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Much love to those of you who have been with me for many years; and welcome to those of you who are just joining us. I have worked in the area of Metaphysics for more than 25-years with students, practitioners and civilians in a variety of both public and private ways. Following my guide-team’s instruction, it’s time for the next evolution.  

As we enter 2018, I am guided to shift the Dendera Gateway to be open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

This Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

I hope that you will feel free to add comments to posts and share with each other.  This is a great forum to do this.  I encourage you to bookmark this page to check frequently for new posts, conversations, and to reference the tracking modules provided that give you up-to-date information on planetary alignments, quick reference definitions, astrology, and a way to maintain your global awareness.  I won't always have time to send out an email or Facebook notice to let you know when there is a new post here on the gateway, because I am frequently on-the-run and it's more important to me to get you the information quickly.  I do recommend, however, that you sign up for both email and Facebook communication methods which will have unique new information and special offers of their own at times.  I will be flowing with the faster pace in 2018 and leaving it to each of you to keep up, if you would like to share in the adventure!

I look forward to continuing the journey with you.
Much love,
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Discussions with the Guides ~ the In-Between Spaces

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/10/16

As the battles rage over personal and exponentially larger issues in the public eye, for those practitioners who have been present for the shift-moments in their own space, there is a lesson of greater importance.


I pulled against a photo that appeared today from the top of a high peak in the Alaska wilderness.  Besides the aircrew that was there and a few others, I found myself trailing past what would have been the physical view to the power of the gate in the mountain.  It wouldn’t have been reality to a human, past a strange feeling if they stopped to tune in at all, but it was there none-the-less. I halted repeatedly on the photo wondering what it was that called to my sight-beyond-sight. 


It may happen for you this way as you are so required to address and attend to the brutal impacts of something that might be as simple as a daily chore that makes you feel leadened.  How to go on day in and day out. You have not yet arrived at your next destination, but you have realized that the release of the past in any form has already transpired. These we would call “the in between spaces.”  It may come with depression even if the new impulse or aim you know to be true and a better life and landing post than what has come before.  Don’t be discouraged. It takes more than just linear action to raise awareness beyond the physical enough for the physical points of return to shift and bring forth into manifestation the next platform.  Memory is shifted as well through the veil of changing icons that are just as real as the DNA that runs through your system.  You will notice the word “through” we use repeatedly. We divide the time zones for you between the past-not-yet-past and the beautiful future made to honor you.


We are the in-between spaces.

Standing still becomes a necessity. Even now if you reach for them you will feel your guardians. Most serious is the diligence deployed. Walking across the earthplane at this time was always going to be this and so much more. If you envision a trek such as the Lord of the Rings toward and into the mountains now.  The bodies fall around you and nearly feel like ghosts.  The people who used to seem real in your world no longer hold physical form. This we say is a normal state for you as time seems surreal. Though you may feel a struggle to compensate and care; finish your tasks with an eye on the future.  Know that it comes today and tomorrow against all tide. There isn’t just one timeline, there are three or four consistently spacing themselves.  The others know this. A hush comes over the land. Join with it and know its protection.


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There are a great many aspects, transits and calculations that can be analyzed in the application of astrology. And though we will at times point these out to you through posts and discussions, our primary goal is to assist you in plugging in to your own intuitive communication gateways for both in-the-moment navigation of your life as well as prediction. To work with some of the most visible energetics of each day, we recommend you pay attention to the sign the moon is in as well as the phase because the energy of the moon so greatly affects emotions and behaviors. We encourage you to note what sign the moon is in each day, the qualities of that sign, and then expand your awareness through those energies to feel the pull on humanity. Use the Current Astrology Chart provided above to view in-the-moment planets and the current sign they are in.

Aries - new impulses, pioneering, forward movement, spontaneous, energetic, physical. Negative side: anger, argumentative, forceful without balance or care.

Taurus - desire for comfort and security, impulses to slow down, sensual. Negative side: stubborn, materialistic.

Gemini - active time for thinking and communications, reading, writing, learning, light-hearted, curious, seeking variety. Negative side: restless, over-thinking, cheating, flighty.

Cancer - The moon's natural sign. Nurturing, peaceful, quiet, domestic, seeking safety and the comforts of home. Negative side: clingy, emotional.

Leo - personal/inner focus, dramatic, attention-seeking, creative, risk-taking, generous contributions. Negative side: any of these positive elements can be demonstrated negatively.

Virgo - practical, detail-oriented, re-thinking, organizing, problem-solving, confident, health-focused. Negative: critical/judgment of others, etc.

Libra - seeking balance in all, diplomacy, more willing to compromise, less emotional, seeing all sides of a situation, working through issues, self-examination. Negative side: fear to take action, wanting to please everyone, needing the approval of others.

Scorpio - Intensity, passion, deeply personal emotions, desire to move deeply into things beyond the superficial, removal of old limiting habits and fears. Negative side: manipulative, suspicious, worrying, dwelling on things.

Sagittarius - Optimistic, truth-seeking, travel, higher education, physical activity, adventurous, pursuing new visions of the bigger picture without digging into details. Negative Side: over-doing things, exaggerating, winging it without planning to a detriment.

Capricorn - Structure, planning ahead, practical, resourceful, focused and motivated for long-term success, don't want to waste time, aware of challenges and limitations. Negative Side: depression over the perceived reality of situations.

Aquarius - Group goal assessment, focus on higher ideals, unusual solutions, more unemotional and impersonal, progressive, freedom-seeking, engaging in radical undertakings and social studies put into action. Negative side: blowing up the old while demanding the higher ideals without carefully laying the new foundation for future success.

Pisces - dreamy, sensitive, compassionate, mystical, intuitive, imaginative, metaphysical mergers, spiritual and inner development, music. Negative side: Pisces can be the mystic or the alcoholic, avoiding details, escapism.

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