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Preparation for the Path of the Light Workers

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/01/17

Of one hundred men who go into battle, ten shouldn’t be there.

Eighty are just targets.

Nine, real fighters.

But one….

One is a warrior.

And he will lead the others home.


If you’ve been feeling for the last 8 months like you wonder what you’re still doing here, that isn’t a question you are alone in making.  My guides once told me during an especially depressed moment years ago, that I was like a kindergarten teacher.  I would see, influence, abridge, take home, hold, love or just be standing for a moment in someone else’s world, and then be gone.  I didn’t get the benefit of seeing what affect that had as they moved on.  What they would know or become as a result of it.


When I heard the call to go to the edge of the Arctic Circle in Alaska five years ago, I hadn’t realized what would be asked of me.  Beyond the mundane of daily life I would find tremendous rise and fall of humanity on the edge.  The best of them and in myself.  I was the least isolated I had ever allowed.  The cosmos laughed at my thought process…“more nature, less humans”.  Vast would be true, but I would also push way past my physical limitations to become attached to a search and rescue military unit.  My freedom was unparalleled as a consultant. Always a watcher.  Always permitted to be in the room or on the flight when guidance directed.  I changed weather; put protections in place; loved them all to their confusion.  But beyond it was the warrior.  Always at the edge of the conversation.  I learned to go and trust when the call came. Stand up to bad men, and bad weather.  Found and lived surrounded by the heart of what love, protection and positive intent can be in its highest form in humans as well.


A normal person would not have survived what I did in Alaska.  The sheer quantity of involvements that required unwavering bravery and the impacts I took physically, mentally and emotionally.  I live life in fast-forward as one of the beings who came here to ‘clear it out.’  I am the first wave.  All with 100% and instant response to guidance.  Then doing the work to get myself clear and rebalance from the trauma.  It requires all of those parts and pieces. 

And now it’s September.


Decision fatigue is a real thing.  Along the path it must be accounted for.  And so must grief.


I left Alaska and began the preparation for departure several months before I began to see things that I knew were part of the reason for the directive to go.  I argued with my guides even as I packed.  It would take nine long months of nearly impossible logistics to market and sell the Alaska property; shut down and sell multiple businesses; sell my vehicle; build and close on a new house in Washington State; go through every physical item I owned to release or ship it off the island; buy a new vehicle on arrival; and more.  Grief came at the process of leaving my only true home and family that my search and rescue unit had become.  And WHY?!  My guides kept reiterating that it would be unsafe for me to stay.


I hadn’t been thrilled with the two 8.0 earthquakes I had experienced there.  And I did notice other things.  Weather patterns are colder, rainier and windier.  Volcanoes in the region becoming more active. But that seemed an inconvenience, not a reason to abandon my home.  Wasn’t it better to be on an island with self-sustaining electric power, water system, etc. rather than in the mix of the lower 48 United States where there is a clear amplification of anger?


I signed the papers to commit to the move and purchase of the house to be built in western Washington State three days before the 2016 Presidential election results were known.  I was standing in Hawaii doing high level metaphysical work for the first time in years, with the right group of practitioners.  It was a good place to be in immersion with my guide team to hear the news and outcome.  We all knew what it meant.  That the darkness would get louder.  Faster.


I returned to Alaska to begin my deconstruction process of one life into the next.  There were suddenly Russian bombers and fighter jets violating Alaskan/US airspace within 39 miles of my house.  A news report confirmed and showed video of Putin’s new Arctic Base.  As the sea ice quickly melts to allow passage and oil drilling, it is now clear that Putin is going to take the Arctic.  He has 40 new ice breakers compared to the US Coast Guard only having two which are used for scientific purposes.  I suddenly realized that my warm search and rescue unit could be reverted back to Navy/Air Force as it once was in World War II.  And that would mean my team would not be the same.  My access might be revoked altogether.  And that would also mean I would be standing virtually alone on an island in the Gulf of Alaska that was now a TARGET for both the Russians and North Korea.  Easier to hit, less population, with military bases.  It’s the “jump gate” from the lower 48 to the Arctic for refueling.


My suspicions were confirmed when it was announced that the Navy has just signed a contract to build two new piers at the base for incoming destroyers.  And 60 new barracks where built at the mysterious brand-new missile launch facility out at the edge of the island where few traverse.  Anti-aircraft missile defense systems are also being installed. None of this is business-as-usual.


It’s important to remind yourself that higher self guidance is certain.  From moment-to-moment we are at a speed unparalleled right now for how awareness can save you.  Through your exhaustion it will take you to the next step.  And only the next step.  WE have to be willing to rebalance to the change in guidance just to see where from our vantage point the best steps will be.


I would love to tell you that simple becomes the norm on that guidance-pointed journey.  But my transition reminded me it does not.  Much of the finalization and action-points had to be finished and conducted alone with my own hands.  The humans were raging through their own issues. The movers on both ends were rancid with negativity and one I had to actually throw out of my house, call in a supervisor to have replaced to get the truck loaded.  It became apparent why I was told to spend months packing the whole house myself.  My guide team didn’t want the movers touching my things.  An angry subcontractor left a rancid hamburger and coffee with milk sealed in the living room wall of my new house.  That lead to a 3-week nightmare of bad smells, standing up to the builder after closing, and ripping out my entire living room to force them to fix it.  This was followed by a 2-week carpenter ant infestation. Bad internet installation that I had to fix myself, buy my own equipment, and ask the installer to leave.  I could go on.  What stood out to me is the level of greed-for-money and dishonesty that is rampant.  But I also got the higher message in it.


This is where this lifetime was always going to get to.  The structure of society and its framework and systems are negative.  Many of the most visible ones are not based on love.  They have to come down.  And visibility in the actions of those with bad behaviors and negative intent are part of the revealing process to change. Through a hurricane this week that is stronger than any financial system, you can see people moving past the structures put in place that don’t serve love.  “Can’t” becomes a joke.  Nothing can stop a neighbor from picking up a neighbor out of the flood waters and carrying them to safety.  The universe is a direct line to manifestation of resources.  It’s not a credit card or coin.  And when it needs to be one of those things, then the neighbor will have it even if you don’t.  This isn’t a game of impossibilities anymore.  Don’t let the news media fool you.  When the people of one area in the Houston floods needed to eat, there was a staff and bakery standing in the center of it that still had the power turned on and they baked bread for everyone.  This is the truth of it.


I’m not here to promote conspiracy theories or negative patterns and difficult stories.  But I am going to tell you that I’m aware that this transition for me to this location was very important.  We talked about light workers setting themselves up now in pockets of light.  You can’t be in chaos for dramas sake.  It is like a wandering through hell designed to keep you unfocused.  Whether it’s a weight issue that revolves around food; a “family” issue that takes you away from time or clearance in your own energy; or whatever element in your life-path has a negative emotional charge around it; it has to be cleared now.  So let’s talk about how I’m doing that to give you a view of what it takes and how to get there.  I’m also going to give you access to very specific information about the structure of how everything is functioning on the planet.  You will need to know this to dig past it.  No more half-truths.  You will get to decide what version of light worker you will be.


There is nothing wrong with being a ‘wanderer’ if your guidance invokes it.  I am always aware that at any moment my next directive or assignment will come in to relocate or change my project work.  But I also know that having a protected home-base and protected sanctuary is key.  This work we do that traverses far past the earth plane is exhausting.  Equal protective measures to recalibrate have to be considered, and taking a space in a place to do so is critical now.  Extremes inflicted on the body may include excessive travel just as much as what you are eating or where you are sleeping, or what relationships you are putting up with.  In a discussion about this 15 years ago it wasn’t the same.  We had time to loiter and procrastinate.  Now, that isn’t the case.  You can clear your life path and choose to plant yourself totally away from human chaos should your guidance tell you that as a light channel this is what you are needed for.  It might also call you into specific action in any given hour to react to be in a disaster zone as a volunteer.  The key is to know when you are getting too mentally, emotionally or physically involved to be effective as a light worker.


One example of this that I encountered this week was in my connectivity to the teams of Coast Guard aircrews.  They are my heart and wolf pack, and as I watched and discussed with them the details and then watched the video footage of them in danger in the waters around Houston my emotions were getting amplified.  Helicopters lowering them into sewage and debris that will make them sick for weeks.  I was getting too ‘involved’ energetically.  It lowers my effectiveness when I’m dragged into the turmoil and not centered. So I pulled back. Sent them love and light and then re-focused on my personal directives for the week.  I stopped myself from sending them care packages and getting involved in a non-stop disaster event. The truth is that this is going to continue in monolithic format. And my job is to recalibrate to my next level of guide-work and connectivity for service, as unique as it needs to be in any given moment.


One of those realizations that has come within the last month, is the terrible toll the transition out of Alaska, along with being there for five years has taken on my body.  My whole life I have been less than athletic the majority of the years and struggled with weight gain when stressed.  I’ve heard all the metaphysical woo-woo info about being female, weight gain as a protective mechanism, heredity, the soul plan, etc.  The truth is we are all different; but the facts about the degradation of the food system, toxin levels, radiation levels, and impact of all that combined with lightworkers dedication to becoming MORE sensitive so that we can raise the planetary vibration, is a dilemma.  It does matter what food you are putting in your body.  I now understand that both sugar and flour of any kind must be removed.  It’s the equivalent of heroin or cocaine.  Period.  No agave nectar or honey or maple syrup.  That’s still sugar.  No coffee no processed foods.  I have read and participated in every diet ever invented (just about).  Not only as a weight reduction solution, but as a healing, balancing and life choice attempt.  The two resources I recommend for anyone are the Bright Line Eating food (Buy the book, read the science and psychology.  Sign up for the 14-day challenge for $29 to get the food plans and do the maintenance life food plan if you don’t need the weight reduction version.  You don’t need to spend the big money on the boot camp.)  Then combine that information with the books called “Medical Medium.”  The concepts in each can be sorted and merged for any person with or without a health issue, then tailored to your guidance and needs.  They are worth understanding and reading even if you don’t have an issue (or think you don’t), because they will increase your awareness to critical planetary factors that you need to navigate to continue to reside here and maximize your effectiveness and comfort.


Yep.  I suggested you find ways daily to maximize your comfort.  It isn’t so simple in the intensity.  I’m sometimes warned not to do a standard past metaphysical practice like meditation because the energies rolling through aren’t to be reached into or opened up to.  I, like some others, were shocked by this recent solar eclipse.  I normally love these kinds of celestial events.  Creating sacred circles, meditating, whatever.  I was very close to the path of totality and watched the light outside turn to dusk.  I was told by my guide team not to go outside or engage it in any way.  I assumed I was being a drama queen and tried to minimize it in my mind.  But it was a horrible event for me.  I’ve never felt anything like that level of darkness cutting a path.  I was truly disturbed and shocked by it.  It had a physical impact and I fought not to throw up for hours.  I thought it would never end.  It was suddenly very clear to me beyond politics and war games that I could see with my eyes, that there was a great deal more going on and why putting me in this house in a protected space was hugely important for now and what is to come.


It's worth noting now that I was uncomfortable but not unsafe because I was listening to guidance.  I’m saying that again because I want you to remember to breathe, and that your team and your guidance and your manifestation are with you.  There is no benefit to you being a mess.  It’s not going to maximize your positive effects here and beyond.  But YOU have to clear the deck.  You have to participate and do your work.  Is eating sugar, bread, or any physical plane addictive behavior pattern or relationship merry-go-round really worth the lessening of your super powers right now?  Is being drugged out on food or violent entertainment or people-dramas; as is such a large percentage of the population; really where you want to be?  Because the old rules still apply…and are amplified.  If YOU don’t make the change that you know needs to be made; your soul is going to initiate a crisis to get your attention and force it.  Period.  I’d love it if we lived outside of that realm, but we don’t.  The good news, however; is that when you take the path of guidance to free yourself, the positive benefits multiply in your life as well.  There will likely be an array of badly-behaved humans still in the surrounding area, but that’s the job right?  That’s the earth plane.


Dealing with that earth plane is our next topic.  I thought you would appreciate some of the basics of knowing the guidance given to me to get set up for the years ahead.  Then you can pick and choose the ones that fit best for you.  We’ve already had the food discussion.  So let’s talk about the rest of my sanctuary set up.

  • In 2016, prior to the purchase of this, my first house, I was directed to use the majority of my income to pay off all credit cards, loans and debts.  This was a huge amount equal to about 50% of my income.  It took huge dedication for 11 months to accomplish this.  But I did it.
  • I removed everything from my life physically that I had been dragging around and didn’t need.  If it carried old energy or memory I sold or donated it.  These items were not to be brought into the new house.
  • I purchased new furniture, décor, appliances, etc.  Nothing that was preowned or hand-made by someone else’s energy.  No antiques, thrift store items, etc. It is better to have only a few new things than bring in chaos or negative or past energy.
  • Everything is completely organized using clear and labeled Rubbermaid containers on shelves in the garage and elsewhere.  Living surrounded by clutter, hoarding, dust and debris isn’t cute or justifiable as a personality trait.  It lowers your vibration and effectiveness and the psychic energy noise invites disturbance.
  • There is a pantry that includes a 1-month emergency water supply in case the water is turned off in the neighborhood or becomes contaminated.
  • I was told to install a whole-home automatic natural gas generator that will run everything in the house perfectly including the air conditioning should there be an electrical power outage for any length of time.  It automatically turns on and needs no propane or gasoline refills.  And by putting an air conditioning unit on the house, the interior has a protected air circulatory system for the most part from outside air quality issues that might arise.
  • A basic alarm system has been installed so I am aware of doors opening and closing and security cameras with live video should I want to see outside.
  • Insulated walls and garage door to make the garage a climate controlled space as needed with enough room to park my 4-wheel drive vehicle inside in a secure area rather than leave it in the driveway at night.
  • I was told not to install live cable TV due to the frequency-control mechanisms that run through the broadcasts and cable.  I participate in internet streaming only.
  • I installed a gas stove and oven rather than electric.
  • I asked if I needed flood insurance or earthquake insurance for the property beyond basic homeowner’s insurance and was told it would not be necessary.
  • My decision-making process included whether or not to live in a neighborhood with houses closer together or give myself some property and space in a more rural way.  The neighborhood with closer neighbors was pointed out to be a safer choice.  And I’m noticing that the people moving into these newly built homes are military families or professionals with good behaviors who are also interested in a sense of caring community rather than fighting or isolationism.


Although for any location you may be guided to live, the list of decisions and inclusions might vary, it’s important to recognize that none of this is fear-based.  It is resource-based.  Fuzzy blankets, pillows, rugs and soft furniture.  Choices to meditate upstairs or downstairs.  A second bedroom option if I need to be in a different area of the house to avoid any disturbance for sleeping.  A treadmill for exercise so I don’t have to fight bad weather or be too visible for safety reasons.  Enough cash to sustain myself if regional power outages shut down gas pumps and any stores ability to process a credit card.  A property on a quiet cul-de-sac with no through traffic, and surrounded by a bit of extra space and forest.  Not in a city center or degraded area, but close enough to resources, shopping and interstate access.


These are the set-up elements I have been guided to install and initiate.  If I was reacting from fear rather than guidance, then I would be running out this week buying flood insurance after watching the news footage of the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey.  But reacting from fear initiates the law of attraction to draw to you exactly what you are afraid of.  So I strongly advise that you follow joy and attend to centeredness in listening to your internal guidance.


As we entered into January 2017, I will share with you at this point that my level of discomfort was growing.  It’s that frustrating space where I will pointedly say to my guide-team that I am very aware I do not have all the information on a subject.  I was watching the news and knew I was being lied to.  But at what level?  How do we sort it all out?  I wanted the absolute truth and details about who was initiating what in the financial systems, government, corporations and more.  Did that information exist?  I wasn’t just making a request, I was demanding it.


Within a short amount of time I was led to several very important documentary films and instructions about how to proceed.  I’m going to share them with you here with no elaborate discussions except to say that you need to know these things.  It will allow you to walk forward with no dishonesty that can work against you.  You will watch the news and be able to completely sort it out.  It’s not easy information to realize and I can tell you that it will be important to read the Dolores Cannon materials and bring your kinesiology online to balance yourself out mentally and emotionally with the positive galactic perspective and truths.  I have already provided you with that information on the Resources Page of this website.  The documentary movies that can be found on Netflix and other resources for rental are entitled: “Zeitgeist the Movie” and “Unacknowledged”.  If you haven’t watched these in their entirety, you will truly be at a disadvantage to knowing what’s going on, on the planet.  I also recommend, for privacy and security, you download and start using an app on your phone called “Signal” for texting and phone communications that are important to you or your light worker assignments.


I shared the quote at the opening of this conversation, because it held such clarity for me.  I’ve never been a ‘civilian’ on this planet.  Always called upon to be a warrior in one way or another.  In nearly every situation and every room. Just being present at this time and working through the dimensions is a monumental task to hold physical form.  Give yourself a real sanctuary.  Give yourself true comforts of higher vibration.  Let everything go and rest when you know your body, mind, emotions or spirit need it.  Warriors can’t be in continuous battle.  It’s not sustainable.


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