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The Dendera Gateway is open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

The Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

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Leaving the Echoes of Responsibility Behind for a New Paradigm

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/13/17


Have you ever noticed as a sensitive and empath how much we “take responsibility” for a room?  It’s not even a conscious choice.  We tune in on whatever psychic pathways we use as our normal senses without thinking about it.  We do it in phone conversations; with strangers, family, and friends.  It’s our go-to deployment isn’t it?  As if being a lightworker requires us to work out every thought pattern in a room to curve it as an energy mover towards lighter days and shores and moments.  But does it?  Is it a requirement from our basic mission?  I would like to suggest it is not.  But compliment all of us for the decades we spent working in the field at the height of standing on the front lines.  And also ask you to consider that it’s time for something different now.


It was pointed out by my Guide team that I need to stop taking responsibility for everyone else.  And a specific discussion like that leads to serious consideration.  It’s easy to see the plain and natural elements like offering to help a friend who really should be handling a situation on their own.  Or stepping away from someone choosing endless drama (either consciously or as a negative manifestation pattern.)  But take it back to my original Q&A above.  Because I work at a planetary level.  So, the current overwhelm has to be addressed as detailed as what you are seeing in any given room or situation you walk into.  You are NOT a normal human.  That should be assumed.  The next reason to do this evaluation is to understand that as a light worker, we don’t have to deal with the minutia anymore.  That’s the change.  From the first wave I have spent decades individually stepping into rooms for the purposes of explaining, out loud, what the mechanics of metaphysics are.  There were days when it was all we could do before the gates closed to pull every last soul across the evolutionary boundaries.  Doorways don’t stay open forever.  They shift and time delineates.  It’s up to the next level now.  We’ve marched into rooms to finish soul contracts.  Some of us have completed those soul contracts and moved on.  Not without grief.  What do you do between missions?  You aren’t left with nothing.  Sometimes we are just allowing the next level to build under our feet.  It helps to just be there.  Allow it and rest.  And change the game. 


When someone calls me on the phone, or engages with me; I now leave space.  Energetics always meet first.  So, remember that your light immediately registers with the other person, and they make decisions from that how they are going to treat you.  What they are going to take from you.  How they are going to use you.  They know who and what they have met.  They will demand a healing.  They will want your compliance to play out their scenario.  They will be excited to feel light, and hope you stay with them.  They will try to kill or dominate that light if they are running dark negative patterns.  All of this will engage in a single heartbeat.  And in those first few seconds, just say hello…and nothing else.  This immediately sets up the interaction in a way that requires they step up and take responsibility for it.  You will be surprised at how this confuses people. They will be waiting for you to take over the conversation and make them feel better or allow them to pull from you whatever they want.  Don’t.  Leave that space right where it is.


In conversations with the handful of people that work on my level and are friends, I don’t do this.  And it’s important to remind you that I am bringing no less light, kindness and love into my interactions.  I’m not being bitchy or arrogant or purposely aiming to make people uncomfortable.  What I’m doing is making people responsible for themselves.  And sometimes my level of engagement is much stronger and less silent.  As people hit their own walls of bad behavior and I catch them in the act of delivering a product or service with bad quality directly to me; or I encounter a company or system of personal interaction or doing business that is not acceptable; I speak that truth, say NO, and disallow that behavior.  Then I flip it directly back in their laps and require out loud that they take responsibility for it. 


“How are you going to fix this…?  What is your solution to change this…?  I am not going to accommodate this again, so this is now your option to interact with me.”  These are just a few of the things I might say.  And when they rant, complain, continue with dishonesty, or try to bully me, ….I repeat the same thing again.  I never yell or put them down.  I am kind, but scare them with the way my feet are firmly planted on the floor.  I am confusing and frustrating and terrifying without ever raising my voice.  And if they don’t solve, change or fix the situation or behavior, I do the unthinkable.  I withdraw my light.  That is what it literally feels like to the child inside of them when I tell them “this is done” and turn and walk away.  I know that this allows them the opportunity to learn the lesson.  It also is my absolute synchronicity to love and partnership with the universe to bring me a better solution or resolution.


Installations of things in my new house and the interactions with builders and subcontractors are the greatest example of this recently.  I always wondered if I was “negatively manifesting” issues and frequently judged myself when interactions had weird arrays of problems.  Then I started to notice that while I don’t approve of the difficulty, I seem to be the one called to assist souls who need those lessons and opportunities.  And all the while I am still provided with total support and the best most wonderful resolution and outcome no matter the decisions and bad behaviors of others.  It leaves people shaken and sometimes even fired from their jobs around me. 


The lesson?  All they had to do was be honest, be nice, and stop trying to take advantage of people for money or other negative intent.  And I never allow it to be a fight with heightened emotions or drama.


Did you think that the awakening of the world was going to be a smooth glide through the process of realization?  That “the new earth” wasn’t going to see the old guard that produces fear and hate and mal-appropriation go down without anger?  I feel the death, and it seems we were halted from seeing how this would be before we were in it.  But let’s lay it out.


Start with running your own world differently.  I looked at my guide team recently and reminded them that I feel the segment we are in now.  And this was their directive…


You are to demonstrate proper behavior without damage to yourself or others.


Conflict is to be avoided as a wage of war. Do you think it helps anyone to fight in the seeds of negativity that will then proliferate across the globe?  But fear not for there will be the time of the realizations.  Stand facing them in silence.  Let the children who would do harm meet themselves.  They won’t stand for long.


I realize from my interactions, and more importantly from my presence without pressure in a room that I am very much more powerful when I work this way rather than leading discussions or being chatty.  People are waiting for me to speak and then they are startled and completely focused on me when I do.  This is different from me walking in as the happy-wagon; holding conversations aloft; energetically, mentally and emotionally working to support everyone in the room.  If you’ve become exhausted by the earth, the scenarios, and included in that, the one-on-one interactions with strangers; try this new method.  Just stand there. 


You may be aware of your ‘observer’ mission.  Not from this planet, we stepped in for the set up.  As a multi-dimensional being I have no politics. I don’t have nationality or color.  I will come across as shocking and confusing when I stand in that elemental mission.  My physical appearance doesn’t match my coldness as a warrior, doesn’t match the light.  I may provide a smile to assist the confused human through something I need to interact on; but in the end, they will be no less energetically confused by the thoughts and feelings and considerations they seem to have rising within them when I leave. 


These are all things to think about within your own being. A definition of light worker isn’t always to give someone a hug.  But let’s talk about the outcome from the higher perspective.  Let’s talk about Trump and the outer-rim.


Positioning outside the format.  If you have been proceeding with setting up your house as was provided.  Then you are standing in a fire-free zone.  There is contact but no pain from hysterical interactions.  I am experiencing huge decompression cascading into adrenal exhaustion and other physical finishings.  I am struggling to figure out how, as many are, to balance through the energetic impacts on the planet.  But I have no imploding relationships.  No land or living crisis now that the house is built and protective barriers in place.  Every one of the light workers on the planet have very specific and unique agenda-missions.  We weave together around the grids.  When one “goes down” to rest, others may be stepping up.  Patterns of astrology are nice, but nearly irrelevant to us now for our direct guide communications are taking over in the middle of the war zone.  It’s lovely to sit and listen to some of the astrologers the way that you might walk to the edge of a river or ocean to see the direction of the current or if the tide is in.  But we’ve blown past that.  At my level (and for many of you), it can be a nice and comforting way to feel connected, but it isn’t who you are anymore.  We are global and a team.  Assure you have closed the gates on the nonsense people and elements of your world.  Work with a healer and your guide team to be comfortable and sort out any dis-ease within your energetics and physical body.


I spoke to a metaphysical friend who is having daily drama and chaos.  In his sixth uncomfortable living situation in less than a year.  Evacuated from a long-term rental guest house after only a week, at 1:30am in the middle of a dangerous California wildfire that had already burned down the house next door.  He says he loves it and is cleaning up his own energetics and karma.  But that’s not what I see.  I see the degradation of energetics finding endless incidents to participate in.  His health isn’t good.  He is throwing himself head-long into bad situations ending literally in tears by the side of the road over and over.  To which he will tell you that he feels so empowered while people con money out of him and take advantage of his kindness.


I share this with no judgement and love him, but to give you an example and consider what you are wanting to participate in now. While there is more than ever the opportunity to jump in to emergencies, what time have you taken to assess your personal guidance.  I would suggest that laying on the floor broken in the name of “service” to yourself, or to constantly say “I’m a metaphysician and this non-stop chaos that I’m allowing to rip me in half over and over is me cleaning up my past” is old nonsense.  It’s martyrdom.  I have seen metaphysical people live in their “cleansing” forever.  And what I can see now is that the daily necessity to clear, stand, rest, repeat is enough.  If a big thing needs to clear, ask that it be done carefully.  Stop your way forward like you would drive a car.  Break on the curves.  Stop at the stop signs.  Don’t accept other drivers damaging your car. Give yourself a home base to park the car and get out that is a REAL sanctuary.  And recognize it’s ridiculous to always have your foot pressed all the way down on the gas pedal in the name of self-sacrifice or metaphysically working with your shadow side or past.


Many humans require pain to feel into a change.  I find it a depressing sort-of insanity.  Explaining to people how to be, or why they should be a nice person to others or themselves.  My new neighborhood is wonderful.  They have positive and helpful conversations looking out for and supporting one another on the private Facebook page.  It’s a good sign that I can see is a larger calling to people realizing that community is the key.  Local and beyond.  I found a huge shock in watching world governments this year and the decisions to tear down the basic building blocks of love of the planet and trying to negate positive change.  But here is what is really happening…


We crossed the border between the gates where people en-mass could jump to the percentage of power for shift to a higher vibration by easy choice.  Now we have the alignment of odds for a fight.  Which is ironic for those of us who know our role just got easier so-to-speak.  Step out…come the whispers. We will now see the next segment.  This too could have been done easier, but we shall see how quiet and not quiet the world plays it out.  We feel disenchanted and tired and overwhelmed when daily is another announcement by Trump that is an insanity that hurts people and the planet for pleasure.  But here is what has been brought to my attention.  The segment of people who only change when they feel pain are now getting their big wake-up calls.  They ignored guidance, and the whispers of higher love in interacting on the planet.  Now they have to face that and it will make them consider other methods and ways.  It would take a government so ridiculous in its hurtful decisions, announcements, actions and in-action to get them to consider their own behavior and seek other community options.  To reconsider big business rulership and religious servitude.  People are being forced to consider neighborhood solutions and seeing demonstrations of what caring is supposed to look like. 


Watch the news differently now.  Don’t worry about the control it appears government has to do harm.  See how it’s backfiring on them.  See Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and other individuals send ships to pull people out of hurricane zones and care for each other.  See the fall of bad and unaffordable healthcare as the catalyst to make people consider true healing modalities.  See wildfires and storms as the amplified and targeted removal of humans from their embedded positions of refusing to change and listen on many levels.  Karma grounding in lightning bolts.  And breathe through your own fear about it.  Come back to your position in this moment and change things left unfinished.  This is a time to “shelter in place.”  It might include adventures out into the world.  But be real with yourself about your motivations and whether or not you have cared enough for your health, well-being and balance before you do.


I participated in the neighborhood project this month of gifting two neighbors with a surprise anonymous gift basket for Halloween left on their doorstep.  We have all just moved in and most don’t know each other.  I revealed myself to the one nice girl I’m starting a casual friendship with and we chatted about it.  Her husband, in his early thirties, is military.  He was completely disturbed by the situation.  He just keeps saying to his wife “why would anyone do that…?” (Spend money to give a gift to a stranger when they aren’t getting anything in return and don’t know the recipient.)  He is exactly the huge percentage of the population that is due for the monumental wake-up call they are now getting, and demonstrations of how a more highly evolved community is going to be required on the planet as the earth shifts into the 5th dimension and raises vibration.  Self-centered millennial children, narcissists, those who knowingly do harm to others…. they will not have it easy or be standing in their comfortable accommodations as this progresses.  Universal Law is absolute in this dimension.  The energy and intensions put out can only ground on the person who initiates it.  Stand in your sanctuary and attend to balancing in your heart through the waves and shifts. 



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