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​Welcome to the Dendera Gateway ~ 
Much love to those of you who have been with me for many years; and welcome to those of you who are just joining us. I have worked in the area of Metaphysics for more than 25-years with students, practitioners and civilians in a variety of both public and private ways. Following my guide-team’s instruction, it’s time for the next evolution.  

The Dendera Gateway is open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

The Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

I hope that you will feel free to add comments to posts and share with each other.  This is a great forum to do this.  I encourage you to leap to the new Gateway Platform, bookmark the page to check frequently for new posts, conversations, and then you can always return here to reference the tracking modules provided that give you up-to-date information on planetary alignments, quick reference definitions, astrology, and a way to maintain your global awareness.  I also recomment that you sign up for both email and Facebook communication methods which will have unique new information and special offers of their own at times.  I will be flowing with the faster pace in 2020 and beyond, and leaving it to each of you to keep u if you would like to share in the adventure!

I look forward to continuing the journey with you.
Much love,
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The Dendera Gateway Archive ~

A Vision from the Guides

by Aleiya Hunter on 12/02/17

Calm down.  It’s been an incredibly long year.  At intensity and speed, but beyond involved.  I’ve heard my guides whisper, and realize that whether you were standing in a place without relocation, you will still have felt the impact of being anything but stationary.  Our synthesis with guidance isn’t along the same vertical tracks anymore.  As the frequency changes, there is a pull for us to dive deeper into mental logistical patterns.  We want to “fix” it.  To figure out the under toe that drags at us and wonder quietly why sitting to meditate or creative outlets don’t seem to have the exact same gateways they used to.  I was reminded yesterday as I sat to connect and was drawn to a channeled audio to assist, that I was experiencing a vertigo-wall combination on entry.  It made me want to stand back up and grab my next “to do” item in the room off my human list of tasks rather than stay in it.  But a gentle touch from my guides, who knew my exhaustion was critical whispered again… go to the feeling. What does it feel like where you would prefer to be?  Fast-frequency points of contact flashed by to touch me.  Places in other dimensions with beings of light.  Picture it however you want.  I didn’t have to hold on to the images.  I could be with the feeling of it and then it would flash into the next sequence or place.  I felt my central nervous system shut down.  It needed to.  Hours, days, months of dealing with situations that took many more interactions than could be imagined.  I faltered.  Couldn’t imagine why this progress was insanely different than in the past.


It’s the crossover to December.  Not likely to be any less inclined, but a road persists to be taken differently in the next 30-days.  Pointing to signs like full moon and mercury retrograde would have been your only past.  But you aren’t your old encasements anymore.  This is why Aleiya felt time slip and we pulled her out aggressively yesterday from her body.  The impacts have been a test of strength and cold in a land where the sun hasn’t shone the same nor has the promise not been kept.  You are here.  It is enough.  Time breaks today.  Past the globe and the people.  Timetables bend.  Your instinct to stand without touch comes from fight or flight.  We used to be in one place, and then another isn’t there.  Looks like standing in a world that makes you want to throw up.  Normal.  So be with feeling.  Ride.  Pass through it.  See what new formations stand between.  Your abilities get a pass.  Think with excitement.  You can access anything now.  Say goodbye to all tools methodology.  Permission is granted. 


I notice I’m not going to be able to swim through the holidays under conditions I used to.  Food without life force feels dead to me.  And if I close my eyes the vision is toxic while it falls off the world.  It’s been all I can do to get through a day sometimes or segment of hours.  I surrender to that.  Exhaustion is important to be honored.  It isn’t as before either. The body doesn’t want or accept the same food.  Consider that is because from one dimension into another frequency isn’t the same.  Reactions are different.  


December.  Think about it.  Feel into it.  What haven’t you finished?  What haven’t you allowed to stop?  That’s different than poisoning yourself with a solid that won’t fit the new matrix of your body.  Try skipping into vision across the water of it.  You’ll be sure it’s going to break you.  Across time and distance and millennium you’ll stop.  Breathe.  What if it’s amazing?  The new you.  You’ll see the tired part of you like never before.  It will relax.  Don’t assume that any person or timeframe past that impact must be remembered.  Freeing like nothing experienced before or since will creep in.  Holding it would seem ridiculous.  But those pieces of eight graphs within the body will reside there.  Carefully painting elements into the anointed timeframes.  


I accept it for what it is, and release it to the past.




On a Programming Note:

As the time frequency changes and my guidance points as well, be aware that I may be drawn to channel or post here in the gateway without creating a notice on Facebook or via email.  I am working with new teams (both physically in the metaphysical community & non-physically speaking), and so you will be seeing changes in the website in the next couple of months.  My travel schedule will begin in February.  I anticipate that 2018 will include more in-person appearances, expanded options for private sessions, and I have already been invited in the Tacoma, Washington area to return to doing workshops for the public.


December and into the middle of January is an important time to do a final re-visit to subjects, relationships and people.  What is it time to finally change?  What would you like to be for the next incarnation and stepping stones for 2018?  The above channel is vibratory and we recommended that you take it into meditation. 




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There are a great many aspects, transits and calculations that can be analyzed in the application of astrology. And though we will at times point these out to you through posts and discussions, our primary goal is to assist you in plugging in to your own intuitive communication gateways for both in-the-moment navigation of your life as well as prediction. To work with some of the most visible energetics of each day, we recommend you pay attention to the sign the moon is in as well as the phase because the energy of the moon so greatly affects emotions and behaviors. We encourage you to note what sign the moon is in each day, the qualities of that sign, and then expand your awareness through those energies to feel the pull on humanity. Use the Current Astrology Chart provided above to view in-the-moment planets and the current sign they are in.

Aries - new impulses, pioneering, forward movement, spontaneous, energetic, physical. Negative side: anger, argumentative, forceful without balance or care.

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Gemini - active time for thinking and communications, reading, writing, learning, light-hearted, curious, seeking variety. Negative side: restless, over-thinking, cheating, flighty.

Cancer - The moon's natural sign. Nurturing, peaceful, quiet, domestic, seeking safety and the comforts of home. Negative side: clingy, emotional.

Leo - personal/inner focus, dramatic, attention-seeking, creative, risk-taking, generous contributions. Negative side: any of these positive elements can be demonstrated negatively.

Virgo - practical, detail-oriented, re-thinking, organizing, problem-solving, confident, health-focused. Negative: critical/judgment of others, etc.

Libra - seeking balance in all, diplomacy, more willing to compromise, less emotional, seeing all sides of a situation, working through issues, self-examination. Negative side: fear to take action, wanting to please everyone, needing the approval of others.

Scorpio - Intensity, passion, deeply personal emotions, desire to move deeply into things beyond the superficial, removal of old limiting habits and fears. Negative side: manipulative, suspicious, worrying, dwelling on things.

Sagittarius - Optimistic, truth-seeking, travel, higher education, physical activity, adventurous, pursuing new visions of the bigger picture without digging into details. Negative Side: over-doing things, exaggerating, winging it without planning to a detriment.

Capricorn - Structure, planning ahead, practical, resourceful, focused and motivated for long-term success, don't want to waste time, aware of challenges and limitations. Negative Side: depression over the perceived reality of situations.

Aquarius - Group goal assessment, focus on higher ideals, unusual solutions, more unemotional and impersonal, progressive, freedom-seeking, engaging in radical undertakings and social studies put into action. Negative side: blowing up the old while demanding the higher ideals without carefully laying the new foundation for future success.

Pisces - dreamy, sensitive, compassionate, mystical, intuitive, imaginative, metaphysical mergers, spiritual and inner development, music. Negative side: Pisces can be the mystic or the alcoholic, avoiding details, escapism.

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