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The Dendera Gateway is open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

The Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

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The Lessons of the Full Moon February Eclipse

by Aleiya Hunter on 02/13/17

On any given Tuesday I can experience a full-blown Jerry Bruckheimer movie.  It might take until Sunday to play out.  Then another weekend hiding out curled up on the couch to process it by ‘twilight-zoning’ out in altered state with my guide team.  And thankfully they process my cycle in my time.  So as we stand under the energies of one lunar vs. solar eclipse, I thought it was time to share some of the specific guidance that I was getting.  They are epic categories, as always.  But they play out at times of great importance. 


We are not unaware of your battle.  The timing of which was pre-destined for millennia.  We don’t want you to be without the cosmic interpretation.  But the mundane is a cycle of that wheel and can’t be left in the matrix as heart without home.


Heart without home…You may feel the transits of souls and the relocations now in numbers unpredictable.  We can’t promise predictability in the lives of others, but we can for you.


I love predictability with adventure.  Quite a dichotomy.  I want everything to feel safe, but I want to stand on the edge of the gate and have it open 5-inches from my face.  My warrior spirit calls and I indulge it.  Often while wondering how I’m going to pull it off when I see it coming.  But I know.  The one gift above all others had been since that week in England when they became visible.  It wouldn’t always be a “physical” viewing to see my Guides, but I would find a belief that 40 hours on deck could get me through more adventures and panics and fights and emergencies than I would have thought possible.


But now is a different elemental engagement.  And it’s worth talking about. Whatever you’re used to, can be broken now.  And by ‘used to’ I’m not only talking about the methods you’ve used to get there in your study.  But also, the physical application of those laws.  You have now become the law.


I heard it after I did it.  Speak Truth to Power.  A commanding officer without the knowledge isn’t so heartened as the one who finds truth. 


It often surprises me, the matrix of delusion, and when I might be made certain of speaking something terrible but hidden to a person of great power and influence in the world.  What my encompassing feeling is about this is that we all have the power.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I can’t see a junction or chasm forming on the path.  A time when in a split-second I might stop all else I saw and be the one person who knows and will say what has happened.  I recommend that you piece that together.  And breathe.  And recall that I don’t ever do that in loud demonstration or anger or righteousness.


There is immense release.

I can’t tell you how in a rush, what I assure you was far from a rush in coming, I see my hands moving or body in motion or timing of statement like an impact from a distant place hit the ground or people in front of me.  Or more truthfully, it comes through me.  But not without the angelic realm.  And without harm would be the prime directive.  Delivering a statement long in coming and without emotion or intent to hurt isn’t the same as shock for darkness.


I could hear it on the wind.  I always can.  It was a monster. I find myself so certain these days of certainty itself.  I wonder at the calm and relief I feel.  It’s ok to do that.  To close the window or door on things.  What do you think a warrior looks like?  Red or blue? 


I saw him coming.  I laughed at the set-up. Clothed in the depicted patterns of blue. What better than options to claim a pattern from the past I was cleared into for my release.  It had been a very long time since I had decided to take on a male energy for close interaction. It had been such a battle of myself joined with distant relatives I don’t even care for, who haunted depictions of what I felt I was.  Who do you think you are?  I was ready to blow a hole in that past.  So, I did.  Moonlit ferry rides. Danger and adventure.  He would get a few months of my time, but only 4-days of my physical presence.  He would think power and control and dominance strategies were going to stand past that.  He would be wrong.


My job on that ride was a beginning.  It stopped a mania.  Inertia disqualified.  What abuses would I accept in their insidious hiding places?  Maybe when I see relationship now it holds grace.  This full moon eclipse calls us home.  It would mean a light bulb moment. The eclipses weren’t for my shock and awe.  It was for others.  I was excited. I could instantly stop it.  The moment it arose. And leave a very insane moment to its own human world.  How human do we have to be?  Not at all.  Every impact of this week was for someone else.  It realizes itself.  I spoke truth in right timing. I didn’t linger. And at 2:22am that night I surged awake. I was surrounded by the guardians and hunters and Guides of my love.  Lifemate that never leaves.  Who says we have to believe in other realities of hate or fear or time beyond love?  My heart knows a great feel of joy.  I didn’t need this ‘boyfriend’ or past to claim my feelings or time.  I would sleep again.  I would rest.  I needed more than this world, and delivery wouldn’t disappoint me.


The Food

It would be this understatement to say fighting was my way.  Drawn to battle is what a warrior knows. We clothe it in mind for time.  I have held children bleeding from ancient wounds both carried and etched.  Current dilemmas.  Pain that screams in the dark.  It’s ok.  To be that angelic being when all else around you is failing.


This, I now realize, was my past. I give the decision-making and job of blood to the tide now.  Channel to hold light.  It was always the higher mission.  So surprising to me that at this ebb and flow of rage, I might find silence.  Food.  Is a ridiculous modicum of grace.  It lies. They lie.  What does a channel look like?  For me, recalibration.  On a Saturday I started reading the book “Medical Medium”.  By Tuesday I had stopped the madness.  It was time.


Tired and hurting ended years of pain. Three-day perfect cleanse. Two weeks of initial detox. One month to find new patterns.  I have removed all sugar, meat, dairy, corn, wheat/gluten, eggs.  Where before trying to take any supplement made me violently ill, I now have answers to years of fatigue and medical issues.  It isn’t just about being vegan.  I now see the elements to change and the underlying virus and specific toxins vs. medicines.  The undercurrent of nerve-ending pain is gone.  The virus burrowed into organs that the medical community is unaware of as the cause, is now being eradicated. None of the medical advice I had ever been given was accurate.  Not even the ‘natural-path’ doctors ever gave me a supplement that worked.  Now my body accepts a new array without rejection.  I sleep at night for 7-10 hours.  I don’t wake with stomach pain or body pain or unexplained issues.  My stomach no longer hurts even when hunger approaches.  Yes, I am still recalibrating and tired at times and allowing the flow of guidance to show me what supplements to apply as I progress.  But in a world where I felt no hope and only struggle with the physical issues, here is Spirit-delivered solutions and timing for rebuilding.


I’ve been removing chemicals, groups, souls.  Heart-felt with simple timing.  Everything is clear to do this.



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