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Signs, Symbols, World Leaders and the Visibility of Intent

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/16/18

It’s the 16th of the month.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are meeting in Finland. 

To be clear, this is not a “historic” meeting.  Though that may be the public relations & advertising spin put on it.  All woo-woo discussions aside, if you want to have a “back stage pass” to level out the world, then the place to put your focus is on intent and vibration.  It rules beyond any governing manipulation. Intent is something that can be easily “read” in people and situations.  It determines a person’s motivation and forecasts their behavior.  Whether you are looking at a world leader, or someone you know in your personal life, you can clear the room of all the extra noise to see the situation clearly, know how decisions are being made and why.  Then from there, you can assess what the best path is for yourself. 


As I walked into the hotel room I noted the room number on the way in and cringed.  It would have to be changed.  Years of understanding in the sciences of numerology, vibration, astrology and beyond gives me a clear awareness of how to navigate the earth plane under very specific conditions.  My confirmation came through psychically, and unease grew as I entered the room behind my bodyguard.  He was a professional in the security field and his resume included personal protection agent to international diplomats.  I had chosen him for this business trip and meetings not only for his background, but because I knew that Mexico isn’t a part of the world that you naively wander through like a tourist.  It’s basically a “narco state” where drug cartels and violence rule, and the kidnapping of wealthy foreigners for ransom is an industry.  Now, as I reached out with my senses, I felt the walls of the 5-star resort room vibrate with violence and darkness.  Not exactly easy to describe to my personal protection agent who didn’t have a metaphysical bone in his body.  None that he consciously acknowledged or had any training in the use of anyway.  We were both extremely tired from the stress of the days travel, and I would have to convince him somehow, in his terminology and reasoning, why he needed to go back down to the front desk and have me switched to a different room.  I landed on the obvious and it put him in motion.  Our rooms needed to next to each other for him to do his job, not on different floors. 


Though we were VIP guests of the owner, the staff was very clearly resentful, angry and difficult to deal with.  It took him longer that it should have to return.  I could tell he still wasn’t happy or convinced I didn’t have an over-active imagination when I had also explained that in additional to the logical security risk, I wouldn’t stay in a “16” room.  He had made sure, rather begrudgingly, that my “superstition” was accounted for and the next room number different.  It took me a few minutes to repack things for the move to another room.  “Forget the fact that you think I’m just being ridiculously superstitious,” I said to him.  “Walk around this room and tell me what you see and feel.”  My suggestion visibly snapped him out of his frustrated mental state, and he did as I asked. Alpha males will predictably rise to meet a challenge to their abilities or training.  More than anything to humor me I’m certain, but he did have awareness levels or I wouldn’t have selected him.  So, I dared him to deploy his security skills at the very least.  It took him less that a minute for his demeanor and attitude to change.  His jaw set and face grew pale as if he’d seen a ghost. Realization dawned beyond noting that the door jam looked like at some point it had been kicked in. 

“I think something bad happened here,” he whispered, “…you can’t stay in this room.”

And my point was made.




Knowing and feeling in a room isn’t reserved for high functioning, trained intuitives and psychics.  We just happen to know that it’s the most important piece of the entire matrix for interaction and decision-making.  The truth is, everyone is capable of accessing levels of information fed through channels of impact, energy currents, telepathy and beyond.  It makes it absolutely possible to watch someone on TV and filter out the charisma to what else happens when they speak and gesture and think.  I’m frequently exhausted by the exercise as an open psychic.  It’s why I can’t spend any real time anymore with people who live a ‘surface life’ jumping from mindless repetition in action and participation.  They are so unconscious, that it boggles the mind.  No, I’m not being judgmental.  Yes, everyone is exactly where they are “supposed to be to perfectly learn and experience whatever their soul + personality/ego combo has laid out for them as an educational plan.”  Yep, I read all the metaphysical books, too.  Universal Law takes care handling the balance of duality encased in the earth plane of incarnation.  But we are in a serious storm-zone now so-to-speak as the light and higher vibrational frequencies increase and the darkness that wants to maintain control uses every fear-based tool in it’s arsenal to keep us uncertain, afraid, distracted and disempowered.  But before I outline a few things about the intuitive awareness I have about world events, let me underline who and what I am again.


I am not political.  Not in any way, shape or form.  It is an irrelevant construct to me.  I am galactic.  I look down at the planet and watch the energy move and shift. I don’t know most of the definitions or details about someone who would label themselves as liberal, republican, democrat, right-leaning, left-leaning or even proclamations of nationalism.  Not because I’m not intelligent enough to take those definitions down to the last detail of understanding if I wanted to, but because to me it’s all just the ancestry, genetics, learned behavior, and duality made manifest.  I take note of the signs and information that comes to me and sift through it as needed.  I care about an individual or organization’s intentions and behavior. Period. There are days I’m in as much distress, shock, overwhelm and grief as anyone.  It comes on in waves that can take us by surprise.  Though I am a warrior, how anyone can deliberately hurt another person or creature is beyond my core comprehension.  It’s nice to be able to say “well, just stop watching the news…”  But there is no way to completely unplug when my mission on the earth plane requires participation, assistance and translation.  If you’re reading this you are participating.  Family members; exchange of currency; interactions with other humans; food bought at a grocery store; you own or rent something like a car or home; contracts exist.  


Everyone, without exception, is getting hit with the energies moving in waves across the planet anyway as they impact and shatter records of anything we’ve experienced before while holding a soul in incarnated physical form.  Welcome to the experiment.  Better to hold enough awareness to have the option to sort through it.  Then I deliberately pick moments to minimize my exposure while using the tools such as meditation as well as the training I have to access the higher vibration.  Getting the training and education is a choice just as much as my levels of participation in any given moment.  And sometimes that’s just an exercise in trying to calm the hell down and come up with any sort of reason to stay on the planet for even another day.  So, let’s break down a few specifics to help you read the situations in your personal life as well as giving you a snapshot of the world stage…


Intention rules the day. And you can “smell” it on a person. It might be cloaked in an energetic stream of charisma, intelligence, or self-belief that feels so pleasantly strong for a moment in its ability to make you feel good; but in between the breaths you always have the option to peel back the public face of anyone and anything.  Try participating in that exercise.  We all have non-physical connections to our higher self, the universe, non-physical “friends” and guides.  Say out loud during your focus on any one person or situation….” What is the truth about this…?  What do I need to know…?  Your knowingness might be instantaneous.  You may get a good feeling or a bad feeling “in the pit of your stomach”.  A thought might pop into your head that hadn’t occurred to you before.  Or you might get “notified” with an answer over the next few hours or days. Working with the truth that can be viewed in the energetics isn’t hidden from you.  Ever.  You just have to shift your focus and start paying attention beyond your fears, pre-conceived notions, past decisions and education that make up the identity you cling to. People want a system to comfortably fit into. And once they make a decision to follow a certain path or declare a specific person is their choice, it can become a violent obsession to hold to that original decision or belief.  They won’t hear any logical alternative discussion.  Because its trained into humans in today’s society that being “wrong” will inevitably lead them to be killed by their biggest fear.  They are trained out of flexibility being a positive thing. Because a flexible, open-minded, peaceful, inquiring human isn’t as easy to manipulate and control.  It’s hidden from the general public that manifestation around any individual human is actually greatly within their control.


Manifestation on the physical plane springs directly out of the true intentions behind actions and goes all the way down to the roots of your thoughts and actual desires.  Lots of people lie to themselves about stuff.  About a hundred times a day.  Why they stay in a relationship or participate in a repetitive action are at the top of the list.  These things become so imbedded into their daily routine that they don’t even realize the venom they put into defending their irrational or illogical decision or position in the face of truth or alternate option.  This can be seen on the world stage in horrific formation now.  It’s gone way past uninquiring prejudice.  But that’s the point.  These things have to surface in awareness to make people consider change.  There were times over the last 30 years when people could take a leisurely pace about uncovering and maybe at some point changing their mind or negative behavior-pattern.  That was nice.  We all appreciated getting to say “well, maybe later…I don’t want to deal with that issue right now…”  Now however, even scientists will tell you that the heartbeat of the planet and actual rotation has sped up.  It’s measurable.  The humans immersed in the matrix might not know what vibration or frequency is as it pertains to energy and the universe, but they are all feeling impossibly pressured and uncomfortable as it presses in on them physically, mentally and emotionally.


I train students in manifestation with a starting-point in understanding and realizing pure intent. (Download the Decision-Making Worksheet and try it out for yourself).  You will know the outcome of any decision by realizing if it comes from fear or love.  Fear-based or negative intent to hurt or control others will end in a negative outcome for the person who wields it.  Love-based intent for yourself or another will lead to a positive manifestation of some sort.  Period.  That’s universal law.  It's the same as gravity. The person who sends the energy and intent out will be the final recipient.  Though keep in mind it may not come back through the situation surrounding it.  The universe is unlimited and has absolute math at it’s core.  Which brings us back to our original conversation about why I pay attention to numerology and its ability to be one of the tools I can use to translate a situation for me in advance.  Symbology is the highest form of communication in the universe.  I appreciate any sort of translation ability sent down to us in all this density of incarnation; but like anyone else, I prefer full sentences and direct discussion.  Which I recognize is my responsibility to plug into, train for and participate in daily. 


If you don’t own the book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle” by Faith Javane. I highly recommend you buy this reference book.  I don’t do the calculations at the front, I simply reference the numbers guide and correlations to each one in tarot and astrology.  And after more than 20 years’ experience, I automatically do fast math in my head every time a number comes up.  Especially if it’s an address, hotel room, day of the month, and bank account.  I pay special attention to anything that reduces to a 16; 9; “master” double numbers like 11, 22, 33; or repeating numbers in threes.  Numbers hold vibration and specific meaning.  It’s like “dialing in” to a frequency on a radio that then carries the music, information, history, or intent through.  I’m not going to try to decipher physics or the entire mystery of the universe here.  But I can tell you that without fail, every time I have seen someone interact with or fall under the vibration of the number 16 there was a predictable countdown to what they would eventually experience.  One very wealthy man I knew bought four properties.  Three of them had addresses that reduced down to the number 16. (4156 Maple Drive = 4+1+5+6 = 16).  I waited to see what was coming back at him from his past or current decision-making.  I noted his arrogance and negative patterns.  He is now serving a 23-year federal prison sentence for financial crimes.  In another instance I was out looking at apartments I was considering renting.  One of them had an address that reduced to “16”.  I asked the sales rep “So, what terrible things have happened to people who lived in this apartment…?”   She was so shocked by my direct question that she forgot she was trying to get me to rent the place and answered honestly, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you knew to ask me that!  One lost all his money and went bankrupt, and then another died of horrible cancer after months of suffering.”  I nodded my head and we both walked out the front door without any additional time needing to be spent on the property tour.


I thought it was worth a discussion as the numerology of the day weaves into the picture of awareness on a day selected for Trump and Putin to meet on the world stage face-to-face.  If you take the politics and any determined, fear-based attachment you might have to past decisions about who you voted for or your group affiliation, what would you “read” about these men…?  What awareness do you have of the truth about what’s real and not real…? And then, after you face that, I’m going to tell you why you don’t have to be afraid of any of it.  How it’s an eventual loosing battle for darkness because as loud and violent and insane and distracting as it all is, the light on the planet and frequency of vibration is still increasing.  Watching these men and the others who would control you at various levels is like watching vampires trapped in a room with a big picture window.  The sun is adding more and more light as the sun rises.  There are dark corners but eventually everyone else in the room will have the option to turn and face that sunrise.  A planetary body turns and shifts and outweighs the vampires.  They make a lot of noise, try to keep you in a trance with shiny objects, charisma and other fear-based discussions.  But that light is still expanding.


The ‘meeting’ today between world leaders is gamesmanship.  It’s not even their first.  But it does add to the media frenzy that keeps you distracted from focusing on your personal peace today.  Trump demonstrates the behaviors of a sadistic narcissist.  He ‘feeds’ off of the satisfaction from causing pain and disruption.  He has nothing short of an addiction to get as close as possible in friendship and partnership to the malevolent dictators on the planet such as the leaders of North Korea and Russia because they are living the life and power he wants, which is to have the unlimited ability to rule and manipulate. He actually said to a reporter after meeting with the North Korean leader that “his people in the United States should bow to him the way the North Koreans do to their President.”  It is just now starting to creep into the commentary on the news media that people are becoming aware that he seems to have a “fetish” for complimenting and wanting to be near to tyrannical dictators.  A camera noticed that at the recent NATO summit he was caught following President Erdogan around; the recently self-appointed ruthless dictator of Turkey.  President Trump is very easy to read.  And very easy to manipulate. 


The “summit” appearing under the vibration of the “16” date was just useful information to know the level of negative intent that would be grounding and the “karmic” backlash that would be grounded either today or later.  I, personally, have long since learned to pay attention in my personal world on the sixteenth of the month.  I don’t schedule important meetings and generally try to be cautious.  Last month I ignored my internal guidance.  I was tired, and just wanted to try to use gardening to find some peace.  I was very aware that there were warnings whispered to me in the air, and I was getting nothing but a bad feeling as I pushed through the heat.  If nothing else, I defaulted to blaming my logical to-do-list.  I needed to get the last plants in the ground to finish my front yard garden.  And what was the outcome?  The day would be used to ground severe fear in a shocking way.  I could have allowed my recent fear and awareness that snakes had been seen in the neighborhood to “ground” in a dreamtime nightmare so I didn’t have to experience it on the physical plane.  That wouldn’t have been fun, but preferable to coming within 6-inches of a physical snake as it happened.  Which ripped at me mentally and emotionally for over a week after it happened.  And how did the planting turn out?  Every one of the six flowering plants either died, refused to grow or became infested with bugs/slugs and look terrible.  It’s a month later on the next sixteenth date.  I took note of the negative results of not listening to my internal guidance.  It seemed a practical and even positive thing at the time that I was finishing up the project and playing at using gardening as the peace-making tool it had been in the past.  But I knew better even at the time what was happening.


On a happier note, since solutions and sanctuary are of greatest importance for each of us as we navigate through out lives on the planet.  I will give you three additional dates on your calendar to play with that can provide something I enjoy…. completion and the frequent peace that accompanies it.  Any date that is, or reduces to, a “9” carries the gifted energy that will allow you to have clarity of a higher vibration and the option to finish up old business or projects.  This includes the 9th, 18th and 27th, and can allow the extra alignment to finalize something you’ve been working on for a while.  It’s a great partner to check a bunch off your to-do list as well as to bring an end to situations or relationships you are truly willing to let go of that no longer serves you. 


Positive forward movement and rest at intervals are the key now.  I glanced up at the screen as I watched a news clip about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin and laughed.  “Man, that guy is going to eat Trump alive…”  Putin’s high intelligence and years of KGB Intelligence training will allow him to easily manipulate the mentally unstable, juvenile and temperamental Trump with ease.  I’ve worked in international circles that included being present in situation rooms, operations, and even a team dealing with an international hostage crisis.  I use my willingness to have my awareness and intuition lead me in reading the room and participants.  I merge this with the education and experience provided for me on this life path.  I pay attention.  Then I constantly re-connect out of the drama and back to the higher vibration and bigger galactic/universal picture as much as possible.  I recognize when I’m stuck in a fear-based pattern and with determination I hold a willingness to shift until the answers or solutions come. 


If you want to know where to put your focus right now with all that is going on in the world, the answer is on your personal, immediate environment and to be absolute in your dedication to expanded self-care.  Those who participate in tyranny will have to meet that energy like a boomerang that will return to them.  You can shift out of any position that is uncomfortable for you and find peace in between the waves crashing around you.  Even if it’s a peace you can only “hold” for a few seconds, breaths or minutes.  Nothing is more important than attending to the daily practices that plug you in to that.


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