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Eclipses, Human Impacts, and how to use the Energetics for new Protective Boundaries

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/24/18

This week it’s another full moon total lunar eclipse, the second eclipse in a 3-part series that you might find unsettling at best, and shocking in its delivery of life-altering events and interactions at the worst.  And added to the agenda this week, we will start the fun of another 3-week mercury retrograde period.  Since my sarcasm in ironic settings is frequently the key to my sanity and survival, I will tell you that it brings to mind watching the movie Speed at the point where Keanu Reaves announces to Sandra Bullock that they are now leaking fuel, which will bring them to a point where they can’t hurdle through space anymore resulting in them being blown up faster by the bomb strapped to the bottom of the bus. 

“What?!  Because you felt you needed another challenge?!?!!”

Yep.  It does sort of feel that way these days doesn’t it…?

My go-to reaction to seeing these regular new astrology elements on the calendar is now frequently…“Oh god…what now…??”

But all negative viewpoints and pessimism aside, it’s critical now to make decisions carefully.  I’ve noticed in the steady stream of recommendations from the non-physical Guides that the over-arching theme is disappointing to me.  I thought, as many of you probably did, that at this point on the earth plane we would be joyfully using our superpowers to save the world.  At the very least we would be ambassadors to the revealing of our amazing galactic partners and setting up the new earth.  Instead, some of us have intensified our own internal purging of darkness thru physical or energetic illness.  (Nothing like standing in the hurricane to use the 165mph winds to kick the crap out of what needs to be removed from our lives and energetics…right?) 

And what IS that subtle theme now coming thru from the Guides…? 

They’re just trying to keep us alive.  

Or maybe I should phrase that in the other direction.  They are dialing us down to focus on the microcosm simplest-equation solutions in our immediate environment to keep us as mentally, emotionally and physically stable as possible with the goal of hoping that as many of us as possible will be willing to stay in physical incarnation.

I’m sure that sounds pretty suicidal, but I’m not above laying out the elements to speak of as much reality as I’m aware of so it can be decided upon and dealt with.  The truth is, that if we can keep our balance, whether we are capable of engaging in any direct physical interaction with the humans or not, just our continuing presence in physical form acts as a point-of-light channel onto the earth plane. Which I can see is incredibly important right now.  In my angriest moments while watching badly behaved humans, or taking note of the fear-and-control agendas at war on the planet, I default to two thoughts.  That the Universal Law of 3-fold return is going to take care of justice; and that my continuing presence here alone is screwing up those darker agendas ability to succeed.  So, let’s talk about how to specifically address setting up the new protective boundaries in real-time to buy you some time and maybe even plug you into some peace.

One of the most frustrating things about the faster manifestation now possible, is that when you add it to our stronger abilities as channels it has a more direct, quicker and stronger effect, (especially if you’ve had metaphysical training and awareness).  I relocated into what should have been my dream house last year, built just for me with no prior homeowner energetics to battle.  I had plenty of money and freedom of work schedule.  And it’s been an 18-month nightmare.  Yes, the house is beautiful.  And yes, I have more sanity and comfort in it today now that I’ve worked through an insane quantity of builder issues.  But the trauma went beyond that.  Apparently, as I was running the plays to relocate, move in, etc., my subconscious was bottoming-out in both current and past life devastation over my disappointment in the bad behavior of humans. Especially human males.  And the result?  I manifested every imaginable (and unimaginable) scenario of bad workmanship, installation and behavior possible.  Subcontractors were lazy and sealed their lunch garbage up in my living room walls including rotten hamburger meat and coffee with rancid milk in it.  The smell was so bad it required all the walls of the living room be ripped out and rebuilt over another month after I moved in.  Bad flooring, lack of insulation, tools hanging out/stuck in the dryer vent, the fence falling completely down twice, the install of the generator taking 6-months instead of 4 days and destroying my new furnace, etc.  It was a level of negative manifestation and insanity that nearly broke me mentally and emotionally.  And again, what was the reason…?

I was “burning off” and grounding my devastating disappointment in humans.  Awesome.  Good to know after the fact, right???  If there is any good news in that discussion, it’s the fact that once I BROUGHT that realization to my conscious awareness, I started attracting real solutions and better subcontractors.  It’s a devastating lesson I share in the hopes of assisting any of you who might be facing this subconscious depression so you can journal it out and allow it to pass through with less physical impact.

On the outside of the equation, even if you’re not dealing with trying to live in the middle of an actual construction zone, it’s critical to give you some keys to install a new set of protections in your current environments. In fact, the entire earth plane is one giant war zone – construction zone right now and will continue to escalate in the years to come.  So it’s good to keep in mind that while some protective mechanisms are the equivalent to building a physical fortress on the earth plane, others require you to recognize that your reactions to certain things can slam back into you with greater negative impact.  Here’s the part where we go way beyond, yet combine, everything you’ve ever even touched on for feng shui, energetic protection, astrological awareness and so much more.


Time to Air-Gap your World

Do you know what an “air-gapped” computer is…?  It may seem an unrealistic example of anything achievable for your life or setting up your environment, but it’s an important concept to hold onto and aim at as you deploy the tools and practices for installing protections now.  And air-gapped computer is not attached to the network.  It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or the internet or any other computer with the exception of the data entered into it by it’s owner.  And I’m going to give you just a few of the actual ways I have been able to successfully and appropriately deploy that concept for my physical home, as well as my life.

For starters, let me just say that we can minimize certain interactions, but unless you live completely off-the-grid in the wilderness, you’re going to have to deal with people and situations.  But it’s how and when to engage that’s the point.  After 18-months of kissing the builder’s ass to survive, and sweet talk him into fixing things while his bad behavior has him ignoring everyone else, has been both tricky and frustrating.  I finally ended my nice-ness campaign and slammed into him with a legal email last week that if he was going to continue to illegally start heavy/noisy contracting work before 7am, then I was going to start filing police reports.  I asked for courtesy and gave him more than a dozen chances to be a good person.  But we all know how that goes.  If you have to explain to someone how to be a caring individual beyond self-centeredness and money, then there is no battle to be won. 

He naturally took my notice badly.  And at 6:15am this morning the construction noise woke me up, and I’m sure the whole neighborhood as well.  I was going to reach for the phone and start the police report process when I stopped myself.  Anger, depression, sadness, and exhaustion filled me.  As a warrior I have frequently been the first (and only) person willing to stand up.  And this was about to be the same scenario.  A hundred neighbors and no one willing to stand up to the builder but me, even though they are frustrated by the noise and complain about it endlessly in private.  What stopped me this morning, was the greater awareness that is worth remembering in your current daily life and decision-making agenda.  Not only are we about to get hit with another god-knows-what impact of full moon plus full lunar eclipse which brings to the surface shocking news and scenarios playing out; but the current human pattern is to lash out in violence.  Just watch the news or notice how people are treating each other right now.  The truth of my realization this morning as I laid in bed, is that my desire for justice isn’t as strong as my awareness that I’m surrounded by unstable male animals.  Anger barely seething beneath the surface looks for a target in these unconscious and uneducated humans.  Even if it wasn’t a full moon eclipse.  The bigger truth is that lots of these humans exhibiting incredibly bad behavior are going to get to experience the impact of that darkness hitting them in the face.  Now.  Or soon.  We knew it would come to this on the earth plane now in these potential timelines.  They would have to be taken out by their own darkness and energy impacts returning to them like a boomerang.  Yes, I’m seriously dealing with the same disappointments, anger, sadness and more as any sensitive person trying to tread water right now in the middle of the ocean during a typhoon so-to-speak.  But I had to be smart enough and careful enough this morning to dial it down and pull back for my own protection.  This is the earth plane.  A free-will-free-choice-zone.  That means you can incite any riot or fight or participate in any negative-pattern behavior you want to.  Your non-physical guides and guidance will be ever-present but they have to let you do it the hard way if that’s your choice.  Which brings us to providing a few keys to “air-gap” your home to increase your ability to maintain any sort of stable mental and emotional environment for your sanity, as much as your protection.

The earth plane is now a full-contact sport.  Gone are the days of leisurely engaging and gently floating around in circumstances with an option to take time off.  So that “time off” is something you will have to demand.  And it’s not just a scheduling-thing.  It’s more like setting up a fortress in an epic Lord of the Rings battle. 

One of the terrible elements of my new house included a nightmare backyard.  Small though it was, the ground seethed with toxicity and the rancid smell of the fill dirt made of  clay and rock where the sod wouldn’t even grow as it pooled water.  It was so bad, that I literally couldn’t look out the window or go out on the back patio without fighting not to throw up.  And in the middle of my current pattern of attracting disappointing male humans with bad energy, narcissistic behavior trying to take advantage of me by overcharging on top of that, I was stuck figuring out how to deal with the situation.  I realized that though it would be hugely difficult for me physically while dealing with other health issues, it was going to take my hands and channeled energy to fix it.  And I did.  I carried by hand the 1,500 pounds of beautiful mixed color gravel and mica flagstones that gleam in the sunshine.  I layed a black barrier on the ground and had to cover half the backyard in artistic mulch before installing heavy wall blocks and a gorgeous raised corner planter overflowing with flowers.  The difference in the backyard was a shocking change and huge resulting success.  I “claimed” the space energetically, pushed back the darkness, and did what needed to be done.  The stones laid with my own hands put the strength of the light around my house.  A strategic part of the defensive barriers that then need to be regularly reinforced by my presence and deliberate attention.  It’s important to remember that energy moves.  It literally ebbs and flows and breathes.  It takes time to build and weave around the environment.  This new garden isn’t an instant ticket to it always feeling good out there.  I still have to listen acutely to the daily warnings when to step out of the house or not.  Which brings us to the facts about how to engage from the inside of your house.

“Don’t push back against it.”

These are words from the Guides that should be written on a piece of paper and posted on your refrigerator as a reminder.  When overwhelmed and angry about the bad builder issues in my new house and the intense feeling of claustrophobia the situation was giving me, it was easy to explode.  Daily.  But it’s good for any sensitive with metaphysical training to remember that all that power you contain and channel can just as easily divert subconsciously into making your life MUCH more difficult.  We focus on our frustration and anger builds.  Then the universal law of attraction kicks in and increases rather than decreases your problem.  I’m not saying to take the path of not standing up and speaking up for yourself on any level.  Believe me I’m not.  But use of our super powers is tricky right now.  I find myself angry and sad these days…. a lot.  So, I put that energy into solutions implementation and learned quite a few new tools to deploy.


Air & energy flow – creating a controlled environment

No matter whether you live in a beautiful countryside, a city, or a subdivision in the suburbs, it was shocking to me the difference it made when I shut off the outside air flow system to the house.  In the attic there was an option for the air circulation system (both furnace and air-conditioning), that allowed me to switch to all internal recirculating air rather than a mix.  If I wanted fresh air into the house it’s easy enough to open a window in any room.  But what I didn’t realize was how much negative energy was coming in with that outside air.  Every time the air system turned on I was bracing for impact.  Sometimes it was obvious that it was bringing in smoke from area wildfires or other bad neighborhood smells.  But other times I just couldn’t quite put my finger on why my house was a hell-zone where I couldn’t get comfortable.  Not until I switched the outside air flow OFF.


Using Crystals on the Perimeter

I’ve always been aware of the use of crystals for increasing positive energy flow.  I guess I’ve just never encountered a combination of impacts and negative energetics as we face on the earth plane today.  There are, of course, the regular list of things like energy from neighbors and community that hit you.  And part of my current stress is almost 2-years of intense construction digging up the ground and creating disturbance within nature as well as the noise and house shaking from heavy equipment.  But the Guides provided information that the protection level inside the house would improve for me the more I placed crystals along the walls and windows.  So, I set about figuring out how to do that in quantity and with the appropriate types of crystals.  As you may know, they are all very different.  I made the mistake of putting a line of rose quartz crystals along my fence line facing a mentally disturbed neighbor at my last property.  The result was that the “love” vibration made him go even more bananas in trying to get my attention, and he was attracted to my energy rather than repelled, as I would have preferred.  I would catch him standing in the street just staring up at my house at 11:30pm at night like a zombie.  As a result of that past response, I knew that this time I wanted to use whatever crystals would repel the “vampire minions.”  Not  draw them to me for some sort of group hug. 

The answer at my current house is a mix in various rooms since I have quite a collection, but the “barrier” crystals I use along walls, on windowsills, and in the four corners are black tourmaline and selenite.  The tourmaline repels negative energy with impunity and the selenite does that also, plus calms the environment in any room helping me to be more peaceful.  I have more to add and will constantly monitor for other things needed, but I strongly recommend these two for your primary foundation.  And the good news is that you can buy them both in bulk very inexpensively on Amazon.

Stop letting them into your “Home”

I’m amazed that it continues to be a mystery to many people that their close personal environment isn’t something they protect from negative people in their lives.  Believe me, I’m not being judgmental or bitchy.  I have incredible compassion and understanding for how difficult it is to walk away from toxic relationships.  Many of those people who are exhibiting those bad behaviors may be long-term close friends and family members.  And in the dance of society there are a million reasons not to end things or walk away.  We don’t want to feel even more lonely that we already struggle with on this planet.  But if you’re going to go to all the trouble to put up excellent protective boundaries, ask yourself how insane it is to go to all that work only to then open the front door and invite the vampires directly into the house. 

In the bigger picture here, if you’re reading this, your knowingness has kicked in about the positive assistance you’re potentially giving the universe in service just by staying alive and in physical form right now.  And as a sensitive, it’s not always easy.  So, putting an end to the insanity of abuse inflicted on you via close relationships might rate as one of the most important priorities you should consider attending to.  And make no mistake, your “personal environment and home” is YOU.  

This year marks a huge decision I made to completely cut off and end my relationship with my only sibling.  He was the last family member I still interacted with.  I had justified keeping the contact in a hundred ways since we weren’t in any kind of actual fight or drama.  What I didn’t realize, was the incredible psychic-vampire link he was inflicting on me even long distance in between his narcissistic yet charismatic abusive behavior patterns.  And just like the amazing result from turning off the outside air flow to my new house; I nearly fell to my knees in relief as the result was so mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically positive to stop my brother from having any further connection to me.

My guess would be that many of you are having some of the same struggles as I’m encountering in maintaining your life and sanity.  It comes down to taking new and careful action.  It’s important to recognize the reactions from the badly-behaved humans around you can quickly be amplified.  There are days when speaking out is fine, and there are days when you have to know that there are moments better used for self-care.  Allowing the insanity to carry on outside your doorstep rather than invite it into your environment.  We talk regularly about using a guided meditation sound-healing audio to raise your vibration, but don’t be afraid to take extra time going beyond trying to “do” something to “fix it”.  Sometimes one of the best things you can do is to get completely out of the way.  No action, no judgement, taking a break from all connectivity to the situation.  In the last few weeks I’ve accomplished this by immersing myself in reading fiction books.  I carefully select the ones with a story line that includes characters with positive behaviors who support each other and work as a team to fight battles and behave as a truly loving family.  As any high-level mystic will tell you, these storylines in books are actual realities and interactions based in alternate universes that you cross over into while engaged with them.  A place where we can get embraced and supported and spoken to through the text.  We can use these other places to rest awhile until standing back up in the current life path is an option.  I’ve found that a great deal of use of us on timelines is literally to just mark the time.  We just have to hold on to something and let the storm surge pass.


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1. Bonita said on 7/24/18 - 03:12PM
Oh my goodness. I hear from my guides to "reach out to Aleiya" and then I read this where you hit that nail right on the head! You have described my world! Thank you for sharing. There hasn't been anyone else around me who could relate. I appreciate you! Thank you.

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