is translated through us.  We hold back the noise long enough for you to do what your birthright allows.  Remember. Be. Past the noise there is light and information.  It can’t be kept from you because free will is a guarantee here.  It’s like throwing a switch.  It’s instantaneous manifestation. So what was different last night was that I so fully followed guidance to watch hours of only calm, peaceful energetics played out in nature with love.  It haunted me later in the way that is only of the highest vibration of love and light realization.  How incredible it is as a mechanism that the use of the programming on television and in the movies is such an insane stream of noise that echoes…”be afraid..”  And what a non-reality that truly is.


I have heard the argument from people about how it doesn’t bother them to watch and participate in violent movies or even more life-based events such as office negativity in the workplace or emotionally abusive family relationships.  But last night was truly a clear lesson.  There are pathways filled with “fight” and ingrained in tension and fear-based practices that absolutely lower your own vibration when participated in or focused on.  And all of them are optional.  There is nothing and no one that can't be extracted from your energetics because of some perceived obligation.  Most importantly and simply your own thought patterns recognized, can be laughed at for the impotent attempt that was made to convince you that such a non-reality was in fact any sort of truth based icon.


There is the false concept of the scarcity of money or resources instead of the truth that all abundance is free-flowing and simply to be called forth into manifestation.  The embedded “rules” of religion or society, domestic family, career-pathing, the educational system, and any other tenant that has made you feel jailed.  None of that is real.  Peace is real.  And when I turned all the dials down last night and eradicated drama, screaming politicians, other people’s issues and demands, and even my work “to do” list, there became no question raised loud enough in fear that overrode my extra-sensory abilities.  There was no separation between my conscious awareness and the higher aspects within me as we proceeded to work very specifically in other dimensional interactions. I was so clear I just stepped into it.  As easy and natural as breathing.  And then woke up and brought it all back with even more clarity to translate it through, explain it, and apply it.


Being absolute in your centeredness isn’t about being perfect.  It’s about recognizing that the reason the news and situations across the planet are getting ‘louder’ is in an attempt by the darkness to keep your attention on fear.  This is what it feeds off of.  And it knows the more people wake up and simply realize they can turn it off and be free, the less control they have over the resources of this planet.  Darkness is not something to be ‘fought’…it’s something to be claimed.  A simple realization that says…I see you and you don’t scare me anymore.  And I’m willing to stand here in my love and light and peace.  And if I see some of that fear or darkness in my own patterns; then I claim that too, and without judgement.  Because I can see where it came from, and from whom.  And it’s all right.


It’s all right to let my light just be with those realizations, and let it go or integrate to become something higher in vibration.  More integrated and balanced within all aspects of me.

I am allowing wholeness and completion.




The Building Blocks of Your Protection and Self-realization

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/22/16

As Mercury (the planet of communication), while still retrograde (a potential recipe for miscommunication and misunderstandings) squares off this week with Uranus (the planet of shocking surprises and upheaval); you may feel a bit overwhelmed as you are also aware on the energetic levels of the impending full moon to crescendo on Saturday. Mixed aspects are the theme of our days, and even hours can bring monumental global shifts and changes. The key to traversing it can be found in focusing on the amazing support that is truly being provided through it all in your own immediate energetic space and environment.  Find your retreat moments.  Begin to see it as a dance where you step into and out of involvements by your own choice and with precision. Attend to tasks and chores in your own space on the days more difficult, and enjoy the sense of productivity and satisfaction in the completion. These are the building blocks of your protection and self-realization.



Somewhere on the outskirts of dream state, I was suddenly aware of the impact of a change in the island around me. Darkness. The power grid shut off. Tingling awareness as I recalibrated my energetics. At first uncomfortable only from that standpoint of needing to shift.  It’s amazing the combat involved for a sensitive that works as I do to energetically push back all of the electronics in a normal household, combined with the rental tenants downstairs, neighbors, surrounding area, and then what blows across the earth plane in collision with what is impacting it from off world.  What a change it is to have, at least, all of the electronics go dark. I considered how nice it will be to move to my next step and be able to turn things off once my rental tenants leave the property.  I made a manifestation note and sent it that it will be.


After getting up to turn off beeping battery backups and turn on a battery-powered nightlight, I went to the window to survey the landscape before returning to bed.  From high up on the cliff I could see the trees and ocean.  The cloud cover dimmed the nearly full moon across the expanse and I could tell other houses that dotted the region had also gone dark.  I took the gift that was offered within it.  Deep breath and relief as the endless humming of the electric grid had stopped, and most of the humans in the area were asleep and therefore out of their bodies off planet.  But another awareness would come to my attention when I quieted back down to go to sleep.  There was something moving over the island.  Something big.


Those of you who have followed my path know I believe in a focus on light and our mission to channel more of it to the planet in this time period.  But to truly be of the highest light involves embracing your own darkness as well.  This also means that hiding in non-reality isn’t going to allow that total integration any more that it will allow you to navigate the earthplane and do our work here with accuracy.  So I very carefully interact with my non-physical spirit guides, my team in other dimensions, and higher self to stay in the moment to respond.  On this night, I was aware of several things all at once. The large ship passing over the island wasn’t one of mine.  The electronic grid was shut down to give them better clarity of the island.  They were looking for something.


Over the last few days I have been delving deeper into my own energetics.  The connectivity that is my responsibility to evolve.  Expanded and reconnected to 12 chakras out into the universe as well as the reconfiguring of my DNA. Doing this on a conscious level adds to the power.  Of the balance point you can become. There are also moments in my life and my training when I have been aware that stopping the light flow and allowing a dimmer embrace is important.  Darkness and light are colliding at this time.  We came in with our very presence to hold the light that is pouring in. If you think there is a more critical task you have been given here, then you are in an un-realization of who and what you are.  And now there is a next-level of responsibility to bring that science experiment to the forefront. What you do in your waking hours as a focal point may now leap out of the books and into scientific fact.  The veil is down. Guides are visible. Multi-dimensions are ripping through the very fabric that used to hide them. I leaped as a master to close over the house with a protective barrier even as I weaved that same energy to pass through it undetected.


I can sit for hours and recite basic metaphysical practices from charts and to-do lists.  But we are so far past that now.  You are standing in a moment that is the moment to deploy everything you already know how to do.  This is a wake-up on such a catastrophic level that it will blow your trapped smaller self up onto the focal point of everything you ever knew you actually were and can now call forth.  Memory is lost as you suddenly flow within the surge of the moment. It will be a relief.  Finally….we are finally here. 



Where Frequency is all – Breathing for the New Earth

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/04/16

“Oh my gosh...what is THAT!!”

The three girls who were ahead of me on the hiking trail had all come to a shocked and sudden halt under a strangely curved tree that was over-arching the pathway that lead up the mountainside.  The beautiful red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona rose up in front of us, and the sunset highlighted the valley behind us.  It was warm for December, but isn’t that becoming the norm across the planet?  And for our retreat-week adventure doing very deep/high level metaphysical work, some of us were more aware than others that the weather coming in to rage in one moment with wind and rain, then climax and shift to calm was no less about what our private group was there to do, than the odd shifting of energies that were literally being re-worked around and within us.  Now we had broken off into groups to go connect, and the instructions from my Guides as to why I should participate in this part of the adventure was about to become clear.


“I need you guys to come back down the path and out of that archway so I can read the energy you’re hitting.” And I gave them a minute to clear back carefully on the steep area of incline.  All three of them had gotten frightened all at once, which was interesting to watch, and I needed to pull them back so I could read something beyond their discomfort and confusion.  It was my first time in Sedona, and since arriving nearly a week earlier, I have very quickly realized that this was not a land to fool around in.  Skipping merrily around in some state of believing that everything is positive and should be connected to would be ridiculous here.  Beyond the intensity, I noticed that even the non-dramatic practitioners in our group were noticing the “heightened security” and large number of guardian guides implementing protective measures for our group of 32 as we worked and journeyed in both conscious and deep altered states. 


I had thought to myself that afternoon, after powering through years of work in just a few days, that I would go back to my room and rest.  We’re not done…my guides had clearly announced.  And so now I stood on a strange trail that seemed to dead end not too far above us.  I had led the way for the first half of the hike, then let the “little ones” (in their 20’s or so), step out in front when they were comfortable enough.  It wasn’t a day for sitting and meditating.  Though I had tried and stopped to do so.  But instead the pull and directive was to keep going.


I stepped under the strange growth of overarching tree and immediately felt what the girls had frozen within.  And I can see why they did.  It was an energy barrier designed to make the average hiker who wandered this way feel nauseous and uncomfortable enough to “decide” to turn around.  But with respect and a constant communication with my own guide-team, I progressed alone up to the top of the incline to the sheer rock wall to the left where the area flattened out, but offered what appeared to be only a dead end rather than a way to continue upward.


The girls watched from below and made no attempt to follow.  I “reached out” psychically and realized suddenly that there was a being standing in front of me.  I sensed more than saw him, but enough to realize several things as the information was passed to me.  He would appear to anyone who could “see” him clairvoyantly as Native American if necessary, but he was, in fact, extra-terrestrial.  He was the Guardian, and behind him wasn’t a solid rock surface, but an actual interdimensional gateway.  This is very different from the “Sedona Vortex” nonsense in the brochures.  I say this with irreverence because I found Sedona to be an insane convergence of thousands of vortexes, not-entirely-friendly intensions, and entities using the place as a sort-of interdimensional space-port.  Vortexes spring violently out of the ground and without warning all over the place, and it’s pretty ridiculous to me that someone would intentionally go park themselves to sit on one and think it was even a remotely wise thing to do so.  The beauty of the place does not hide the clash-of-the-titans going on.  And at more than a few points, I was aware that I was not to focus on specific areas, but instead to tread quietly and stay hidden within the protections provided.


But now I was standing in front of a living, breathing, Guardian so-to-speak.  I stood still and respectfully asked permission to be there, which was granted.  I called the girls up behind me and explained and let them feel both the energy or the entity and the wall which had interesting natural notches and grooves.  I used it as a training exercise and sent them further down the wall and outside of the force field where they immediately could breathe again and noticeably relaxed. As I sent them back down the trail I stopped to speak again privately with the Guardian. He was clear with me that this would not be our only meeting, and I thanked him for graciously allowing us to briefly stand with him.


Something happened in Sedona.  There would be great levels of decisions made and realizations I would bring back with me.  I have spent the last three years at the edge of the Arctic Circle as a Guardian of-sorts myself, but with little face-to-face interactions with other metaphysical practitioners.  You won’t stand alone anymore…was clearly stated.  Anyone who works with the planetary energies at the level that I do, will be tasked to live on a different grid-point than I am.  It has been described to me that this is because two great waves in the ocean collide and cancel each other out. But now it was becoming clear to me that I have a greater responsibility to walk away from the daily dramas and maintain/move to an even higher frequency as a channel for light and information.


I went to “get a psychic reading” at a little shop while in Sedona.  Because it’s Sedona and I thought it would be fun.  But the woman pulled the cards for me, and clearly wasn’t sure what to do with them.  The energies became so intense in the room that she pulled herself physically back away. “So…you’re kind-of intense…” she did her best to do the reading and I did my best not to laugh.  Then at one point she pushed me on a specific subject, and when I released the answer into the room and got a bit ramped up, both lamps on the table flashed violently, went out, and then came back on.  And that was pretty much it for the reading!  To her credit, she did give it her best shot. But at that point I was the one who was reading and managing her so she was less freaked out.


My encounters and work in Sedona were truly not without purpose to complete an important cycle of my blueprint. And it brings up some very key elements for each of you to consider in your own world.  The frequency of things is what has to change. It’s not the pollution on the beaches or the hu-manic dramas occurring that are to be the focal point going forward.  All of that can be dealt with in the blink of an eye.  But holding the grid now at higher frequencies of information to channel through light is everything.  I have not inappropriately been a warrior in many a room from child protective services to search and rescue.  It ‘placed’ me on the grid where I am with the cascade of information to work with at every step.  Now I am recalibrating my life very deliberately to decide what level of direct involvement will be continued with.  Do I really need more FEMA or other certifications on paper when the reality is I’m already standing in a position with full access and requests coming in for my service. These requests are amplified only by the leaders encountering my energy and being nearly manic about having me in the room for guidance.  And as I look at my direct individual relationships…who in my repetitive world do I take the mental time to overshare frustrations with, or be dramatically angry at?  Because I recognize that those are energy channels diverted from the primary mission of raising my vibration.  And additionally, what people or groups do I repetitively give access to my talents and energy and they abuse and disrespect it?


So as you step into 2016 ask yourself these questions.  Do you have the courage to stand in the empty spaces of the things and people you will remove? Do you understand that it is a decision 100% within your control to decide to be centered within yourself as you traverse that specific shift? And do you realize that putting yourself in a state of high vibrational frequency filled with light and connected to the universe as a consistent channel for that light to come down into the earthplane right now serves the greater plan. Can you see that ridding your world of repetitive, self-inflicted negativity and drama is actually the end goal of every situation?


Ask yourself…what if your frequency was the only thing that mattered?

In honesty, it makes the world and decisions ahead extremely uncomplicated.


As I step into 2016 I recognize the flow of elemental change. It's now less about the demands of the public and more about the elements built within the energetics.


At some point it occurs to you that it's a beautiful mosaic.

A life lived in seemingly unresolved or unfinished pieces that dance on your resume. You'll stare at the page and wonder how you survived it all. Lifetimes have become endless. Three years...five years...  "Simple" is a test that you can't remember and won't be a part of your vocabulary for the merging of worlds becomes a grace.  Intent is instantaneous even as the manifestations leap to the page. What you will create in the new world separates the leaders with resolutions beyond their imaginings and not always to their comfort.


What kind of leader are you?  Do you recognize at the changing of the guard who you will be?


There is a countdown underway. You'll feel it in the water. Frequency that will change and shift like the rise and fall of the tides.  There was a haunting sound like a trumpet in the distance.  Humans and animals alike hear it across the precipice.  What did you feel about it? Did you recognize it for what it was?  A peaceful entry to a land that will appear and merge across great distances. Timing will be everything, so now across your own precipice let the light dance. All else aside, it will just find you.


You are each master teachers in the roles you have decided to fluctuate between.  Entry into the gallery of paintings both underneath yet the canvas, and upon the threshold, can be a daunting correspondence.


These days I'm seeing things in patchworks of light.  Some may drive the truck directly into the garage and slam the doors shut.  They beat out a path that is in such stone and maddening routine they hardly notice the scenery anymore.  I noticed that the rising tide is pink, and though beautiful, it rises beyond the speed that would be of comfort.  You have to trust your own creations now and the marked difference. See the flow of combat away, and heightened awareness that calls them to you.


The phone would ring as the New Year crested. To prove the new mosaic of color and light that has become my realization for the interactions and decisions to be made. What used to be my seemingly endless flow of consummate detail has given way to an allowing, but with conditions.  And those conditions include the realizations that the humans don't get to choose my world anymore.  Whereas before I would initiate the greatest form of compliance and initiative, I now recognize that I was allowing their controls instead of recognizing my own entrance into the room alone could manifest with instantaneous effect and without them in many cases.  There are no gates or mechanisms that can hold you. A segment of pathways can come down to a choice you will make at the precipice of any situation… and change it all.




Returning to the accuracy of the storyline

by Aleiya Hunter on 11/28/15

There may be all of the things present that make you see stars, but what lies beyond them you only recently caught a glimpse of.  It’s true there are four groups of late that are not scattered.  One lies in the altitudes of the Andes mountains and others ring it below the Antarctic circle.  It’s the closest landing point that of light that remains for entry and exit.  Most will not believe it.  How can they not see. Today the world rocks with disillusionment what of yesterday seemed impossible unto itself.  What distracts you today will be gone tomorrow. How many times have you seen this.  How close have you come to the truth on so many occasions. Be easy.


I think it’s interesting that Star Wars “The Force Awakens” is stepping into awareness at this time.  The original seriousness and accuracy of the storyline that parallels us on a planetary level returns.  The old ones come to explain it to the young ones.  The commercialization of meaningless characters is not as tolerated.


We have discussed at times, in the pieces it would come. The role of the extra-terrestrial races and your point-of-fit within the matrix.  So many of you lead with an awareness that “human” would  not be the terminology that fits, as you view yourself immersed in the dialog or schematic that seems to be some sort of life-path.  You wonder who or what you are supposed to be when the planet clearly doesn’t feel like home, and some odd definition of “family” is even less of a support system than any heart would hope for. 


This can be explained.  What a “mission” on this planet looks like is more of a semblance of order than any scenario that may be sold to you within the human dynamic.  It’s who you are and who you are connected to that provides the earth and this wheel an opportunity to step out of the matrix that you feel as the pull.  It makes you want to throw up if you accentuate it into your own wave of interplanetary stars, that fill you with so much light it would blind the others who are not on your path.  But it doesn’t feel like that to your world-weary eyes.  So take heart and let us share from her experience so that you may know.


I am aware of the interactions.  It’s impossible to contain me at all levels.  And isn’t that the point.  The surges of energy. Timed at points on the grid. The great expansion is underway. I stepped out onto the back deck and looked up at the stars, and suddenly they weren’t in the same dimension anymore. It cascaded through me. Not standing on this planet, but another had come up below my feet. The first of the challenges. The next, I would call forth.


I knew they were there.  It was a usual scenario.  But I was at the end of my requirement for silence shrouded by dreamtime metaphors.  I have decided…I heard myself say.  I’m ready to see you tonight.  Hesitation was followed by a shift in the room.  They would not deny me. They were taller than I thought they would be, and not quite the movie-image.  Extra-terrestrial.  Grey.  Larger dark eyes.  Simple.  Responsible for transport.  They took me to where I needed to go.  They were not in charge.


I walk on the wind so often here, but I have come to understand that I am far from terrestrial. A reality that for the personality, has to be handled carefully.  We transitioned together outside to look up and see a configuration of sections of red lights of ships overhead as they became visible through holes in the night sky.


I would return to my body after this with more conscious control for the exit and return.  There is no dreamtime.  We just step out.




Discussions with the Guides – In Vertigo

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/28/15

It’s the first time I’d seen it.  The words and titles often come to me before I even recognize what I’m doing or where their meaning originates.  But this week is different.  As if in a state of mandatory suspended animation.  My house stands on a cliffside bracing against 50+mph winds and rain for days.  I thought it was a joke at first.  Just an imagery to get me through it.  Then I realized differently.  I have been unable, and I mean completely unable to push through the force field of sorts that chooses my directionality.  It used to come only occasionally when I was in trouble or they were being declarative about something.  But this week saw the coming of a sort of end to it all.  I know this is my awareness beyond my mundane daily functioning.  It isn’t even about the temporary disconnect in a temper tantrum.  I thought it might be exhaustion.  Or a better word used recently by the humans is “fatigue.”  Decision-making fatigue.  Technology fatigue.  But the image was clear today.  I was standing on a barren rock in space. My thought was that it was a perch to look down and view the planet, or a view from my cliffside and island in the Gulf of Alaska, but it wasn’t.  It was the planet itself.


I can’t even do the wrong thing anymore. (And isn’t that the weirdest.)  I can’t act or walk anywhere that is off the higher vibrational path from my channel.  It’s like the occasional force field has become a 24-hour one.  And I can see why it’s now necessary.  I asked for this to become my life.  For many years. And this week that wish came true.  An insanity level of over-sensitivity as I braced against the change and the storm.  Action now comes before thought.  Where to be.  And then there is the vision.  The old earth.  I can’t hold on to this human form any more than you will be able to.  It is a placeholder for you to do your work which is far past any imaginings of daily living. 


Today marks the day of the change.  We hope you embrace it.  There are many forms you could have taken. Today marks the eve as it were of the end of the third dimensional reality.  Relax.  Turn off what you need to.  Pure energy will follow.  You’re now standing between the old and the new.  It may give you a bit of vertigo.  Embrace the speed of the change.  All at one time.  You have to jump into the flow.  It won’t be your personality that’s in charge anymore.


There are other subjects to discuss today.

I saw it pass by at harrowing speed. Yet as a moment that froze all others.  7:48

A number sequence from my childhood that is of the few I remember to be attached to me with some meaning.  And so it has returned.  Clearly a declaration. 


I paced with some awareness of the presence.  I can’t even sit through those guidance moments anymore.  They have become my reality more than the rock itself. 

It comes.


I had seen flashes as it built then suddenly I had my phone in hand to look up the time that the fourth blood moon eclipse would climax overhead in my time zone at the edge of the arctic.  7:48.  A movie played on the TV in the background as the night progressed.  It took me more than a minute to realize the subject matter and where it was leading.  Children planted on earth to be extracted as the old earth vaporized.  Transported to the new earth.  Those of negativity and bad behavior were not coming with us.  The primary child could hear the numbers.  Even as I sat staring at my phone and the master numbers calibrating and culminating against the one from my childhood.


If you stand in your world and think there is only destruction you would be wrong.  There is transition.  Of which there is no fight to be had or place that will be the same.  But that storm to which I refer that blanks out the old earth isn’t what you are a part of.  The in-between vertigo is the space of legend that you now hold.  It is your beingness.


I didn’t expect to discuss this in this way.  But a lesson of the week is to understand that the energy built within the communication itself is the all.


“You have to pick and choose now” would have been the tone of yesterday.  Which I did this month with immense “prejudice”  as the courts of law would call it as they end a case that will not be allowed to reopen.  I ripped the cable TV connection out of the house so-to-speak as I switched to Wi-Fi streaming only.  It was shocking how instantaneously came the relief.  The “noise” of all the millions of people that were in a constant state of broadcasting into the house was suddenly gone.  A silence that would be necessary took over.  I had no idea what ran in those cables that snaked through every wall surrounding the house and into every room. 

And then there are the people.


I have been walking in volunteer organizations and with people in various forms of business.  And I forgot what happens in a room when I very deliberately end my energetic participation.  One group in particular that has been especially vile in their behaviors has now seen me for the last time.  It will blow them away that I have made this “sudden” choice.  I said nothing, but I felt their psychic panic.  The withdrawal of my energy without me saying a word. 


We have spoken a million times about making the choice to shift.  Now it comes automatically.  You will find yourself shifting and standing elsewhere.  The decision-making process will be at one with you.




The Launch of the new "View from the Edge" Series on Video

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/14/15

To provide you with an expanded option to connect and spend time with us, we are now offering forecasts and discussions on video called the View from the Edge Series.  We hope that you enjoy them and they assist you on your path.  If you do, please remember to subscribe to the channel and share with friends.  This is how we will know if it's a portal to continue broadcasting through to provide support.

Click Here to access the YouTube Channel


Discussions with the Guides – Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/18/15

When I asked the Guides what they wanted to discuss today they said… calm the alarm. 

Whenever you speak to a coast guard pilot, flight mech. or rescue swimmer who flies on a rescue helicopter; you’ll notice there is a calm “first responder” centeredness about them...whether they are facing hurricane force winds and high seas, or doing an easy conversational assessment about how to put daily life puzzle pieces together in a busy schedule.  They carefully pick their terminology.  They never say “if the trail line being lowered down comes in contact with the tail rotor we could all crash and die.”  Instead they say, “Things could get exciting.”


We share that analogy with you because as lightworkers standing on a planet in great transition, you are the ones who have the “first responder” training to be the calm in the chaos. Your work done over the years has served you well. We awakened the channel at midnight for days in a row to make a point. You would be surprised how hard it is to keep compressed for hours and days and longer at a time into the body.  This isn’t a time to be shrinking back from the world of experience. The humans are doing that.  Though they aren’t getting away with it.  When you bring into full awareness the shattering energy that hit the planet with enough force to manifest in the physical as an 8.2 earthquake in Chile, we encourage you to allow that awareness and the swirl of chances, choices and meaning that surround it to “be” with you.  From the earth-plane perspective we realize speed and time would be the view.  But we would like you to consider that you have already arrived.  You’re not throwing yourself into anything.  You’re not required to sort it all or step into it.  As a wildfire suddenly threatened and the channel considered volunteering at the shelter or at incident command or even to open her house for sanctuary to those displaced, the answer was no.  She was aware through the internal guidance she was getting, even as she felt the impact on the island of those in fear, that it wasn’t her highest task to become assigned to physical involvement.


We would like you to consider what we have said, not as a lack of compassion.  Who will hold the higher light frequency for those in an area who are traversing lessons and lower vibrations of fear?  Some of you will be feeling such an unimaginable joy in the midst of the chaos.  The cross over at midnight, as we tease, is yet a very real thing.  It is midnight here on the planet.  It is midnight in your lives.  It is a not surprising transition that has always been coming.

Midnight in the garden.


We can speak to you about astrology, but that can get dizzying can’t it?  What of personal correspondence that you might have with the Powers that Be?  It’s so seamless now that you are never even a heartbeat away from that.  It’s not the planets out there; it’s the planets in here.  They wish for you to consider that it’s radiating through you now.  A shield, a perimeter, a cascade of realization.  You won’t even know the difference.   


Autumn has arrived…with peace.  For you to be, and play with. No matter what quakes and storms and wildfires seem to be happening.  If you touch in with the higher energies you will get an odd sensation of the illusion of it. And the even odder awareness of joy. 

That things could get exciting.




Discussions with the Guides - The Undercurrent

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/09/15

Today is a bright day.  It may not seem like it as you cast your view out across the landscape.  But we tell you that it is.  For those of you who can see so clearly the undercurrent as we will call it, there is a tide change.  It wasn’t so much that we expected it as that we knew it would come.  What is the difference?  The difference is in your hearts rather than your minds.  It’s the timing of things unseen that you wouldn’t necessarily speak of in a room.  And that’s the trick isn’t it?  To have come so far, each of you from your homes to participate in such a thing as this.  So you stand sometimes wondering what to do with it all.  It’s like a live-fire exercise.  You are certain people are shooting at you, but in fact they are just shooting at themselves.  Remembering your energy and how it actually works will serve you well now.  They cannot touch you, or perhaps we should say you do not need to engage them should you not desire it.  It’s been a long time on earth, yet only the blink of an eye in process to believe in things unseen.  We know you tire of it.  We know you wish to leave sometimes and not look back.  But there are rules to be found that will uplift you beyond it all yet allow you to enjoy your “Christmas morning feeling.”  The channel can tell you that as we stepped nearer to September she knew it.  A simple memory that was comprised of so much energy.  This is how we translate it to you.  Today you feel alone but we allow for such feelings of pleasure and peace when you step up above the undercurrent you can see all too well.  There isn’t a reason big enough to engage in the fight now.  And we wish to convey as well that should you desire to know your purpose, take the left hand turn.  The version of “right” is bringing lesson and conversion now.  But that may not be your role.  You already did it.  You already engaged.


It’s an odd thing to always know.  And what to do with that?  The rules of the past are falling away.  How to put into words when you are supposed by etiquette to be happy to see a woman pregnant, a baby born, a ceremony or a party, yet it means more harm to you than good.  We as sensitives translate things differently.  We move at intense speed through time and space and know its illusion.  We feel the earth breathe and shift and concern about how to support her comes to the surface.  …I can’t be happy about a baby born.  I have no intention of trying to fit into the matrix of well-being that is anything but.  I would however, like to release my judgement about it.  This is our task now.  As it may surprise you.  Involvement has been our task list of late.  Years spent catering to the hurts and fears and providing methods to expel the demons so-to-speak while achieving a global paradigm that could better support them all.  But beyond this is our next step.  And it’s not for all of them.  Our role now is more of seer and protagonist.  This isn’t the same as what role was to be played in the past.  It was to plan and play with your hands in the dirt in prior experience.  But what if that part of your life was over?  What if your role was not to be the character who is embroiled in the fight, but instead the one who stands at the ready with the energy at hand that the moment requires rather than the piece of the puzzle that sets off the mental or emotional implosion.  Holding on to the person you played for people in the past isn’t necessarily your effort now.


As September 1st approached, we stood at a point on the timeline that began the chronicling of a new age.  The sun would dip into a new phase just as the earth would shake and consider what she wishes to do next.  You who can feel either the grand or the subtle can frequently touch points on the grid that spin with dimensions that are now available to process.  We have always been here.  The channel is having to learn to adjust even as she works with this point because allowing what has always been here is the step up that is required now.  Your time and personality won’t be the same.  Rest when you have to.  And suddenly it will be different. 




Discussions with the Guides – the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

by Aleiya Hunter on 08/11/15

Standing in a place where normally the wind would blow in across the expanse between the mountain ranges, there was only the smallest of breezes.  Alaska.  It’s not for the faint-of-heart.  But neither is this world we stand upon today.  It asks so much of us.  As the planets cross in the sky in miraculous trilogies that seem to never end.  Components in a great dance that doesn’t begin or end with us.  Today I would come to the edge of the world and wonder, not for the first time, what comes next for me.  So many traumas have cascaded through so many of us.  Sometimes we take it for ourselves to unwind years if not lifetimes of courage and collision that hardly seems fair.  And other times, we take it for the world.  For a humanity that barely knows what it’s doing on any given day of the week when they are enmeshed in the game and illusion they have so painstakingly created.


So today I came to feel the sun on my face without sunscreen and watch the seals play in the ocean waves.  If you could trace a line from my spot on the beach out across the ocean, the next stop would be Russia and the volcanoes of Kamchatka. Where the ring of fire on the Pacific Rim burns so bright it is certainly seen out across the universe for those who would care to look back at us.  My summer included surgery to remove scar tissue, a metaphor not lost on my senses as I weave my energy through the parts of my body that are so intertwined with the energetics.  It’s a gift among many that I carry that few of the human doctors ever understand.  We are different.  My Guides, who are never far nor separated from me in actuality, allow so much accommodation for my process, though not without love in their severity when the moments for my protection or serious realizations are required to assure my care and well-being.  There is always a dance.  Progression… realization… acceptance… permission.  A waltz that I’m certain would be a more beautiful expanse of the universal tapestry in its effect that reverberates and provides for others as we allow more of who and what we are of the higher vibrations to emerge and breathe with us.


From our vantage point within the human mindscape, we see quite a bit of love not felt before among the collective.  The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.  Leo.  Even as the sun graces your sky so too does the lion enter your hearts from Africa.  It is a reverberation of the pain.  You wish for it to end but you don’t realize that even as you read these words you transmute it.  Past your mind and it’s trials there awaits a different landscape.  You think that it’s only the darkness.  Of the lion in the past you called him the Ghost in the Darkness.  Villianized as only the world and its human decisions about such a thing can create.  It matters not.  And though you would say to us and cry out for injustice, we ask you to embrace it instead.  The transformation.  The planet, the body, the light.  They are no different from your movies of the grandest most epic of tidal waves that will have you open your eyes at the end to find it was not a rush of pain or water or disparity, but instead the love.  On the other side of your deadliest fear is a silence. The end you seek. Peace.  A trine.  Be with that for even a moment and it will change you.  The world and its transition will be a joy.  No lion is ever lost.  


The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.

We speak much about gateways.  Because you sense them even as you traverse them at lightning speed.  You look for them outside of yourself.  But more powerful are those within you.  Even as the channel touches beyond her reality, so too do we reach with her. 


Today would bring a respite.  I had asked for it so deeply.  How much could a person take?  After the beach I drove through the winding mountains.  It was not a distance without humans.  Houses sat occasionally among the landscape where the wildness gave way to a sanctuary.  The stopping for lunch at a crossroads restaurant was complicated in a way only a sensitive would understand.  Too many people after the expanse and openness.  A chef in the kitchen who didn’t understand or cater to kindness, but rather arrogance.  A flood of insight along telepathic lines of a waitress angered by my return of an inedible meal, mixed with other peaks and valleys of difficult emotion and ego and negative vs. positive intent from the staff as well as the guests.  In truth I wanted to throw up. I wanted to cry.  But we walk here.  In between our connectivity with higher energies that we channel, there must come moments of interaction required among the humans to exist.  And as I finally left the restaurant and those people and their swirling mix of intentions behind, my chest hurt as much as my head.  How could I continue to live in this world?


I would say my heart spotted them first, just a mile or so down the road. Surrounded by streams where the summer salmon were running, and not far from the flats and expanse beneath the peaks was a gate.  It was just a few pieces of thin wire and a few boards; but just past it I could see them.  A small group of beautiful horses.  More wild than tame, I knew the second that I got out of the SUV that what came next was to be handled differently.  I wasn’t just stopping by the side of the road to pet the horses like some tourist. 



I heard the instructions clearly in my head, and felt the invisible hand encourage me to halt at least 25 feet from the gate.  There were levels of permission.  Etiquette.  Introduction. Alignment and preparation.  I waited. 


Step forward. 

I closed the distance by half.  This wasn’t about not spooking the animals.  The energetics shifted and changed.  Arrivals.  Wait.


I knew when to step up to the gate. There were about eight of them.  Two with babies.  I energetically recognized the leader.  Big. Male.


Don’t use your voice 

I couldn’t push through it.  I knew speaking to them with my human voice wasn’t the right vibration.  Telepathic communication flew between us.  I wasn’t even forming words.  It was more done in blocks of thought from within the part of me that is absolute.


Make your invitation.  Send it.  Use your abilities. 

They were making a point not lost on me.

I closed my eyes and reached energetically for them.  There was nothing casual about the interaction.  The horses watched me intently.


It took a few moments.  My logical mind for a heartbeat thought perhaps I was incorrect about what was happening.  Doubted myself.  Then from the farthest point in the group across the field, one of the horses began to slowly but deliberately walk towards me.  Instructions were being given to the animal.  Some sort of merger was taking place.  The interaction would include no physical touch.  He wasn’t looking for food.  It was all energetic at depths that few humans could ever understand from a mental sense.  The communication was faster and far beyond what my logical mind had any say about it.


I was in such an altered state for what was to follow.  I raised my hand palm facing the pretty brown horse, and he brought his face up within an inch.  I saw occasional fleeting moments of confusion when the animal in him surfaced and wanted to run.  Two creatures we were with heightened fight or flight senses considering the situation as it unfolded.  The higher beings present that channeled through would hold the energy of the encounter and keep the fear within a controlled state.  For both of us.  At one point I recall the horse very deliberately turning his head to look directly at the stallion, and I felt their conversation.  Knew he was asking permission.  Felt the stallion grant it, though I also knew there was much more than that. There was an undercurrent of other conversations going on.  And the little horse returned to me.


I don’t know how long we just stood there.  I would say at least 25 minutes.  I needed him.  I reached with my energy around him, and every time he responded.  Shifting his weight.  Adjusting his position to get closer.  Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, there wasn’t any physical touch or words that could have held the same high vibration.  At one point, I realized that I was releasing trauma, and began to cry.  I opened my eyes as I recognized what was happening and before I could make the apology, I was surprised that the horse hadn’t recoiled. Instead he had collected and brought his huge body forward as close as he could in comfort.


We wouldn’t physically touch today more than an accidental brush.  Time had shifted around us in a deep and important interaction.  Not just a human or animal form.  That was only the view of it to the few cars that passed.  When I later sat in mediation that evening at home, I looked back at it, and was tremendously surprised at what I saw in the vision as I astrally projected back as an over watch to the encounter.  There were five beings standing in the field with the horses.  White robes and bright auras surrounded them.  They had been there not just to oversee the interaction, but I realized they were the ones who I had heard speaking at times.  They had been in command and control to orchestrate the encounter.  They had stepped into the horses’ energy as was necessary.  There was healing and so much love.  There was a point made. 

This is who you are. 

This is what you are. 

This is how you work.


Planetary Alignment Tracking
Current Space Weather
Astrology Key to the Signs

There are a great many aspects, transits and calculations that can be analyzed in the application of astrology. And though we will at times point these out to you through posts and discussions, our primary goal is to assist you in plugging in to your own intuitive communication gateways for both in-the-moment navigation of your life as well as prediction. To work with some of the most visible energetics of each day, we recommend you pay attention to the sign the moon is in as well as the phase because the energy of the moon so greatly affects emotions and behaviors. We encourage you to note what sign the moon is in each day, the qualities of that sign, and then expand your awareness through those energies to feel the pull on humanity. Use the Current Astrology Chart provided above to view in-the-moment planets and the current sign they are in.

Aries - new impulses, pioneering, forward movement, spontaneous, energetic, physical. Negative side: anger, argumentative, forceful without balance or care.

Taurus - desire for comfort and security, impulses to slow down, sensual. Negative side: stubborn, materialistic.

Gemini - active time for thinking and communications, reading, writing, learning, light-hearted, curious, seeking variety. Negative side: restless, over-thinking, cheating, flighty.

Cancer - The moon's natural sign. Nurturing, peaceful, quiet, domestic, seeking safety and the comforts of home. Negative side: clingy, emotional.

Leo - personal/inner focus, dramatic, attention-seeking, creative, risk-taking, generous contributions. Negative side: any of these positive elements can be demonstrated negatively.

Virgo - practical, detail-oriented, re-thinking, organizing, problem-solving, confident, health-focused. Negative: critical/judgment of others, etc.

Libra - seeking balance in all, diplomacy, more willing to compromise, less emotional, seeing all sides of a situation, working through issues, self-examination. Negative side: fear to take action, wanting to please everyone, needing the approval of others.

Scorpio - Intensity, passion, deeply personal emotions, desire to move deeply into things beyond the superficial, removal of old limiting habits and fears. Negative side: manipulative, suspicious, worrying, dwelling on things.

Sagittarius - Optimistic, truth-seeking, travel, higher education, physical activity, adventurous, pursuing new visions of the bigger picture without digging into details. Negative Side: over-doing things, exaggerating, winging it without planning to a detriment.

Capricorn - Structure, planning ahead, practical, resourceful, focused and motivated for long-term success, don't want to waste time, aware of challenges and limitations. Negative Side: depression over the perceived reality of situations.

Aquarius - Group goal assessment, focus on higher ideals, unusual solutions, more unemotional and impersonal, progressive, freedom-seeking, engaging in radical undertakings and social studies put into action. Negative side: blowing up the old while demanding the higher ideals without carefully laying the new foundation for future success.

Pisces - dreamy, sensitive, compassionate, mystical, intuitive, imaginative, metaphysical mergers, spiritual and inner development, music. Negative side: Pisces can be the mystic or the alcoholic, avoiding details, escapism.

By learning to "feel" into each of these signs, you will be more intuitively able to read any astrology aspect, situation or person and predict how the population in general will react and be affected.
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