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Much love to those of you who have been with me for many years; and welcome to those of you who are just joining us. I have worked in the area of Metaphysics for more than 25-years with students, practitioners and civilians in a variety of both public and private ways. Following my guide-team’s instruction, it’s time for the next evolution.  

The Dendera Gateway is open to all metaphysical practitioners rather than just subscribers.  This is an important time for us to gather together as a community, and I am honored to assist by providing access to guidance, forecasts, updates and instructions that come to me.  

The Gateway includes private channels from my nonphysical guide team; astrology to be aware of; and more.  As many of you know, I am both a healer and intuitive; so there is also an energy broadcast that will channel through when you read what is written here.  In many cases, I am instructed to share with you not only what is happening in the world, but specific information about how I used my abilities, connected to guidance and handled situations.  I  am incredibly practical and recognize that by sharing with you how I traversed a problem, it will give you keys, realizations and solutions to use in your own daily world to do the same.  You will notice that I walk surrounded by great assistance and amazing occurrences.  I hope that as you learn and grow from what is shared here, it will show you how much light is accessible to you in your daily world as well.

I hope that you will feel free to add comments to posts and share with each other.  This is a great forum to do this.  I encourage you to leap to the new Gateway Platform, bookmark the page to check frequently for new posts, conversations, and then you can always return here to reference the tracking modules provided that give you up-to-date information on planetary alignments, quick reference definitions, astrology, and a way to maintain your global awareness.  I also recomment that you sign up for both email and Facebook communication methods which will have unique new information and special offers of their own at times.  I will be flowing with the faster pace in 2020 and beyond, and leaving it to each of you to keep u if you would like to share in the adventure!

I look forward to continuing the journey with you.
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the Dendera Gateway has a new Platform

by Aleiya Hunter on 12/14/19

We are excited that the Dendera Gateway has a fantastic new expanded platform! Make the jump with us and set your bookmark to:

Calming Your Central Nervous System & Lowering Anxiety Will Be the Key To Clarity In the Months to Come ~

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/11/18

Many sensitives are experiencing heightened anxiety as they try to navigate daily life these days. Did you know that when you watch a movie or television program that includes violence, terrifying images, suspenseful music and loud noises that your central nervous system takes a direct impact and your body/subconscious doesn’t know the situation isn’t real?  This causes increased exhaustion of your adrenal glands and a host of other undercurrent symptoms in your physical, mental and emotional health.  As a sensitive, this is something to consider as violence in “entertainment,” especially against women, is now a primary and acceptable part of themes and storylines.  Fear is also being purposely amplified and broadcast across the earth plane as a control mechanism, and Barbara Marciniak gives us an in-depth view of this in her book “Bringers of the Dawn.”

So, we encourage you to try an experiment.

Pick out some relaxing fiction books without any horror in the storylines.  Make sure the story isn’t “pressing your anxiety buttons,” or is any kind of educational text book that requires too much thought, or is stressful to you in any way.  Select a book that takes you to a magical positive place, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, and includes characters who walk with honor and kindness. Give yourself happy journeys and endings. As a lightworker, you often forget how multi-dimensional you are. When you read a book you literally transport yourself into a different world and actual alternate plane of existence and reality. 

If you’re reading a physical book vs. digital, consider purchasing a new copy rather than visiting a library or handling a used copy. Remember you’re an intuitive sensitive so anywhere that book has traveled, and whoever sat and held it prior to you, has left their stress and energy imprint on it from wherever it has been!  If you enjoy reading electronic books, be sure to turn off all email or other notifications that might pop up on your device, so you’ll be uninterrupted.  The goal is to turn off all stress and multi-tasking for a few hours each day and immerse yourself in a relaxing book. And if you can do this before bedtime, all the better.  This dials-down your central nervous system on multiple levels as you immerse yourself in reading.  Even your breathing will calm down and your mind will be engaged on a different level that encourages increased peace, which is the path to joy.

Then, in the evening before bedtime or on the weekend, read these books in a quiet corner uninterrupted by distractions or work or noise for a couple hours each day.  Do this for 4-5 days instead of watching television or movies.  Pay attention to how you’re feeling and what you will notice is that your anxiety levels will be down and your sense of optimism and calm will be amplified.  This also amplifies your level of peace and sense of well-being as you go through your normal days, allowing you to “hear” your intuition more clearly for important decision-making.  And if you find you have great resistance to sitting quietly and immersing yourself in reading like this; that can be a sure sign that your level of negative hypervigilance is extremely high and a part of you feels unsafe to remove your attention from the room and world around you.  This type of PTSD that comes from emotional or physical traumatic events needs to be addressed or it will drain the body leading to incredible fatigue and other issues.

In truth, for many of us, our central nervous systems now need very direct self-care and attention.  It’s up to each of us to find tools and solutions to place ourselves in the greatest balance and nurturing if we wish to be channels for increased light, love and solutions on the earth plane in the months and years to come.


Energy-Astrology Forecast & Formula for September thru 2018 Year-end

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/04/18

In the last month or so we have had the vast majority of planets and their energies that surround us in retrograde.  As those planets now shift into direct profiles, it’s good to understand the “gifts” they handed us, though for the encounters themselves, many of us might cringe at the thought of calling them that.  The deepening of energies required us to directly face some things from our past.  And you can count those elements as coming from not just this lifetime, but from the echoes of past lifetimes as well.  Time moving in a spiral always brings back these opportunities for encounter, finale and healing.  Again, when expanded on the canvas of many of our lives over the last 12-months, it may have left you feeling bottomed-out.  There is so much shock on our consciousness now from global events, interactions and realizations; that the combined overwhelm can make dealing with one personal issue feel incredibly more daunting than it would have 7-10 years ago. So, what to do with all of that now…?

Mars going direct in the last week can be seen as the ambassador for a discussion that includes September and the rest of 2018.  Through what may have seemed like a never-ending trend of shocking upheavals and life changes that were required of you, there will now be light peeking through and you will have a definite “Christmas morning” feeling.  These moments of enthusiasm and excited anticipation will come in a flash and without you being able to put your finger on what is causing it.  You might assign it to something you saw or did, or the fact that the year-end holidays are approaching, but it’s good to realize that you are tuning in to the higher vibrations at play on the planet.  It’s equally as important to allow them to come and go without expectation or assignment.  You are learning to re-calibrate to a new pattern and different frequencies.  And this can be a full-contact sport that requires absolute dedication to stopping and resting frequently.  You might have been able to push through 50+ hour work weeks and family stuff in “the good old days” while conveniently compartmentalizing a relationship issue or putting off dealing with subtle health issues; but that’s not going to work anymore.  And that is also the good news if you realize how it connects to the last potentially shocking and difficult 12-months.

If you clairvoyantly and energetically look at this most recent of extended time period and the pattern inherent in it for lightworkers, it’s good to recognize that we couldn’t take the last of this darkness with us.  Many of us consciously hold the goal of “ascension” to the highest capacity to channel and hold light in physical form on the earth plane.  I’m not a fan of the “bottoming-out” that many of us have felt and experienced in the last year (and some still ongoing); but we also know that in the middle of this giant “experiment” on earth to raise the vibration of everything possible, the last of the big stuff has got to go.  We know that holding on to narcissistic partners and rancid or even subtly abusive relationships can’t continue.  Chemicals in the body and food patterns will hold us back or increase to full-blown health crisis.  Past life timelines crashing together in the subconscious are surfacing to be dealt with.  The point of all of this in large part is that our decision now and opportunity is to claim our body and space.  If we want to walk the earth as balanced, peaceful, powerful healers, then it’s not an option to ignore the dark parts and negative pieces in our energy, bodies, behaviors and homes.  No matter how well-meaning our justifications may be.  The law of attraction is simple and scientific.  Like attracts like.  The planet raises her vibration with the assistance of those working with the light of the universe to kick the darkness out.  If you want to go with her to the new planes of more peaceful existence offered, even through the chaos that will continue, then the pieces of ourselves that don’t fit the new light pattern will need to be left behind.  Now let’s talk about a formula for this month and the rest of the year to do that in practical application.

Energy ups and downs will mix in strong peaks and valleys; and it’s good to remember that this isn’t all about you.  The earth plane is a war zone right now as the light and love flood in and the darkness does what it can to try to hold on to control.  This means that sometimes the wave of nausea you feel or fear may or may not be your own.  It also means that what might have been a simple concern within you can be amplified to a frightening and gut-retching panic attack.  Get it into your pattern to do a “full stop” at any point in your day to deploy self-care.  Arrange your world with “safety corners.”  A comfortable chair surrounded by crystals to “hug” yourself for a few minutes.  Turn off the fluorescent lights in your office and bring in softer lighting lamps.  Put a salt lamp where your intuition guides you to in your office or home.  Take the time to put a guided meditation or high-vibrational music on your phone that can be pulled out at a moments notice.  This isn’t about everyone finding the time to take week-long yoga retreats anymore.  This is pointedly about recognizing what being and acting as a light warrior really means now.  Similar to a military-trained Navy Seal that has taken the time for intense training; much as we have similarly done in our own metaphysical mastery; it’s good to remember that they carry a go-bag, and then gear with them for every mission.  So, no matter what comes up they are ready to travel, respond, defend themselves.  They know it takes mental and emotional calm under fire to make decisions.  And metaphysical practitioners are now experiencing nothing short of battlefield live-fire and impacts from all directions.  This is why it’s not all solved with a casual weekend retreat option anymore.  It’s quick use of meditation; kinesiology for in-the-moment higher self-connectivity for decision-making; complete ending to negative patterns such as relationships, emotional eating, and other symptoms of anxiety.

Besides the obvious things such as health, job, or relationship issues, it’s worth noting how the undercurrent behavior patterns are being literally forced into focus and ending in the last 15-months.  One huge example is a requirement to break the “Action-thru-Anxiety” patterns.  This is any time we react or set a plan in motion while running anxiety and fear as the unspoken or unacknowledged actual base reason behind it.  We do it because we think we must.  And being forced into a ‘full stop” in any area may have been necessary to dial-down a lightworker who is intensely mission-based.  Many of us have an incredible list of abilities and past life crossovers as mystics, healers, scientists and more.  Our dedication when mixed into the human necessity of linear time and the heightened fear levels on this planet can take us sideways.  Though our intent is pure to uplift and assist, the toll that continually throwing ourselves into the next project, job or plan from our visioning has been taking on us, is also something that needs to be changed.  And with so much to do in our lives, exhaustion can blind us in knowing how to slam on the brakes.  Especially since 2016 when we have become more aware than ever of the things on the planet that need new solutions.

All of this is being pointed out to you to give you a wider viewpoint as to some of the reasons why you have been encountering such potentially shocking hardship.  Consider that a full-stop was the only way your soul could get your full attention and bring an absolute halt to break the action-thru-anxiety momentum each of us was likely running.  And now the formula is also very direct.

  • Be ready, willing, and able to come to a full-stop at any moment, even if it is for 10-minutes.
  • Put the safe-corners in place to deploy immediate self-care. This may include assistance with childcare. The ingredients always in the refrigerator (or your purse, car, etc.) for a truly organic fruit smoothie once per day or healthy sugar as-needed. 
  • One room in your house or chair that is dedicated to total peace, meditation or to simply sit and release your emotion. 
  • Guided meditation on your phone. 
  • Uplifting music to listen to via headphones or in the car or office. 
  • Extra crystals on the perimeter walls of your house. 
  • Art store supplies of paint or markers or colored pencils to use to channel and shift energy with through color and creativity. 

Yes… if you are going to stay here and you want the “hell,” overwhelm, noise and chaos to be replaced with peace and the ability to see clearly what the universe and your higher self is telling you is the very next step to get out of the woods so-to-speak, then you’re going to have to put your mission into a new perspective and methodology for taking action.  No giant expectations or plans that include the next 200 steps you intend to take.  You’re going to have to surrender to in-the-moment absolute flow in the next few months and beyond.  Stop, listen, take just one step as guided.  Then try the next one.  Be ready to listen, hear, and course-correct.  Be willing to wait it out for an extra day to re-balance and release pain and listen again.  It will be faster and you will be supported.  You are well past being able to tell yourself a situation or avoidance is healthy when it’s really procrastination.  But you also are required to stop instantly and rest for 10-minutes, an hour, or a weekend.  You wanted to be in a higher vibration with greater intuitive ability and capability to merge with the new earth.  Well, this is the battlefield we’ve chosen.  And this is how to navigate it. ___________________________________________________

It's Time to Take Control of the Energies you Agree to Carry

by Aleiya Hunter on 08/01/18

As a sensitive, it’s important to consider the daily build-up of energy that accumulates around you.  If you interact with other people in any way, there will be an exchange of energetics between you.  When you sleep at night and journey, you open dimensional gateways, travel through the intensity of the astral plane, and more.  This means that not only does the residue cling to you, but also your clothing.  It might sound like a small thing when you wear a shirt two days in a row because you “didn’t really get it dirty,” but that’s not the truth.  As an empath, channel and lightworker you run tremendous energy through and around you.  Both negative emotion and millions of thought patterns should be thrown in the laundry as the primary reason you wash them.  It’s important to consider not wearing the same clothing two days in a row without washing it. And it’s critical for bed sheets to be changed and washed every 5-6 days. Even more frequently if you are having difficulty sleeping or are aware that you are processing difficult issues or emotions. 

This principle also applies to deciding if you really want to take all of the energy, issues, emotions; from your own life as well as the drama of others; and more that you encountered during a stressful day to bed with you at night.  Taking a shower at the end of the day as part of your relaxation practice and self-care can give you a clearing of those things rather than add them to the challenges to deal with as you try to rest.  This can be followed by another practice of washing your hair in the morning in the sink to clear the dreamtime before heading into your day.

Water is a powerful clearing element.  But there are many other ways you can choose to attend to shifting your own energy throughout the day.  We recommend deploying the most environmentally-friendly methods such as using non-toxic/chemical and perfume-free detergents; using water conservation practices; wool dryer balls instead of chemical dryer sheets; etc.  Then explore into additional options.  Music; organic essential oil aromatherapy in a diffuser; dusting the house; sit with your feet in a warm basin of water with epsom salt; or deliberately clearing your own aura in meditation are just a few.  Follow your own intuition for self-care, and we invite you to share some of the wonderful methods that work for you in the comments below.

These things are pointed out to you because they are simple solutions to bring you much greater sustained peace; and it’s a part of your mastery journey to have true awareness of the energetic world you reside in.


Astrology & Energy Forecast for Entry into August & a new Symmetry for Decision-making

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/30/18

August will feel a bit like you’re in a rushing river holding on to a log so not to be swept away, but instead of giving in to the fear of the appearances and rush of energetic changes around you, this will be the perfect time to settle in to an awareness of your actual safety and new “beingness.”  The fear-based news that is constantly fired at you from all directions on the earth plane taught you to constantly look at every situation like it’s an impending disaster. But instead of grasping and assuming you are actually in a malevolent and life-threatening situation, stop and breathe and count to three.  Because you’re going to discover that 9 out of 10 times it’s a lie.  The rushing river you thought would drown you suddenly comes into focus and you realize your participation dictates the balance of power you have.  The raging rapids are a war that can be in everyone else’s world, while you slow down and extract the pieces of honest wonder and opportunity.  This will be the actual gift of August.

The month will start off with Mars (the god of war) in Opposition to Uranus (upheaval and shocking events).  So, this will be a day not to participate in arguments.  As soon as you feel the frustration or anger building in the room or interaction (and as a sensitive your super powers will alert you), bring an end to your participation.  Trying to act in the role of an empath and healer to bring calm, peace and logic to the situation will not bring a positive outcome.  Anger and rage simply look for a target.  And mercury retrograde will additionally bring difficulty in understanding communications, which will not lend assistance to encounters.

If anything, a round of release of building anger at the beginning of August will point the way to building the positive new foundation of considering how you would like to move within creativity and complex situations.  Mercury retrograde gives you the positive emphasis to go within and the rewards for doing so.  Fear isn’t the dictate that can lead your every emotion now if you would like to begin something new.  Research begins the positive waiting game during a month that isn’t about leaping and launching new projects or signing contracts.  The building blocks to weaving your inspiration can be journaled and diagramed or put up on a dream board.  It’s your responsibility now to realize that patience is your best friend.  In the past every inspiration or opportunity was grabbed and implemented as quickly as possible because the feel-good elements within it screamed out as the solution.  But how many times in the past have you grabbed and launched only to find it was a “mixed manifestation” …?  This is because we were tripping on ourselves to hope that things would deliver us beyond our fears.  We looked and demanded for “end point” solutions.  Where enough would be enough and the world would get easier because we were finally living our dream.  But that’s not how manifestation works.  It’s in percentages.  The percentage of joy inherent in your decision dictates the quantity of positive solution you will have in the results.  And vice versa, the percentage of fear you are holding in your intent and aura will deliver itself to you as well.

So, what does that mean for how to handle decision-making now? The same formula of percentages applies, but the energies of the next twelve to fifteen months give you a platform that is ready for you to be strong enough to evaluate creative or other life opportunities differently.  Your mastery is available to you in greater degrees.  You will have the absolute choice to hold ideas and potential impulses and opportunities in your energy field and let them build and shift until they burn off the fear and build in the heightened support and positive elements.  It’s time to stop blindly leaping, recognize your percentage of fear in each decision, and then call in the next level of puzzle pieces that will fit most perfectly. This will also cause the old fear-based patterning that was in your system to lose its power.  

It’s time for a new symmetry in decision-making.

Download the free Decision-Making Guarantee worksheet to use as a starting-point to expand your self-awareness and see how to predict the outcomes of your own decisions.


Combined Astrology & Energy Forecast for the July-August Eclipses

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/26/18

This week brings a tangled and implosive full moon and full lunar eclipse combination on July 27th, a date that numerologically-speaking will insist on endings and completion.  Anybody remember the “knife” from the August 2017 full solar eclipse that cut a path of darkness across the United States?  For sensitives and intuitives who experienced it under the direct line of that shadows path, the impact for some wasn’t just another astrological event.  It was both psychically and physically shocking and painful.  We knew it had everything to do with the start of a darkness that would surface and fight for dominance and control through fear in the months to come. The United States would become more divided, and anger would be incited as needed to keep people worldwide in fear.  But in all the intensity forecasted and let loose in the energetics, these events also bring the necessary impacts to tear down long-maintained barriers of concealed control mechanisms, deceit and corruption. 

This full eclipse-full moon combination occurs at the turning of mercury to retrograde, bringing with it explosive outcomes and behaviors.  Mercury makes communication confusing while at the same time it demands a review and revision.  Relationships and situations can come down easy and with mutual respect and caring, or they can come down hard in anger and shocking revelations. This particular eclipse will cut a path directly across the heart of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and China.  Mars (the planet of war) will also be in direct opposition on this day - July 27th as it nears a 15-year close approach to earth.  

Great care should be taken this week to stay calm in shocking conversations and interactions.  Or, if the issue isn’t your own, step back and out of the fight.  If you have allowed a negative pattern or situation to continue that you knew had to come to an end, then this week and the coming months might require a recalculation, departure or ending that will need your attention.  Another partial solar eclipse will arrive August 11th to cut across the planet over Russia, China and North Korea regions.  But regardless of your location, the energetic effects will reverberate globally.


Eclipses, Human Impacts, and how to use the Energetics for new Protective Boundaries

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/24/18

This week it’s another full moon total lunar eclipse, the second eclipse in a 3-part series that you might find unsettling at best, and shocking in its delivery of life-altering events and interactions at the worst.  And added to the agenda this week, we will start the fun of another 3-week mercury retrograde period.  Since my sarcasm in ironic settings is frequently the key to my sanity and survival, I will tell you that it brings to mind watching the movie Speed at the point where Keanu Reaves announces to Sandra Bullock that they are now leaking fuel, which will bring them to a point where they can’t hurdle through space anymore resulting in them being blown up faster by the bomb strapped to the bottom of the bus. 

“What?!  Because you felt you needed another challenge?!?!!”

Yep.  It does sort of feel that way these days doesn’t it…?

My go-to reaction to seeing these regular new astrology elements on the calendar is now frequently…“Oh god…what now…??”

But all negative viewpoints and pessimism aside, it’s critical now to make decisions carefully.  I’ve noticed in the steady stream of recommendations from the non-physical Guides that the over-arching theme is disappointing to me.  I thought, as many of you probably did, that at this point on the earth plane we would be joyfully using our superpowers to save the world.  At the very least we would be ambassadors to the revealing of our amazing galactic partners and setting up the new earth.  Instead, some of us have intensified our own internal purging of darkness thru physical or energetic illness.  (Nothing like standing in the hurricane to use the 165mph winds to kick the crap out of what needs to be removed from our lives and energetics…right?) 

And what IS that subtle theme now coming thru from the Guides…? 

They’re just trying to keep us alive.  

Or maybe I should phrase that in the other direction.  They are dialing us down to focus on the microcosm simplest-equation solutions in our immediate environment to keep us as mentally, emotionally and physically stable as possible with the goal of hoping that as many of us as possible will be willing to stay in physical incarnation.

I’m sure that sounds pretty suicidal, but I’m not above laying out the elements to speak of as much reality as I’m aware of so it can be decided upon and dealt with.  The truth is, that if we can keep our balance, whether we are capable of engaging in any direct physical interaction with the humans or not, just our continuing presence in physical form acts as a point-of-light channel onto the earth plane. Which I can see is incredibly important right now.  In my angriest moments while watching badly behaved humans, or taking note of the fear-and-control agendas at war on the planet, I default to two thoughts.  That the Universal Law of 3-fold return is going to take care of justice; and that my continuing presence here alone is screwing up those darker agendas ability to succeed.  So, let’s talk about how to specifically address setting up the new protective boundaries in real-time to buy you some time and maybe even plug you into some peace.

One of the most frustrating things about the faster manifestation now possible, is that when you add it to our stronger abilities as channels it has a more direct, quicker and stronger effect, (especially if you’ve had metaphysical training and awareness).  I relocated into what should have been my dream house last year, built just for me with no prior homeowner energetics to battle.  I had plenty of money and freedom of work schedule.  And it’s been an 18-month nightmare.  Yes, the house is beautiful.  And yes, I have more sanity and comfort in it today now that I’ve worked through an insane quantity of builder issues.  But the trauma went beyond that.  Apparently, as I was running the plays to relocate, move in, etc., my subconscious was bottoming-out in both current and past life devastation over my disappointment in the bad behavior of humans. Especially human males.  And the result?  I manifested every imaginable (and unimaginable) scenario of bad workmanship, installation and behavior possible.  Subcontractors were lazy and sealed their lunch garbage up in my living room walls including rotten hamburger meat and coffee with rancid milk in it.  The smell was so bad it required all the walls of the living room be ripped out and rebuilt over another month after I moved in.  Bad flooring, lack of insulation, tools hanging out/stuck in the dryer vent, the fence falling completely down twice, the install of the generator taking 6-months instead of 4 days and destroying my new furnace, etc.  It was a level of negative manifestation and insanity that nearly broke me mentally and emotionally.  And again, what was the reason…?

I was “burning off” and grounding my devastating disappointment in humans.  Awesome.  Good to know after the fact, right???  If there is any good news in that discussion, it’s the fact that once I BROUGHT that realization to my conscious awareness, I started attracting real solutions and better subcontractors.  It’s a devastating lesson I share in the hopes of assisting any of you who might be facing this subconscious depression so you can journal it out and allow it to pass through with less physical impact.

On the outside of the equation, even if you’re not dealing with trying to live in the middle of an actual construction zone, it’s critical to give you some keys to install a new set of protections in your current environments. In fact, the entire earth plane is one giant war zone – construction zone right now and will continue to escalate in the years to come.  So it’s good to keep in mind that while some protective mechanisms are the equivalent to building a physical fortress on the earth plane, others require you to recognize that your reactions to certain things can slam back into you with greater negative impact.  Here’s the part where we go way beyond, yet combine, everything you’ve ever even touched on for feng shui, energetic protection, astrological awareness and so much more.


Time to Air-Gap your World

Do you know what an “air-gapped” computer is…?  It may seem an unrealistic example of anything achievable for your life or setting up your environment, but it’s an important concept to hold onto and aim at as you deploy the tools and practices for installing protections now.  And air-gapped computer is not attached to the network.  It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or the internet or any other computer with the exception of the data entered into it by it’s owner.  And I’m going to give you just a few of the actual ways I have been able to successfully and appropriately deploy that concept for my physical home, as well as my life.

For starters, let me just say that we can minimize certain interactions, but unless you live completely off-the-grid in the wilderness, you’re going to have to deal with people and situations.  But it’s how and when to engage that’s the point.  After 18-months of kissing the builder’s ass to survive, and sweet talk him into fixing things while his bad behavior has him ignoring everyone else, has been both tricky and frustrating.  I finally ended my nice-ness campaign and slammed into him with a legal email last week that if he was going to continue to illegally start heavy/noisy contracting work before 7am, then I was going to start filing police reports.  I asked for courtesy and gave him more than a dozen chances to be a good person.  But we all know how that goes.  If you have to explain to someone how to be a caring individual beyond self-centeredness and money, then there is no battle to be won. 

He naturally took my notice badly.  And at 6:15am this morning the construction noise woke me up, and I’m sure the whole neighborhood as well.  I was going to reach for the phone and start the police report process when I stopped myself.  Anger, depression, sadness, and exhaustion filled me.  As a warrior I have frequently been the first (and only) person willing to stand up.  And this was about to be the same scenario.  A hundred neighbors and no one willing to stand up to the builder but me, even though they are frustrated by the noise and complain about it endlessly in private.  What stopped me this morning, was the greater awareness that is worth remembering in your current daily life and decision-making agenda.  Not only are we about to get hit with another god-knows-what impact of full moon plus full lunar eclipse which brings to the surface shocking news and scenarios playing out; but the current human pattern is to lash out in violence.  Just watch the news or notice how people are treating each other right now.  The truth of my realization this morning as I laid in bed, is that my desire for justice isn’t as strong as my awareness that I’m surrounded by unstable male animals.  Anger barely seething beneath the surface looks for a target in these unconscious and uneducated humans.  Even if it wasn’t a full moon eclipse.  The bigger truth is that lots of these humans exhibiting incredibly bad behavior are going to get to experience the impact of that darkness hitting them in the face.  Now.  Or soon.  We knew it would come to this on the earth plane now in these potential timelines.  They would have to be taken out by their own darkness and energy impacts returning to them like a boomerang.  Yes, I’m seriously dealing with the same disappointments, anger, sadness and more as any sensitive person trying to tread water right now in the middle of the ocean during a typhoon so-to-speak.  But I had to be smart enough and careful enough this morning to dial it down and pull back for my own protection.  This is the earth plane.  A free-will-free-choice-zone.  That means you can incite any riot or fight or participate in any negative-pattern behavior you want to.  Your non-physical guides and guidance will be ever-present but they have to let you do it the hard way if that’s your choice.  Which brings us to providing a few keys to “air-gap” your home to increase your ability to maintain any sort of stable mental and emotional environment for your sanity, as much as your protection.

The earth plane is now a full-contact sport.  Gone are the days of leisurely engaging and gently floating around in circumstances with an option to take time off.  So that “time off” is something you will have to demand.  And it’s not just a scheduling-thing.  It’s more like setting up a fortress in an epic Lord of the Rings battle. 

One of the terrible elements of my new house included a nightmare backyard.  Small though it was, the ground seethed with toxicity and the rancid smell of the fill dirt made of  clay and rock where the sod wouldn’t even grow as it pooled water.  It was so bad, that I literally couldn’t look out the window or go out on the back patio without fighting not to throw up.  And in the middle of my current pattern of attracting disappointing male humans with bad energy, narcissistic behavior trying to take advantage of me by overcharging on top of that, I was stuck figuring out how to deal with the situation.  I realized that though it would be hugely difficult for me physically while dealing with other health issues, it was going to take my hands and channeled energy to fix it.  And I did.  I carried by hand the 1,500 pounds of beautiful mixed color gravel and mica flagstones that gleam in the sunshine.  I layed a black barrier on the ground and had to cover half the backyard in artistic mulch before installing heavy wall blocks and a gorgeous raised corner planter overflowing with flowers.  The difference in the backyard was a shocking change and huge resulting success.  I “claimed” the space energetically, pushed back the darkness, and did what needed to be done.  The stones laid with my own hands put the strength of the light around my house.  A strategic part of the defensive barriers that then need to be regularly reinforced by my presence and deliberate attention.  It’s important to remember that energy moves.  It literally ebbs and flows and breathes.  It takes time to build and weave around the environment.  This new garden isn’t an instant ticket to it always feeling good out there.  I still have to listen acutely to the daily warnings when to step out of the house or not.  Which brings us to the facts about how to engage from the inside of your house.

“Don’t push back against it.”

These are words from the Guides that should be written on a piece of paper and posted on your refrigerator as a reminder.  When overwhelmed and angry about the bad builder issues in my new house and the intense feeling of claustrophobia the situation was giving me, it was easy to explode.  Daily.  But it’s good for any sensitive with metaphysical training to remember that all that power you contain and channel can just as easily divert subconsciously into making your life MUCH more difficult.  We focus on our frustration and anger builds.  Then the universal law of attraction kicks in and increases rather than decreases your problem.  I’m not saying to take the path of not standing up and speaking up for yourself on any level.  Believe me I’m not.  But use of our super powers is tricky right now.  I find myself angry and sad these days…. a lot.  So, I put that energy into solutions implementation and learned quite a few new tools to deploy.


Air & energy flow – creating a controlled environment

No matter whether you live in a beautiful countryside, a city, or a subdivision in the suburbs, it was shocking to me the difference it made when I shut off the outside air flow system to the house.  In the attic there was an option for the air circulation system (both furnace and air-conditioning), that allowed me to switch to all internal recirculating air rather than a mix.  If I wanted fresh air into the house it’s easy enough to open a window in any room.  But what I didn’t realize was how much negative energy was coming in with that outside air.  Every time the air system turned on I was bracing for impact.  Sometimes it was obvious that it was bringing in smoke from area wildfires or other bad neighborhood smells.  But other times I just couldn’t quite put my finger on why my house was a hell-zone where I couldn’t get comfortable.  Not until I switched the outside air flow OFF.


Using Crystals on the Perimeter

I’ve always been aware of the use of crystals for increasing positive energy flow.  I guess I’ve just never encountered a combination of impacts and negative energetics as we face on the earth plane today.  There are, of course, the regular list of things like energy from neighbors and community that hit you.  And part of my current stress is almost 2-years of intense construction digging up the ground and creating disturbance within nature as well as the noise and house shaking from heavy equipment.  But the Guides provided information that the protection level inside the house would improve for me the more I placed crystals along the walls and windows.  So, I set about figuring out how to do that in quantity and with the appropriate types of crystals.  As you may know, they are all very different.  I made the mistake of putting a line of rose quartz crystals along my fence line facing a mentally disturbed neighbor at my last property.  The result was that the “love” vibration made him go even more bananas in trying to get my attention, and he was attracted to my energy rather than repelled, as I would have preferred.  I would catch him standing in the street just staring up at my house at 11:30pm at night like a zombie.  As a result of that past response, I knew that this time I wanted to use whatever crystals would repel the “vampire minions.”  Not  draw them to me for some sort of group hug. 

The answer at my current house is a mix in various rooms since I have quite a collection, but the “barrier” crystals I use along walls, on windowsills, and in the four corners are black tourmaline and selenite.  The tourmaline repels negative energy with impunity and the selenite does that also, plus calms the environment in any room helping me to be more peaceful.  I have more to add and will constantly monitor for other things needed, but I strongly recommend these two for your primary foundation.  And the good news is that you can buy them both in bulk very inexpensively on Amazon.

Stop letting them into your “Home”

I’m amazed that it continues to be a mystery to many people that their close personal environment isn’t something they protect from negative people in their lives.  Believe me, I’m not being judgmental or bitchy.  I have incredible compassion and understanding for how difficult it is to walk away from toxic relationships.  Many of those people who are exhibiting those bad behaviors may be long-term close friends and family members.  And in the dance of society there are a million reasons not to end things or walk away.  We don’t want to feel even more lonely that we already struggle with on this planet.  But if you’re going to go to all the trouble to put up excellent protective boundaries, ask yourself how insane it is to go to all that work only to then open the front door and invite the vampires directly into the house. 

In the bigger picture here, if you’re reading this, your knowingness has kicked in about the positive assistance you’re potentially giving the universe in service just by staying alive and in physical form right now.  And as a sensitive, it’s not always easy.  So, putting an end to the insanity of abuse inflicted on you via close relationships might rate as one of the most important priorities you should consider attending to.  And make no mistake, your “personal environment and home” is YOU.  

This year marks a huge decision I made to completely cut off and end my relationship with my only sibling.  He was the last family member I still interacted with.  I had justified keeping the contact in a hundred ways since we weren’t in any kind of actual fight or drama.  What I didn’t realize, was the incredible psychic-vampire link he was inflicting on me even long distance in between his narcissistic yet charismatic abusive behavior patterns.  And just like the amazing result from turning off the outside air flow to my new house; I nearly fell to my knees in relief as the result was so mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically positive to stop my brother from having any further connection to me.

My guess would be that many of you are having some of the same struggles as I’m encountering in maintaining your life and sanity.  It comes down to taking new and careful action.  It’s important to recognize the reactions from the badly-behaved humans around you can quickly be amplified.  There are days when speaking out is fine, and there are days when you have to know that there are moments better used for self-care.  Allowing the insanity to carry on outside your doorstep rather than invite it into your environment.  We talk regularly about using a guided meditation sound-healing audio to raise your vibration, but don’t be afraid to take extra time going beyond trying to “do” something to “fix it”.  Sometimes one of the best things you can do is to get completely out of the way.  No action, no judgement, taking a break from all connectivity to the situation.  In the last few weeks I’ve accomplished this by immersing myself in reading fiction books.  I carefully select the ones with a story line that includes characters with positive behaviors who support each other and work as a team to fight battles and behave as a truly loving family.  As any high-level mystic will tell you, these storylines in books are actual realities and interactions based in alternate universes that you cross over into while engaged with them.  A place where we can get embraced and supported and spoken to through the text.  We can use these other places to rest awhile until standing back up in the current life path is an option.  I’ve found that a great deal of use of us on timelines is literally to just mark the time.  We just have to hold on to something and let the storm surge pass.


Signs, Symbols, World Leaders and the Visibility of Intent

by Aleiya Hunter on 07/16/18

It’s the 16th of the month.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are meeting in Finland. 

To be clear, this is not a “historic” meeting.  Though that may be the public relations & advertising spin put on it.  All woo-woo discussions aside, if you want to have a “back stage pass” to level out the world, then the place to put your focus is on intent and vibration.  It rules beyond any governing manipulation. Intent is something that can be easily “read” in people and situations.  It determines a person’s motivation and forecasts their behavior.  Whether you are looking at a world leader, or someone you know in your personal life, you can clear the room of all the extra noise to see the situation clearly, know how decisions are being made and why.  Then from there, you can assess what the best path is for yourself. 


As I walked into the hotel room I noted the room number on the way in and cringed.  It would have to be changed.  Years of understanding in the sciences of numerology, vibration, astrology and beyond gives me a clear awareness of how to navigate the earth plane under very specific conditions.  My confirmation came through psychically, and unease grew as I entered the room behind my bodyguard.  He was a professional in the security field and his resume included personal protection agent to international diplomats.  I had chosen him for this business trip and meetings not only for his background, but because I knew that Mexico isn’t a part of the world that you naively wander through like a tourist.  It’s basically a “narco state” where drug cartels and violence rule, and the kidnapping of wealthy foreigners for ransom is an industry.  Now, as I reached out with my senses, I felt the walls of the 5-star resort room vibrate with violence and darkness.  Not exactly easy to describe to my personal protection agent who didn’t have a metaphysical bone in his body.  None that he consciously acknowledged or had any training in the use of anyway.  We were both extremely tired from the stress of the days travel, and I would have to convince him somehow, in his terminology and reasoning, why he needed to go back down to the front desk and have me switched to a different room.  I landed on the obvious and it put him in motion.  Our rooms needed to next to each other for him to do his job, not on different floors. 


Though we were VIP guests of the owner, the staff was very clearly resentful, angry and difficult to deal with.  It took him longer that it should have to return.  I could tell he still wasn’t happy or convinced I didn’t have an over-active imagination when I had also explained that in additional to the logical security risk, I wouldn’t stay in a “16” room.  He had made sure, rather begrudgingly, that my “superstition” was accounted for and the next room number different.  It took me a few minutes to repack things for the move to another room.  “Forget the fact that you think I’m just being ridiculously superstitious,” I said to him.  “Walk around this room and tell me what you see and feel.”  My suggestion visibly snapped him out of his frustrated mental state, and he did as I asked. Alpha males will predictably rise to meet a challenge to their abilities or training.  More than anything to humor me I’m certain, but he did have awareness levels or I wouldn’t have selected him.  So, I dared him to deploy his security skills at the very least.  It took him less that a minute for his demeanor and attitude to change.  His jaw set and face grew pale as if he’d seen a ghost. Realization dawned beyond noting that the door jam looked like at some point it had been kicked in. 

“I think something bad happened here,” he whispered, “…you can’t stay in this room.”

And my point was made.




Knowing and feeling in a room isn’t reserved for high functioning, trained intuitives and psychics.  We just happen to know that it’s the most important piece of the entire matrix for interaction and decision-making.  The truth is, everyone is capable of accessing levels of information fed through channels of impact, energy currents, telepathy and beyond.  It makes it absolutely possible to watch someone on TV and filter out the charisma to what else happens when they speak and gesture and think.  I’m frequently exhausted by the exercise as an open psychic.  It’s why I can’t spend any real time anymore with people who live a ‘surface life’ jumping from mindless repetition in action and participation.  They are so unconscious, that it boggles the mind.  No, I’m not being judgmental.  Yes, everyone is exactly where they are “supposed to be to perfectly learn and experience whatever their soul + personality/ego combo has laid out for them as an educational plan.”  Yep, I read all the metaphysical books, too.  Universal Law takes care handling the balance of duality encased in the earth plane of incarnation.  But we are in a serious storm-zone now so-to-speak as the light and higher vibrational frequencies increase and the darkness that wants to maintain control uses every fear-based tool in it’s arsenal to keep us uncertain, afraid, distracted and disempowered.  But before I outline a few things about the intuitive awareness I have about world events, let me underline who and what I am again.


I am not political.  Not in any way, shape or form.  It is an irrelevant construct to me.  I am galactic.  I look down at the planet and watch the energy move and shift. I don’t know most of the definitions or details about someone who would label themselves as liberal, republican, democrat, right-leaning, left-leaning or even proclamations of nationalism.  Not because I’m not intelligent enough to take those definitions down to the last detail of understanding if I wanted to, but because to me it’s all just the ancestry, genetics, learned behavior, and duality made manifest.  I take note of the signs and information that comes to me and sift through it as needed.  I care about an individual or organization’s intentions and behavior. Period. There are days I’m in as much distress, shock, overwhelm and grief as anyone.  It comes on in waves that can take us by surprise.  Though I am a warrior, how anyone can deliberately hurt another person or creature is beyond my core comprehension.  It’s nice to be able to say “well, just stop watching the news…”  But there is no way to completely unplug when my mission on the earth plane requires participation, assistance and translation.  If you’re reading this you are participating.  Family members; exchange of currency; interactions with other humans; food bought at a grocery store; you own or rent something like a car or home; contracts exist.  


Everyone, without exception, is getting hit with the energies moving in waves across the planet anyway as they impact and shatter records of anything we’ve experienced before while holding a soul in incarnated physical form.  Welcome to the experiment.  Better to hold enough awareness to have the option to sort through it.  Then I deliberately pick moments to minimize my exposure while using the tools such as meditation as well as the training I have to access the higher vibration.  Getting the training and education is a choice just as much as my levels of participation in any given moment.  And sometimes that’s just an exercise in trying to calm the hell down and come up with any sort of reason to stay on the planet for even another day.  So, let’s break down a few specifics to help you read the situations in your personal life as well as giving you a snapshot of the world stage…


Intention rules the day. And you can “smell” it on a person. It might be cloaked in an energetic stream of charisma, intelligence, or self-belief that feels so pleasantly strong for a moment in its ability to make you feel good; but in between the breaths you always have the option to peel back the public face of anyone and anything.  Try participating in that exercise.  We all have non-physical connections to our higher self, the universe, non-physical “friends” and guides.  Say out loud during your focus on any one person or situation….” What is the truth about this…?  What do I need to know…?  Your knowingness might be instantaneous.  You may get a good feeling or a bad feeling “in the pit of your stomach”.  A thought might pop into your head that hadn’t occurred to you before.  Or you might get “notified” with an answer over the next few hours or days. Working with the truth that can be viewed in the energetics isn’t hidden from you.  Ever.  You just have to shift your focus and start paying attention beyond your fears, pre-conceived notions, past decisions and education that make up the identity you cling to. People want a system to comfortably fit into. And once they make a decision to follow a certain path or declare a specific person is their choice, it can become a violent obsession to hold to that original decision or belief.  They won’t hear any logical alternative discussion.  Because its trained into humans in today’s society that being “wrong” will inevitably lead them to be killed by their biggest fear.  They are trained out of flexibility being a positive thing. Because a flexible, open-minded, peaceful, inquiring human isn’t as easy to manipulate and control.  It’s hidden from the general public that manifestation around any individual human is actually greatly within their control.


Manifestation on the physical plane springs directly out of the true intentions behind actions and goes all the way down to the roots of your thoughts and actual desires.  Lots of people lie to themselves about stuff.  About a hundred times a day.  Why they stay in a relationship or participate in a repetitive action are at the top of the list.  These things become so imbedded into their daily routine that they don’t even realize the venom they put into defending their irrational or illogical decision or position in the face of truth or alternate option.  This can be seen on the world stage in horrific formation now.  It’s gone way past uninquiring prejudice.  But that’s the point.  These things have to surface in awareness to make people consider change.  There were times over the last 30 years when people could take a leisurely pace about uncovering and maybe at some point changing their mind or negative behavior-pattern.  That was nice.  We all appreciated getting to say “well, maybe later…I don’t want to deal with that issue right now…”  Now however, even scientists will tell you that the heartbeat of the planet and actual rotation has sped up.  It’s measurable.  The humans immersed in the matrix might not know what vibration or frequency is as it pertains to energy and the universe, but they are all feeling impossibly pressured and uncomfortable as it presses in on them physically, mentally and emotionally.


I train students in manifestation with a starting-point in understanding and realizing pure intent. (Download the Decision-Making Worksheet and try it out for yourself).  You will know the outcome of any decision by realizing if it comes from fear or love.  Fear-based or negative intent to hurt or control others will end in a negative outcome for the person who wields it.  Love-based intent for yourself or another will lead to a positive manifestation of some sort.  Period.  That’s universal law.  It's the same as gravity. The person who sends the energy and intent out will be the final recipient.  Though keep in mind it may not come back through the situation surrounding it.  The universe is unlimited and has absolute math at it’s core.  Which brings us back to our original conversation about why I pay attention to numerology and its ability to be one of the tools I can use to translate a situation for me in advance.  Symbology is the highest form of communication in the universe.  I appreciate any sort of translation ability sent down to us in all this density of incarnation; but like anyone else, I prefer full sentences and direct discussion.  Which I recognize is my responsibility to plug into, train for and participate in daily. 


If you don’t own the book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle” by Faith Javane. I highly recommend you buy this reference book.  I don’t do the calculations at the front, I simply reference the numbers guide and correlations to each one in tarot and astrology.  And after more than 20 years’ experience, I automatically do fast math in my head every time a number comes up.  Especially if it’s an address, hotel room, day of the month, and bank account.  I pay special attention to anything that reduces to a 16; 9; “master” double numbers like 11, 22, 33; or repeating numbers in threes.  Numbers hold vibration and specific meaning.  It’s like “dialing in” to a frequency on a radio that then carries the music, information, history, or intent through.  I’m not going to try to decipher physics or the entire mystery of the universe here.  But I can tell you that without fail, every time I have seen someone interact with or fall under the vibration of the number 16 there was a predictable countdown to what they would eventually experience.  One very wealthy man I knew bought four properties.  Three of them had addresses that reduced down to the number 16. (4156 Maple Drive = 4+1+5+6 = 16).  I waited to see what was coming back at him from his past or current decision-making.  I noted his arrogance and negative patterns.  He is now serving a 23-year federal prison sentence for financial crimes.  In another instance I was out looking at apartments I was considering renting.  One of them had an address that reduced to “16”.  I asked the sales rep “So, what terrible things have happened to people who lived in this apartment…?”   She was so shocked by my direct question that she forgot she was trying to get me to rent the place and answered honestly, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you knew to ask me that!  One lost all his money and went bankrupt, and then another died of horrible cancer after months of suffering.”  I nodded my head and we both walked out the front door without any additional time needing to be spent on the property tour.


I thought it was worth a discussion as the numerology of the day weaves into the picture of awareness on a day selected for Trump and Putin to meet on the world stage face-to-face.  If you take the politics and any determined, fear-based attachment you might have to past decisions about who you voted for or your group affiliation, what would you “read” about these men…?  What awareness do you have of the truth about what’s real and not real…? And then, after you face that, I’m going to tell you why you don’t have to be afraid of any of it.  How it’s an eventual loosing battle for darkness because as loud and violent and insane and distracting as it all is, the light on the planet and frequency of vibration is still increasing.  Watching these men and the others who would control you at various levels is like watching vampires trapped in a room with a big picture window.  The sun is adding more and more light as the sun rises.  There are dark corners but eventually everyone else in the room will have the option to turn and face that sunrise.  A planetary body turns and shifts and outweighs the vampires.  They make a lot of noise, try to keep you in a trance with shiny objects, charisma and other fear-based discussions.  But that light is still expanding.


The ‘meeting’ today between world leaders is gamesmanship.  It’s not even their first.  But it does add to the media frenzy that keeps you distracted from focusing on your personal peace today.  Trump demonstrates the behaviors of a sadistic narcissist.  He ‘feeds’ off of the satisfaction from causing pain and disruption.  He has nothing short of an addiction to get as close as possible in friendship and partnership to the malevolent dictators on the planet such as the leaders of North Korea and Russia because they are living the life and power he wants, which is to have the unlimited ability to rule and manipulate. He actually said to a reporter after meeting with the North Korean leader that “his people in the United States should bow to him the way the North Koreans do to their President.”  It is just now starting to creep into the commentary on the news media that people are becoming aware that he seems to have a “fetish” for complimenting and wanting to be near to tyrannical dictators.  A camera noticed that at the recent NATO summit he was caught following President Erdogan around; the recently self-appointed ruthless dictator of Turkey.  President Trump is very easy to read.  And very easy to manipulate. 


The “summit” appearing under the vibration of the “16” date was just useful information to know the level of negative intent that would be grounding and the “karmic” backlash that would be grounded either today or later.  I, personally, have long since learned to pay attention in my personal world on the sixteenth of the month.  I don’t schedule important meetings and generally try to be cautious.  Last month I ignored my internal guidance.  I was tired, and just wanted to try to use gardening to find some peace.  I was very aware that there were warnings whispered to me in the air, and I was getting nothing but a bad feeling as I pushed through the heat.  If nothing else, I defaulted to blaming my logical to-do-list.  I needed to get the last plants in the ground to finish my front yard garden.  And what was the outcome?  The day would be used to ground severe fear in a shocking way.  I could have allowed my recent fear and awareness that snakes had been seen in the neighborhood to “ground” in a dreamtime nightmare so I didn’t have to experience it on the physical plane.  That wouldn’t have been fun, but preferable to coming within 6-inches of a physical snake as it happened.  Which ripped at me mentally and emotionally for over a week after it happened.  And how did the planting turn out?  Every one of the six flowering plants either died, refused to grow or became infested with bugs/slugs and look terrible.  It’s a month later on the next sixteenth date.  I took note of the negative results of not listening to my internal guidance.  It seemed a practical and even positive thing at the time that I was finishing up the project and playing at using gardening as the peace-making tool it had been in the past.  But I knew better even at the time what was happening.


On a happier note, since solutions and sanctuary are of greatest importance for each of us as we navigate through out lives on the planet.  I will give you three additional dates on your calendar to play with that can provide something I enjoy…. completion and the frequent peace that accompanies it.  Any date that is, or reduces to, a “9” carries the gifted energy that will allow you to have clarity of a higher vibration and the option to finish up old business or projects.  This includes the 9th, 18th and 27th, and can allow the extra alignment to finalize something you’ve been working on for a while.  It’s a great partner to check a bunch off your to-do list as well as to bring an end to situations or relationships you are truly willing to let go of that no longer serves you. 


Positive forward movement and rest at intervals are the key now.  I glanced up at the screen as I watched a news clip about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin and laughed.  “Man, that guy is going to eat Trump alive…”  Putin’s high intelligence and years of KGB Intelligence training will allow him to easily manipulate the mentally unstable, juvenile and temperamental Trump with ease.  I’ve worked in international circles that included being present in situation rooms, operations, and even a team dealing with an international hostage crisis.  I use my willingness to have my awareness and intuition lead me in reading the room and participants.  I merge this with the education and experience provided for me on this life path.  I pay attention.  Then I constantly re-connect out of the drama and back to the higher vibration and bigger galactic/universal picture as much as possible.  I recognize when I’m stuck in a fear-based pattern and with determination I hold a willingness to shift until the answers or solutions come. 


If you want to know where to put your focus right now with all that is going on in the world, the answer is on your personal, immediate environment and to be absolute in your dedication to expanded self-care.  Those who participate in tyranny will have to meet that energy like a boomerang that will return to them.  You can shift out of any position that is uncomfortable for you and find peace in between the waves crashing around you.  Even if it’s a peace you can only “hold” for a few seconds, breaths or minutes.  Nothing is more important than attending to the daily practices that plug you in to that.


Energy Forecast for the Week of January 29th ~

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/28/18


The month of January provides an entry into 2018 unlike those we have seen in the past.  No slow glide here.  And we hope you will view this with enthusiasm.  Instead of a slow trudge dragging 2017 along behind you; there is a blasting out of the old and resurgence of the new.  We call it a “resurgence” because it is intuitive.  It breathes of remedies and instinct that are of light. There will be clarity and lack of chaos for you if you did the math.  If you took all the training you've had and said …”ok, let's go.”  Your friends may be confused if they don't recognize your path as familiar in their relationship, but your certainty won't be diminished by their choice to remain in a chaos that does not echo for you anymore.  Watch for anger this week and know that it's ok to duck from it in others.  But don't accept your own temper-tantrum resistance to taking the practical and organized actions you know will move you through a situation and eventually out the other side.  The second full moon this month complete with an eclipse is designed to provide a positive energy burst and double crescendo. Isn't it so much better to get it out and over with than to linger in the old energy and emotional torture…?  There are lots of ways provided now to accompany you on a healing path of direct solutions for your health, your expression, and your relocation. Whatever elements you require a change in.  And it won't be subtle.  The shock and awe capable in this full-super moon eclipse is designed for the masses who won't take the conscious and deliberate path to change.  Will you need the wake up impact because you are running old patterns?  Or will you take the organized options filled with guidance and solutions.  Remember that you only need one. You identify that ONE next step and do it. The rest of the pieces will appear over and over again once you are engaged in the first.


Astrology Forecast & Energy Update

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/21/18

The moon moves into forward-charging Aries on Monday as the world-stress reverberates in large scale with the anger of the government shut down in the United States. With all of the energy this month in get-down-to-business Capricorn, you may be feeling added pressure to produce. Remember that all of this positive creative fire of 2018 is new to your energetic system. It's burning off the past at the same time it's providing inspiration and quicker manifestation. Recognize these factors consciously now, and that if unchecked, it can lead to imbalance. Take special care each day to stop and completely unplug from the forward surge. If you can take one full day off each week it will be of tremendous assistance to you now. This means MENTAL detachment. Turn off the news and put away all of your to-do lists. Your body, mind and emotions are literally being rewired to feed the new upgrades. Ignoring this process can lead to surges of depression and even physical illness. Your old system reads this kind of energetic fire as something that requires you "hurry up" or panic. Fear can mix in, be it your old reactions or the current mass of fear encircling the planet and swirling amongst the humans.  It can feel exciting one minute at a high point and then suddenly leave you bottomed-out the next. We are here to tell you that this IS manageable.  And more than that, it is filled with love and light that the planet sees at a new level.  The next 6-8 months will be your opportunity to "level up" and make this surge "the new normal."  It is very possible to go into the big world changes ahead as the best version of yourself and your life. Better to do this now, so that later, the things that may create shock in others will not be such an issue for you.


Discussions with the Guides ~ Self-focus bringing your new “products” from the future, the Purpose Behind World Events & a new View from the Edge Video from Aleiya

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/18/18

We are under a new moon in Capricorn this week, and many of you should have felt this get-down-to-business vibration ringing in your ears, heart, mind and spirit.  It’s following the tide of the switch into 2018 that provides you with more and more impetus to take the segments of your life and organize them into the products that they are.  Some of these “products” are actual gifts and talents and meaning for your work here on the earth plane.  And let us clarify.  The earth plane has become a very interdimensional place of late.  Time isn’t linear anymore.  So, you sit down with pure intentions for your now and “future” and find that it is re-working your past.  The view of it will be instant.  Other “products” will be in segments of your well-being.  Books handed to you, community rising up around you, solutions that you wonder why they weren’t provided 10-15 years ago, but an odd part of you feels calm in a center and knows you truly aren’t looking at or shifting through time in the same way anymore.  So “oh, yes, of course…” will be your thought when the answer is provided.  And that ending moment will mystify your normal panicking brain a bit.  You’ll notice that you spent a lifetime frightened about it.  It was a huge issue.  Whether it be your health, partnerships, work, or place on the planet.  And now somehow you sit and stare at it as if you are this calm and different person.  It would be good for you to notice that you are.


This scenario of light we just described is factual.  For everyone.  But if you aren’t quite experiencing it yet, then give yourself a moment to close your eyes and FEEL into that person.  It really is you.  ASK what you need to do to clear the past.  It is also an entity that can be removed now. 


There are lots of elements in the world that are built on pre-existing structures.  Your beliefs.  Your moods.  Your patterns.  And when you take that view out into the world, you will see the other patterns like a view of the apocalypse.  In a balanced world, you would view this with excitement.  The balance, of course, being your own.  Knowing that every item you see benefits you.  The rising of the pain that will give way instantly in some cases to freedom.  The view you take will determine your instinct patterns.  These are the new ones that come from creativity and maintenance and light.  Self-focus now will cascade out.  Make your juice. Heal your body.  Take a walk, but in smaller, sheltered space when neighborhoods and cities are having dilemmas and details necessary to encompass whole groups of people into realizing how small listening was ignored.  It could have gone differently.  In every world. 


Take this starting-point discussion from the Guides into a direct conversation on video with Aleiya, in today’s View from the Edge Series. This segment includes the changing world events such as health care, insurance, natural disaster response, as well as how to recognize the elements of change needed in ‘metaphysical schools’ to expand into the new earth and higher vibrations of community. 

Click here to watch/listen to the video:


A Vision from the Guides

by Aleiya Hunter on 12/02/17

Calm down.  It’s been an incredibly long year.  At intensity and speed, but beyond involved.  I’ve heard my guides whisper, and realize that whether you were standing in a place without relocation, you will still have felt the impact of being anything but stationary.  Our synthesis with guidance isn’t along the same vertical tracks anymore.  As the frequency changes, there is a pull for us to dive deeper into mental logistical patterns.  We want to “fix” it.  To figure out the under toe that drags at us and wonder quietly why sitting to meditate or creative outlets don’t seem to have the exact same gateways they used to.  I was reminded yesterday as I sat to connect and was drawn to a channeled audio to assist, that I was experiencing a vertigo-wall combination on entry.  It made me want to stand back up and grab my next “to do” item in the room off my human list of tasks rather than stay in it.  But a gentle touch from my guides, who knew my exhaustion was critical whispered again… go to the feeling. What does it feel like where you would prefer to be?  Fast-frequency points of contact flashed by to touch me.  Places in other dimensions with beings of light.  Picture it however you want.  I didn’t have to hold on to the images.  I could be with the feeling of it and then it would flash into the next sequence or place.  I felt my central nervous system shut down.  It needed to.  Hours, days, months of dealing with situations that took many more interactions than could be imagined.  I faltered.  Couldn’t imagine why this progress was insanely different than in the past.


It’s the crossover to December.  Not likely to be any less inclined, but a road persists to be taken differently in the next 30-days.  Pointing to signs like full moon and mercury retrograde would have been your only past.  But you aren’t your old encasements anymore.  This is why Aleiya felt time slip and we pulled her out aggressively yesterday from her body.  The impacts have been a test of strength and cold in a land where the sun hasn’t shone the same nor has the promise not been kept.  You are here.  It is enough.  Time breaks today.  Past the globe and the people.  Timetables bend.  Your instinct to stand without touch comes from fight or flight.  We used to be in one place, and then another isn’t there.  Looks like standing in a world that makes you want to throw up.  Normal.  So be with feeling.  Ride.  Pass through it.  See what new formations stand between.  Your abilities get a pass.  Think with excitement.  You can access anything now.  Say goodbye to all tools methodology.  Permission is granted. 


I notice I’m not going to be able to swim through the holidays under conditions I used to.  Food without life force feels dead to me.  And if I close my eyes the vision is toxic while it falls off the world.  It’s been all I can do to get through a day sometimes or segment of hours.  I surrender to that.  Exhaustion is important to be honored.  It isn’t as before either. The body doesn’t want or accept the same food.  Consider that is because from one dimension into another frequency isn’t the same.  Reactions are different.  


December.  Think about it.  Feel into it.  What haven’t you finished?  What haven’t you allowed to stop?  That’s different than poisoning yourself with a solid that won’t fit the new matrix of your body.  Try skipping into vision across the water of it.  You’ll be sure it’s going to break you.  Across time and distance and millennium you’ll stop.  Breathe.  What if it’s amazing?  The new you.  You’ll see the tired part of you like never before.  It will relax.  Don’t assume that any person or timeframe past that impact must be remembered.  Freeing like nothing experienced before or since will creep in.  Holding it would seem ridiculous.  But those pieces of eight graphs within the body will reside there.  Carefully painting elements into the anointed timeframes.  


I accept it for what it is, and release it to the past.




On a Programming Note:

As the time frequency changes and my guidance points as well, be aware that I may be drawn to channel or post here in the gateway without creating a notice on Facebook or via email.  I am working with new teams (both physically in the metaphysical community & non-physically speaking), and so you will be seeing changes in the website in the next couple of months.  My travel schedule will begin in February.  I anticipate that 2018 will include more in-person appearances, expanded options for private sessions, and I have already been invited in the Tacoma, Washington area to return to doing workshops for the public.


December and into the middle of January is an important time to do a final re-visit to subjects, relationships and people.  What is it time to finally change?  What would you like to be for the next incarnation and stepping stones for 2018?  The above channel is vibratory and we recommended that you take it into meditation. 




Leaving the Echoes of Responsibility Behind for a New Paradigm

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/13/17


Have you ever noticed as a sensitive and empath how much we “take responsibility” for a room?  It’s not even a conscious choice.  We tune in on whatever psychic pathways we use as our normal senses without thinking about it.  We do it in phone conversations; with strangers, family, and friends.  It’s our go-to deployment isn’t it?  As if being a lightworker requires us to work out every thought pattern in a room to curve it as an energy mover towards lighter days and shores and moments.  But does it?  Is it a requirement from our basic mission?  I would like to suggest it is not.  But compliment all of us for the decades we spent working in the field at the height of standing on the front lines.  And also ask you to consider that it’s time for something different now.


It was pointed out by my Guide team that I need to stop taking responsibility for everyone else.  And a specific discussion like that leads to serious consideration.  It’s easy to see the plain and natural elements like offering to help a friend who really should be handling a situation on their own.  Or stepping away from someone choosing endless drama (either consciously or as a negative manifestation pattern.)  But take it back to my original Q&A above.  Because I work at a planetary level.  So, the current overwhelm has to be addressed as detailed as what you are seeing in any given room or situation you walk into.  You are NOT a normal human.  That should be assumed.  The next reason to do this evaluation is to understand that as a light worker, we don’t have to deal with the minutia anymore.  That’s the change.  From the first wave I have spent decades individually stepping into rooms for the purposes of explaining, out loud, what the mechanics of metaphysics are.  There were days when it was all we could do before the gates closed to pull every last soul across the evolutionary boundaries.  Doorways don’t stay open forever.  They shift and time delineates.  It’s up to the next level now.  We’ve marched into rooms to finish soul contracts.  Some of us have completed those soul contracts and moved on.  Not without grief.  What do you do between missions?  You aren’t left with nothing.  Sometimes we are just allowing the next level to build under our feet.  It helps to just be there.  Allow it and rest.  And change the game. 


When someone calls me on the phone, or engages with me; I now leave space.  Energetics always meet first.  So, remember that your light immediately registers with the other person, and they make decisions from that how they are going to treat you.  What they are going to take from you.  How they are going to use you.  They know who and what they have met.  They will demand a healing.  They will want your compliance to play out their scenario.  They will be excited to feel light, and hope you stay with them.  They will try to kill or dominate that light if they are running dark negative patterns.  All of this will engage in a single heartbeat.  And in those first few seconds, just say hello…and nothing else.  This immediately sets up the interaction in a way that requires they step up and take responsibility for it.  You will be surprised at how this confuses people. They will be waiting for you to take over the conversation and make them feel better or allow them to pull from you whatever they want.  Don’t.  Leave that space right where it is.


In conversations with the handful of people that work on my level and are friends, I don’t do this.  And it’s important to remind you that I am bringing no less light, kindness and love into my interactions.  I’m not being bitchy or arrogant or purposely aiming to make people uncomfortable.  What I’m doing is making people responsible for themselves.  And sometimes my level of engagement is much stronger and less silent.  As people hit their own walls of bad behavior and I catch them in the act of delivering a product or service with bad quality directly to me; or I encounter a company or system of personal interaction or doing business that is not acceptable; I speak that truth, say NO, and disallow that behavior.  Then I flip it directly back in their laps and require out loud that they take responsibility for it. 


“How are you going to fix this…?  What is your solution to change this…?  I am not going to accommodate this again, so this is now your option to interact with me.”  These are just a few of the things I might say.  And when they rant, complain, continue with dishonesty, or try to bully me, ….I repeat the same thing again.  I never yell or put them down.  I am kind, but scare them with the way my feet are firmly planted on the floor.  I am confusing and frustrating and terrifying without ever raising my voice.  And if they don’t solve, change or fix the situation or behavior, I do the unthinkable.  I withdraw my light.  That is what it literally feels like to the child inside of them when I tell them “this is done” and turn and walk away.  I know that this allows them the opportunity to learn the lesson.  It also is my absolute synchronicity to love and partnership with the universe to bring me a better solution or resolution.


Installations of things in my new house and the interactions with builders and subcontractors are the greatest example of this recently.  I always wondered if I was “negatively manifesting” issues and frequently judged myself when interactions had weird arrays of problems.  Then I started to notice that while I don’t approve of the difficulty, I seem to be the one called to assist souls who need those lessons and opportunities.  And all the while I am still provided with total support and the best most wonderful resolution and outcome no matter the decisions and bad behaviors of others.  It leaves people shaken and sometimes even fired from their jobs around me. 


The lesson?  All they had to do was be honest, be nice, and stop trying to take advantage of people for money or other negative intent.  And I never allow it to be a fight with heightened emotions or drama.


Did you think that the awakening of the world was going to be a smooth glide through the process of realization?  That “the new earth” wasn’t going to see the old guard that produces fear and hate and mal-appropriation go down without anger?  I feel the death, and it seems we were halted from seeing how this would be before we were in it.  But let’s lay it out.


Start with running your own world differently.  I looked at my guide team recently and reminded them that I feel the segment we are in now.  And this was their directive…


You are to demonstrate proper behavior without damage to yourself or others.


Conflict is to be avoided as a wage of war. Do you think it helps anyone to fight in the seeds of negativity that will then proliferate across the globe?  But fear not for there will be the time of the realizations.  Stand facing them in silence.  Let the children who would do harm meet themselves.  They won’t stand for long.


I realize from my interactions, and more importantly from my presence without pressure in a room that I am very much more powerful when I work this way rather than leading discussions or being chatty.  People are waiting for me to speak and then they are startled and completely focused on me when I do.  This is different from me walking in as the happy-wagon; holding conversations aloft; energetically, mentally and emotionally working to support everyone in the room.  If you’ve become exhausted by the earth, the scenarios, and included in that, the one-on-one interactions with strangers; try this new method.  Just stand there. 


You may be aware of your ‘observer’ mission.  Not from this planet, we stepped in for the set up.  As a multi-dimensional being I have no politics. I don’t have nationality or color.  I will come across as shocking and confusing when I stand in that elemental mission.  My physical appearance doesn’t match my coldness as a warrior, doesn’t match the light.  I may provide a smile to assist the confused human through something I need to interact on; but in the end, they will be no less energetically confused by the thoughts and feelings and considerations they seem to have rising within them when I leave. 


These are all things to think about within your own being. A definition of light worker isn’t always to give someone a hug.  But let’s talk about the outcome from the higher perspective.  Let’s talk about Trump and the outer-rim.


Positioning outside the format.  If you have been proceeding with setting up your house as was provided.  Then you are standing in a fire-free zone.  There is contact but no pain from hysterical interactions.  I am experiencing huge decompression cascading into adrenal exhaustion and other physical finishings.  I am struggling to figure out how, as many are, to balance through the energetic impacts on the planet.  But I have no imploding relationships.  No land or living crisis now that the house is built and protective barriers in place.  Every one of the light workers on the planet have very specific and unique agenda-missions.  We weave together around the grids.  When one “goes down” to rest, others may be stepping up.  Patterns of astrology are nice, but nearly irrelevant to us now for our direct guide communications are taking over in the middle of the war zone.  It’s lovely to sit and listen to some of the astrologers the way that you might walk to the edge of a river or ocean to see the direction of the current or if the tide is in.  But we’ve blown past that.  At my level (and for many of you), it can be a nice and comforting way to feel connected, but it isn’t who you are anymore.  We are global and a team.  Assure you have closed the gates on the nonsense people and elements of your world.  Work with a healer and your guide team to be comfortable and sort out any dis-ease within your energetics and physical body.


I spoke to a metaphysical friend who is having daily drama and chaos.  In his sixth uncomfortable living situation in less than a year.  Evacuated from a long-term rental guest house after only a week, at 1:30am in the middle of a dangerous California wildfire that had already burned down the house next door.  He says he loves it and is cleaning up his own energetics and karma.  But that’s not what I see.  I see the degradation of energetics finding endless incidents to participate in.  His health isn’t good.  He is throwing himself head-long into bad situations ending literally in tears by the side of the road over and over.  To which he will tell you that he feels so empowered while people con money out of him and take advantage of his kindness.


I share this with no judgement and love him, but to give you an example and consider what you are wanting to participate in now. While there is more than ever the opportunity to jump in to emergencies, what time have you taken to assess your personal guidance.  I would suggest that laying on the floor broken in the name of “service” to yourself, or to constantly say “I’m a metaphysician and this non-stop chaos that I’m allowing to rip me in half over and over is me cleaning up my past” is old nonsense.  It’s martyrdom.  I have seen metaphysical people live in their “cleansing” forever.  And what I can see now is that the daily necessity to clear, stand, rest, repeat is enough.  If a big thing needs to clear, ask that it be done carefully.  Stop your way forward like you would drive a car.  Break on the curves.  Stop at the stop signs.  Don’t accept other drivers damaging your car. Give yourself a home base to park the car and get out that is a REAL sanctuary.  And recognize it’s ridiculous to always have your foot pressed all the way down on the gas pedal in the name of self-sacrifice or metaphysically working with your shadow side or past.


Many humans require pain to feel into a change.  I find it a depressing sort-of insanity.  Explaining to people how to be, or why they should be a nice person to others or themselves.  My new neighborhood is wonderful.  They have positive and helpful conversations looking out for and supporting one another on the private Facebook page.  It’s a good sign that I can see is a larger calling to people realizing that community is the key.  Local and beyond.  I found a huge shock in watching world governments this year and the decisions to tear down the basic building blocks of love of the planet and trying to negate positive change.  But here is what is really happening…


We crossed the border between the gates where people en-mass could jump to the percentage of power for shift to a higher vibration by easy choice.  Now we have the alignment of odds for a fight.  Which is ironic for those of us who know our role just got easier so-to-speak.  Step out…come the whispers. We will now see the next segment.  This too could have been done easier, but we shall see how quiet and not quiet the world plays it out.  We feel disenchanted and tired and overwhelmed when daily is another announcement by Trump that is an insanity that hurts people and the planet for pleasure.  But here is what has been brought to my attention.  The segment of people who only change when they feel pain are now getting their big wake-up calls.  They ignored guidance, and the whispers of higher love in interacting on the planet.  Now they have to face that and it will make them consider other methods and ways.  It would take a government so ridiculous in its hurtful decisions, announcements, actions and in-action to get them to consider their own behavior and seek other community options.  To reconsider big business rulership and religious servitude.  People are being forced to consider neighborhood solutions and seeing demonstrations of what caring is supposed to look like. 


Watch the news differently now.  Don’t worry about the control it appears government has to do harm.  See how it’s backfiring on them.  See Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and other individuals send ships to pull people out of hurricane zones and care for each other.  See the fall of bad and unaffordable healthcare as the catalyst to make people consider true healing modalities.  See wildfires and storms as the amplified and targeted removal of humans from their embedded positions of refusing to change and listen on many levels.  Karma grounding in lightning bolts.  And breathe through your own fear about it.  Come back to your position in this moment and change things left unfinished.  This is a time to “shelter in place.”  It might include adventures out into the world.  But be real with yourself about your motivations and whether or not you have cared enough for your health, well-being and balance before you do.


I participated in the neighborhood project this month of gifting two neighbors with a surprise anonymous gift basket for Halloween left on their doorstep.  We have all just moved in and most don’t know each other.  I revealed myself to the one nice girl I’m starting a casual friendship with and we chatted about it.  Her husband, in his early thirties, is military.  He was completely disturbed by the situation.  He just keeps saying to his wife “why would anyone do that…?” (Spend money to give a gift to a stranger when they aren’t getting anything in return and don’t know the recipient.)  He is exactly the huge percentage of the population that is due for the monumental wake-up call they are now getting, and demonstrations of how a more highly evolved community is going to be required on the planet as the earth shifts into the 5th dimension and raises vibration.  Self-centered millennial children, narcissists, those who knowingly do harm to others…. they will not have it easy or be standing in their comfortable accommodations as this progresses.  Universal Law is absolute in this dimension.  The energy and intensions put out can only ground on the person who initiates it.  Stand in your sanctuary and attend to balancing in your heart through the waves and shifts. 



The Opportunities & Crossroads of September

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/05/17

I invite you to join me for the latest video/audio program in the View from the Edge Series.  This September 2017 forecast and discussion includes astrology, energetics, opportunities and crossroads through hurricanes and global dynamics.

watch the video


Preparation for the Path of the Light Workers

by Aleiya Hunter on 09/01/17

Of one hundred men who go into battle, ten shouldn’t be there.

Eighty are just targets.

Nine, real fighters.

But one….

One is a warrior.

And he will lead the others home.


If you’ve been feeling for the last 8 months like you wonder what you’re still doing here, that isn’t a question you are alone in making.  My guides once told me during an especially depressed moment years ago, that I was like a kindergarten teacher.  I would see, influence, abridge, take home, hold, love or just be standing for a moment in someone else’s world, and then be gone.  I didn’t get the benefit of seeing what affect that had as they moved on.  What they would know or become as a result of it.


When I heard the call to go to the edge of the Arctic Circle in Alaska five years ago, I hadn’t realized what would be asked of me.  Beyond the mundane of daily life I would find tremendous rise and fall of humanity on the edge.  The best of them and in myself.  I was the least isolated I had ever allowed.  The cosmos laughed at my thought process…“more nature, less humans”.  Vast would be true, but I would also push way past my physical limitations to become attached to a search and rescue military unit.  My freedom was unparalleled as a consultant. Always a watcher.  Always permitted to be in the room or on the flight when guidance directed.  I changed weather; put protections in place; loved them all to their confusion.  But beyond it was the warrior.  Always at the edge of the conversation.  I learned to go and trust when the call came. Stand up to bad men, and bad weather.  Found and lived surrounded by the heart of what love, protection and positive intent can be in its highest form in humans as well.


A normal person would not have survived what I did in Alaska.  The sheer quantity of involvements that required unwavering bravery and the impacts I took physically, mentally and emotionally.  I live life in fast-forward as one of the beings who came here to ‘clear it out.’  I am the first wave.  All with 100% and instant response to guidance.  Then doing the work to get myself clear and rebalance from the trauma.  It requires all of those parts and pieces. 

And now it’s September.


Decision fatigue is a real thing.  Along the path it must be accounted for.  And so must grief.


I left Alaska and began the preparation for departure several months before I began to see things that I knew were part of the reason for the directive to go.  I argued with my guides even as I packed.  It would take nine long months of nearly impossible logistics to market and sell the Alaska property; shut down and sell multiple businesses; sell my vehicle; build and close on a new house in Washington State; go through every physical item I owned to release or ship it off the island; buy a new vehicle on arrival; and more.  Grief came at the process of leaving my only true home and family that my search and rescue unit had become.  And WHY?!  My guides kept reiterating that it would be unsafe for me to stay.


I hadn’t been thrilled with the two 8.0 earthquakes I had experienced there.  And I did notice other things.  Weather patterns are colder, rainier and windier.  Volcanoes in the region becoming more active. But that seemed an inconvenience, not a reason to abandon my home.  Wasn’t it better to be on an island with self-sustaining electric power, water system, etc. rather than in the mix of the lower 48 United States where there is a clear amplification of anger?


I signed the papers to commit to the move and purchase of the house to be built in western Washington State three days before the 2016 Presidential election results were known.  I was standing in Hawaii doing high level metaphysical work for the first time in years, with the right group of practitioners.  It was a good place to be in immersion with my guide team to hear the news and outcome.  We all knew what it meant.  That the darkness would get louder.  Faster.


I returned to Alaska to begin my deconstruction process of one life into the next.  There were suddenly Russian bombers and fighter jets violating Alaskan/US airspace within 39 miles of my house.  A news report confirmed and showed video of Putin’s new Arctic Base.  As the sea ice quickly melts to allow passage and oil drilling, it is now clear that Putin is going to take the Arctic.  He has 40 new ice breakers compared to the US Coast Guard only having two which are used for scientific purposes.  I suddenly realized that my warm search and rescue unit could be reverted back to Navy/Air Force as it once was in World War II.  And that would mean my team would not be the same.  My access might be revoked altogether.  And that would also mean I would be standing virtually alone on an island in the Gulf of Alaska that was now a TARGET for both the Russians and North Korea.  Easier to hit, less population, with military bases.  It’s the “jump gate” from the lower 48 to the Arctic for refueling.


My suspicions were confirmed when it was announced that the Navy has just signed a contract to build two new piers at the base for incoming destroyers.  And 60 new barracks where built at the mysterious brand-new missile launch facility out at the edge of the island where few traverse.  Anti-aircraft missile defense systems are also being installed. None of this is business-as-usual.


It’s important to remind yourself that higher self guidance is certain.  From moment-to-moment we are at a speed unparalleled right now for how awareness can save you.  Through your exhaustion it will take you to the next step.  And only the next step.  WE have to be willing to rebalance to the change in guidance just to see where from our vantage point the best steps will be.


I would love to tell you that simple becomes the norm on that guidance-pointed journey.  But my transition reminded me it does not.  Much of the finalization and action-points had to be finished and conducted alone with my own hands.  The humans were raging through their own issues. The movers on both ends were rancid with negativity and one I had to actually throw out of my house, call in a supervisor to have replaced to get the truck loaded.  It became apparent why I was told to spend months packing the whole house myself.  My guide team didn’t want the movers touching my things.  An angry subcontractor left a rancid hamburger and coffee with milk sealed in the living room wall of my new house.  That lead to a 3-week nightmare of bad smells, standing up to the builder after closing, and ripping out my entire living room to force them to fix it.  This was followed by a 2-week carpenter ant infestation. Bad internet installation that I had to fix myself, buy my own equipment, and ask the installer to leave.  I could go on.  What stood out to me is the level of greed-for-money and dishonesty that is rampant.  But I also got the higher message in it.


This is where this lifetime was always going to get to.  The structure of society and its framework and systems are negative.  Many of the most visible ones are not based on love.  They have to come down.  And visibility in the actions of those with bad behaviors and negative intent are part of the revealing process to change. Through a hurricane this week that is stronger than any financial system, you can see people moving past the structures put in place that don’t serve love.  “Can’t” becomes a joke.  Nothing can stop a neighbor from picking up a neighbor out of the flood waters and carrying them to safety.  The universe is a direct line to manifestation of resources.  It’s not a credit card or coin.  And when it needs to be one of those things, then the neighbor will have it even if you don’t.  This isn’t a game of impossibilities anymore.  Don’t let the news media fool you.  When the people of one area in the Houston floods needed to eat, there was a staff and bakery standing in the center of it that still had the power turned on and they baked bread for everyone.  This is the truth of it.


I’m not here to promote conspiracy theories or negative patterns and difficult stories.  But I am going to tell you that I’m aware that this transition for me to this location was very important.  We talked about light workers setting themselves up now in pockets of light.  You can’t be in chaos for dramas sake.  It is like a wandering through hell designed to keep you unfocused.  Whether it’s a weight issue that revolves around food; a “family” issue that takes you away from time or clearance in your own energy; or whatever element in your life-path has a negative emotional charge around it; it has to be cleared now.  So let’s talk about how I’m doing that to give you a view of what it takes and how to get there.  I’m also going to give you access to very specific information about the structure of how everything is functioning on the planet.  You will need to know this to dig past it.  No more half-truths.  You will get to decide what version of light worker you will be.


There is nothing wrong with being a ‘wanderer’ if your guidance invokes it.  I am always aware that at any moment my next directive or assignment will come in to relocate or change my project work.  But I also know that having a protected home-base and protected sanctuary is key.  This work we do that traverses far past the earth plane is exhausting.  Equal protective measures to recalibrate have to be considered, and taking a space in a place to do so is critical now.  Extremes inflicted on the body may include excessive travel just as much as what you are eating or where you are sleeping, or what relationships you are putting up with.  In a discussion about this 15 years ago it wasn’t the same.  We had time to loiter and procrastinate.  Now, that isn’t the case.  You can clear your life path and choose to plant yourself totally away from human chaos should your guidance tell you that as a light channel this is what you are needed for.  It might also call you into specific action in any given hour to react to be in a disaster zone as a volunteer.  The key is to know when you are getting too mentally, emotionally or physically involved to be effective as a light worker.


One example of this that I encountered this week was in my connectivity to the teams of Coast Guard aircrews.  They are my heart and wolf pack, and as I watched and discussed with them the details and then watched the video footage of them in danger in the waters around Houston my emotions were getting amplified.  Helicopters lowering them into sewage and debris that will make them sick for weeks.  I was getting too ‘involved’ energetically.  It lowers my effectiveness when I’m dragged into the turmoil and not centered. So I pulled back. Sent them love and light and then re-focused on my personal directives for the week.  I stopped myself from sending them care packages and getting involved in a non-stop disaster event. The truth is that this is going to continue in monolithic format. And my job is to recalibrate to my next level of guide-work and connectivity for service, as unique as it needs to be in any given moment.


One of those realizations that has come within the last month, is the terrible toll the transition out of Alaska, along with being there for five years has taken on my body.  My whole life I have been less than athletic the majority of the years and struggled with weight gain when stressed.  I’ve heard all the metaphysical woo-woo info about being female, weight gain as a protective mechanism, heredity, the soul plan, etc.  The truth is we are all different; but the facts about the degradation of the food system, toxin levels, radiation levels, and impact of all that combined with lightworkers dedication to becoming MORE sensitive so that we can raise the planetary vibration, is a dilemma.  It does matter what food you are putting in your body.  I now understand that both sugar and flour of any kind must be removed.  It’s the equivalent of heroin or cocaine.  Period.  No agave nectar or honey or maple syrup.  That’s still sugar.  No coffee no processed foods.  I have read and participated in every diet ever invented (just about).  Not only as a weight reduction solution, but as a healing, balancing and life choice attempt.  The two resources I recommend for anyone are the Bright Line Eating food (Buy the book, read the science and psychology.  Sign up for the 14-day challenge for $29 to get the food plans and do the maintenance life food plan if you don’t need the weight reduction version.  You don’t need to spend the big money on the boot camp.)  Then combine that information with the books called “Medical Medium.”  The concepts in each can be sorted and merged for any person with or without a health issue, then tailored to your guidance and needs.  They are worth understanding and reading even if you don’t have an issue (or think you don’t), because they will increase your awareness to critical planetary factors that you need to navigate to continue to reside here and maximize your effectiveness and comfort.


Yep.  I suggested you find ways daily to maximize your comfort.  It isn’t so simple in the intensity.  I’m sometimes warned not to do a standard past metaphysical practice like meditation because the energies rolling through aren’t to be reached into or opened up to.  I, like some others, were shocked by this recent solar eclipse.  I normally love these kinds of celestial events.  Creating sacred circles, meditating, whatever.  I was very close to the path of totality and watched the light outside turn to dusk.  I was told by my guide team not to go outside or engage it in any way.  I assumed I was being a drama queen and tried to minimize it in my mind.  But it was a horrible event for me.  I’ve never felt anything like that level of darkness cutting a path.  I was truly disturbed and shocked by it.  It had a physical impact and I fought not to throw up for hours.  I thought it would never end.  It was suddenly very clear to me beyond politics and war games that I could see with my eyes, that there was a great deal more going on and why putting me in this house in a protected space was hugely important for now and what is to come.


It's worth noting now that I was uncomfortable but not unsafe because I was listening to guidance.  I’m saying that again because I want you to remember to breathe, and that your team and your guidance and your manifestation are with you.  There is no benefit to you being a mess.  It’s not going to maximize your positive effects here and beyond.  But YOU have to clear the deck.  You have to participate and do your work.  Is eating sugar, bread, or any physical plane addictive behavior pattern or relationship merry-go-round really worth the lessening of your super powers right now?  Is being drugged out on food or violent entertainment or people-dramas; as is such a large percentage of the population; really where you want to be?  Because the old rules still apply…and are amplified.  If YOU don’t make the change that you know needs to be made; your soul is going to initiate a crisis to get your attention and force it.  Period.  I’d love it if we lived outside of that realm, but we don’t.  The good news, however; is that when you take the path of guidance to free yourself, the positive benefits multiply in your life as well.  There will likely be an array of badly-behaved humans still in the surrounding area, but that’s the job right?  That’s the earth plane.


Dealing with that earth plane is our next topic.  I thought you would appreciate some of the basics of knowing the guidance given to me to get set up for the years ahead.  Then you can pick and choose the ones that fit best for you.  We’ve already had the food discussion.  So let’s talk about the rest of my sanctuary set up.

  • In 2016, prior to the purchase of this, my first house, I was directed to use the majority of my income to pay off all credit cards, loans and debts.  This was a huge amount equal to about 50% of my income.  It took huge dedication for 11 months to accomplish this.  But I did it.
  • I removed everything from my life physically that I had been dragging around and didn’t need.  If it carried old energy or memory I sold or donated it.  These items were not to be brought into the new house.
  • I purchased new furniture, décor, appliances, etc.  Nothing that was preowned or hand-made by someone else’s energy.  No antiques, thrift store items, etc. It is better to have only a few new things than bring in chaos or negative or past energy.
  • Everything is completely organized using clear and labeled Rubbermaid containers on shelves in the garage and elsewhere.  Living surrounded by clutter, hoarding, dust and debris isn’t cute or justifiable as a personality trait.  It lowers your vibration and effectiveness and the psychic energy noise invites disturbance.
  • There is a pantry that includes a 1-month emergency water supply in case the water is turned off in the neighborhood or becomes contaminated.
  • I was told to install a whole-home automatic natural gas generator that will run everything in the house perfectly including the air conditioning should there be an electrical power outage for any length of time.  It automatically turns on and needs no propane or gasoline refills.  And by putting an air conditioning unit on the house, the interior has a protected air circulatory system for the most part from outside air quality issues that might arise.
  • A basic alarm system has been installed so I am aware of doors opening and closing and security cameras with live video should I want to see outside.
  • Insulated walls and garage door to make the garage a climate controlled space as needed with enough room to park my 4-wheel drive vehicle inside in a secure area rather than leave it in the driveway at night.
  • I was told not to install live cable TV due to the frequency-control mechanisms that run through the broadcasts and cable.  I participate in internet streaming only.
  • I installed a gas stove and oven rather than electric.
  • I asked if I needed flood insurance or earthquake insurance for the property beyond basic homeowner’s insurance and was told it would not be necessary.
  • My decision-making process included whether or not to live in a neighborhood with houses closer together or give myself some property and space in a more rural way.  The neighborhood with closer neighbors was pointed out to be a safer choice.  And I’m noticing that the people moving into these newly built homes are military families or professionals with good behaviors who are also interested in a sense of caring community rather than fighting or isolationism.


Although for any location you may be guided to live, the list of decisions and inclusions might vary, it’s important to recognize that none of this is fear-based.  It is resource-based.  Fuzzy blankets, pillows, rugs and soft furniture.  Choices to meditate upstairs or downstairs.  A second bedroom option if I need to be in a different area of the house to avoid any disturbance for sleeping.  A treadmill for exercise so I don’t have to fight bad weather or be too visible for safety reasons.  Enough cash to sustain myself if regional power outages shut down gas pumps and any stores ability to process a credit card.  A property on a quiet cul-de-sac with no through traffic, and surrounded by a bit of extra space and forest.  Not in a city center or degraded area, but close enough to resources, shopping and interstate access.


These are the set-up elements I have been guided to install and initiate.  If I was reacting from fear rather than guidance, then I would be running out this week buying flood insurance after watching the news footage of the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey.  But reacting from fear initiates the law of attraction to draw to you exactly what you are afraid of.  So I strongly advise that you follow joy and attend to centeredness in listening to your internal guidance.


As we entered into January 2017, I will share with you at this point that my level of discomfort was growing.  It’s that frustrating space where I will pointedly say to my guide-team that I am very aware I do not have all the information on a subject.  I was watching the news and knew I was being lied to.  But at what level?  How do we sort it all out?  I wanted the absolute truth and details about who was initiating what in the financial systems, government, corporations and more.  Did that information exist?  I wasn’t just making a request, I was demanding it.


Within a short amount of time I was led to several very important documentary films and instructions about how to proceed.  I’m going to share them with you here with no elaborate discussions except to say that you need to know these things.  It will allow you to walk forward with no dishonesty that can work against you.  You will watch the news and be able to completely sort it out.  It’s not easy information to realize and I can tell you that it will be important to read the Dolores Cannon materials and bring your kinesiology online to balance yourself out mentally and emotionally with the positive galactic perspective and truths.  I have already provided you with that information on the Resources Page of this website.  The documentary movies that can be found on Netflix and other resources for rental are entitled: “Zeitgeist the Movie” and “Unacknowledged”.  If you haven’t watched these in their entirety, you will truly be at a disadvantage to knowing what’s going on, on the planet.  I also recommend, for privacy and security, you download and start using an app on your phone called “Signal” for texting and phone communications that are important to you or your light worker assignments.


I shared the quote at the opening of this conversation, because it held such clarity for me.  I’ve never been a ‘civilian’ on this planet.  Always called upon to be a warrior in one way or another.  In nearly every situation and every room. Just being present at this time and working through the dimensions is a monumental task to hold physical form.  Give yourself a real sanctuary.  Give yourself true comforts of higher vibration.  Let everything go and rest when you know your body, mind, emotions or spirit need it.  Warriors can’t be in continuous battle.  It’s not sustainable.


The Next 4-years – Allowing Clarity and Reality without Fear

by Aleiya Hunter on 03/28/17

Since December and my work in Hawaii, I am incredibly different.  Making the deliberate agreement to participate in recalibration through rest or other physical interaction is a key to finding not only peace, but the symbology needed.  What do we mean by that?  Downloads of information can come in sleep or wake.  And honestly…have you figured out that there really isn’t a difference between those two places?  Once you begin to consciously have awareness of the illusion all around you, you will slide in and out, recognizing how guidance tracks you.  Timing is even more important.  And there is a track to follow.  A new moon in Aries this week as it is circled by a week where the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries as well, with Jupiter at a square to Pluto.  This has serious “god of war” energy around it.  But let’s take it to the symbology that is all practical and not about archetypes and metaphors.  It’s your right to do so. And you will find it can be about getting an absolutely clear view.

I laugh at myself as I tag in to listen to the astrology that is posted from different vantage points.  I frequently will talk out loud…”yep, you got the facts…but…ah…no.  That’s not the take-away.”  So, let’s look for a minute at where guidance comes from.  Because you’re going to need it with a plug-in similar to when your computer system needs to patch software to upgrade an ability.

Since Hawaii, my level of centeredness has changed. Before I was always girl-on-a-mission with an edge of “push” that hung on from the days of fear-programming.  You are programmed.  And I’m not talking about the usual metaphysical woo-woo issues surrounding your relationship wounds with your parents.  When you watch the news, you know.  You might now know the details of the format of the lie; but you have trained enough to see it.  And snippets are coming out past the gates and into view so you can have the rest of the information if you ask for it. The world matrix.  I got more than I bargained for this weekend.  It had me walking around the house in a bit of devastated shock.  Who owns what on the planet.  Pay attention.  The goals to keep you programmed, distracted and controlled. Unlimited, violent, mindless, ‘entertainment’ media on every channel. Affordable foods keep you unwell and addicted to sugar.  A pharmaceutical drug for every occasion is always handed to you for every level of your life from physical to emotional pain. The financial markets and governments are all owned (literally), and instability can be made to “appear” as desired anywhere on the planet. The matrix is wide, but simple.  Fear is both the product and the mechanism. Even as you read this, you may notice that your chest has tightened and the programmed fear within you has been triggered.  This isn’t something I usually discuss.  And from now on, we are just going to refer to it as “the fear industry.” 

Take a deep breath for me.  Feel your higher self and guides.  Reach for them and plug into that truth and support.  The fear industry doesn’t win.  It doesn’t even have a vote.  But we do live here.  So we have to realize that our starting point in the process can’t be mindless. It’s about engaging, but taking the warrior energy to stand in plain sight on some occasions, and know on other days it’s not appropriate to “go to war” or plug in the way we used to.

I’m the first person, and you’ve seen it, that goes through the door. A child in danger; my search and rescue team in jeopardy emotionally or physically; the sexual predator at the doorstep; the system that doesn’t work or does harm.  I was always the one on-call.  Now I am told to set it up differently.  Set up my world first.  No less present, but not visible in the same way.  Following guidance that pre-dates humanity.  How long do you think we’ve been here as well as working together in other places and dimensions?  Focus on that for a reality, and then see past the earth-matrix just like that.  In an instant.  I may be here now to offer the new framework, but I’m not here to focus on others responsibility.  They will talk to each other and unite past the ‘barriers’ or not.  I will walk away rather than deal with it twice.  Ever since my plug-in to reality in Hawaii.  mastery that stayed; and manic initiatives are over.  Those days and moments when I couldn’t stand it if something wasn’t put away in the kitchen.  And I didn’t recognize that though I was following guidance, I was doing it in a framework of programming led by fear.  15-hour days were the norm to save the world.  I couldn’t exist without the push.  And it’s time you know where that framework came from.

So what do we do with all of these planets in Aries?  We allow the gift they bring to get you to the truth through CLARITY.  Realizing and seeing the intrusion is first.  How you have allowed it.  What rules you put in place that make everyone very happy with you in playing the conformity game in society.  Then taking that clarity and peacefully and quietly stopping it.  What part of your body and mind and emotion is ruled…by someone other than you.  And how do you turn it off.  I’m not saying to stop living in society.  I’m saying you use it to hide in plain sight while you eradicate the fear-based control factors from every part of your world and being.

In January I shut down the control-factors.  There is no longer sugar, wheat gluten, meat, or dairy put into my body.  Last summer I shut down the worst of the fear-broadcast frequency coming into the house.  I disconnected the cable TV current running through the wires in the walls.  I am in the process of shifting away from watching news-by-video and only reading headlines as needed for processing guidance and taking appropriate action.  I have understanding beyond any “incident” or supposed government/corporate or other control-feature initiated or announced.  That individual manifestation and focus through the Universal Laws run the higher format.  And your creations and deliberate interactions with higher guidance is the mechanism to sustain and move you.  If you know where to be…and you do if you choose to.  Then the rocks can fall from the sky and your personal world will curve to peacefully walk you around them.

I was tired of everyone telling me the key was to not be afraid, without handing me the details.  I wanted to know who was playing the game and how.  As devastatingly disappointed as I am about the facts presented and truth revealed, I am reminded that as dark as they are, the light information, initiatives and team is also present.  And it’s not some fluffy hand-you-a-bunny-and-meditate-in-the-backyard while you pretend it’s just all ok.  There is a reason you have been presented with the Dolores Cannon materials, the Kinesiology instructions, and finally the framework to build on through use of the Wind on Water Database this month in the new Resources Section of the website.  We really are here.  The ones who support you.

I watched a woman for some time on my Facebook news feed who is an acquaintance.  She has a kind heart; stands up for people; is clearly sensitive but not with metaphysical awareness; does flower arrangements for weddings, loves working with her husband in her summer garden and connecting to nature on long walks with her little dog in the beautiful red rock mountains of Utah that she paints beautifully.  But I had to “turn her off” in my news feed.  Her upset and panic and anger grows over local and national government inaction and inequity.  She has begun fighting with her neighbors. And the kind woman I knew now rants constantly.  Of course, she is afraid.  But she is also feeding herself a steady diet of ‘entertainment’ that includes Game of Thrones and other main- stream violent and negative storyline options in addition to watching the news media daily.  Do you know how many times a day you are FED the word “terror”…?  It is the perfect never-ending war to justify everything from taking away your rights, to justifying any military action to acquire control over money, resources and oil.

Now at this point if you feel like I’m heading down a path of discussion that makes you uncomfortable, I would like to take you back to your own guidance.  How do YOU feel when you watch the news reporting?  How do you feel when you watch violent or negative-behavior television, or read the posts and shares from friends that are fear-based?  We are currently choosing this incarnation.  And many of us know that we are not just here to sequester ourselves out in the woods and shut off the mechanism and technology of the world. But I also trust that you are paying attention and want the details and answers.  I did.  And it’s not about any single President.  That is the distraction.  So refocus and remove.  Take the last chance to put an end to things.

As I begin my final months to prepare for transition out of Alaska and down to the State of Washington, I am very aware to do it.  There is clarity about being both in alignment to move to a pocket of light, as well as the shifts I am not to be involved with what will come in the region I leave behind.  I felt a bit exhausted and wondered if the announcement/invitation to take a year-end 2017 trip to Costa Rica for mastery work wasn’t the most ridiculous thing ever.  Going out of the country to this destination at this time of instability doesn’t actually seem like a logically good idea.  And it probably wasn’t the best weekend to hit me with it.  Then the Guide-whispers came.  Practice world travel with a metaphysical team you already love and can trust.  Explore and meet people in the different regions around the planet.  Opportunities like this can’t be missed now.  One leads you to another of critical proportion.  Consider that the day may come when you will be directed to relocate outside of the United States.

Having to consider completely different pathways and situations for the future and bringing an end to feeding myself in the old ways physically, emotionally and mentally might have its moments of sadness for the things left behind.  But right beside that is the relief and joy and heart. I counseled someone who has left his life in a state of chaos that by societies standards is ‘the norm’.  Life events and media become the distractions from allowing things to settle down by picking a place to live that isn’t transient.  Recognizing and halting the relationship interactions that drag you around from day-to-endless-day in a state of negative impacts.  Each lesson and educational program for the soul has an end point.  Stop it, learn it, and take it.  Then once the new framework is set up by your own timing.  You can be with the lighter side in a more sustained way.  The clarity.  Pick your art.  Sit and hold the fuzzy bunny in the backyard.  It’s ok to do this.  But don’t live a half and half world of allowing inflicted pain then going to the cabinet to get a band aide.  This will be your mastery 4-years.  Plant yourself.  Then ignite your peaceful fire.  And you know, when I of all people say that to you, it’s not just a woo-woo wish without the practical world support.


The Lessons of the Full Moon February Eclipse

by Aleiya Hunter on 02/13/17

On any given Tuesday I can experience a full-blown Jerry Bruckheimer movie.  It might take until Sunday to play out.  Then another weekend hiding out curled up on the couch to process it by ‘twilight-zoning’ out in altered state with my guide team.  And thankfully they process my cycle in my time.  So as we stand under the energies of one lunar vs. solar eclipse, I thought it was time to share some of the specific guidance that I was getting.  They are epic categories, as always.  But they play out at times of great importance. 


We are not unaware of your battle.  The timing of which was pre-destined for millennia.  We don’t want you to be without the cosmic interpretation.  But the mundane is a cycle of that wheel and can’t be left in the matrix as heart without home.


Heart without home…You may feel the transits of souls and the relocations now in numbers unpredictable.  We can’t promise predictability in the lives of others, but we can for you.


I love predictability with adventure.  Quite a dichotomy.  I want everything to feel safe, but I want to stand on the edge of the gate and have it open 5-inches from my face.  My warrior spirit calls and I indulge it.  Often while wondering how I’m going to pull it off when I see it coming.  But I know.  The one gift above all others had been since that week in England when they became visible.  It wouldn’t always be a “physical” viewing to see my Guides, but I would find a belief that 40 hours on deck could get me through more adventures and panics and fights and emergencies than I would have thought possible.


But now is a different elemental engagement.  And it’s worth talking about. Whatever you’re used to, can be broken now.  And by ‘used to’ I’m not only talking about the methods you’ve used to get there in your study.  But also, the physical application of those laws.  You have now become the law.


I heard it after I did it.  Speak Truth to Power.  A commanding officer without the knowledge isn’t so heartened as the one who finds truth. 


It often surprises me, the matrix of delusion, and when I might be made certain of speaking something terrible but hidden to a person of great power and influence in the world.  What my encompassing feeling is about this is that we all have the power.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I can’t see a junction or chasm forming on the path.  A time when in a split-second I might stop all else I saw and be the one person who knows and will say what has happened.  I recommend that you piece that together.  And breathe.  And recall that I don’t ever do that in loud demonstration or anger or righteousness.


There is immense release.

I can’t tell you how in a rush, what I assure you was far from a rush in coming, I see my hands moving or body in motion or timing of statement like an impact from a distant place hit the ground or people in front of me.  Or more truthfully, it comes through me.  But not without the angelic realm.  And without harm would be the prime directive.  Delivering a statement long in coming and without emotion or intent to hurt isn’t the same as shock for darkness.


I could hear it on the wind.  I always can.  It was a monster. I find myself so certain these days of certainty itself.  I wonder at the calm and relief I feel.  It’s ok to do that.  To close the window or door on things.  What do you think a warrior looks like?  Red or blue? 


I saw him coming.  I laughed at the set-up. Clothed in the depicted patterns of blue. What better than options to claim a pattern from the past I was cleared into for my release.  It had been a very long time since I had decided to take on a male energy for close interaction. It had been such a battle of myself joined with distant relatives I don’t even care for, who haunted depictions of what I felt I was.  Who do you think you are?  I was ready to blow a hole in that past.  So, I did.  Moonlit ferry rides. Danger and adventure.  He would get a few months of my time, but only 4-days of my physical presence.  He would think power and control and dominance strategies were going to stand past that.  He would be wrong.


My job on that ride was a beginning.  It stopped a mania.  Inertia disqualified.  What abuses would I accept in their insidious hiding places?  Maybe when I see relationship now it holds grace.  This full moon eclipse calls us home.  It would mean a light bulb moment. The eclipses weren’t for my shock and awe.  It was for others.  I was excited. I could instantly stop it.  The moment it arose. And leave a very insane moment to its own human world.  How human do we have to be?  Not at all.  Every impact of this week was for someone else.  It realizes itself.  I spoke truth in right timing. I didn’t linger. And at 2:22am that night I surged awake. I was surrounded by the guardians and hunters and Guides of my love.  Lifemate that never leaves.  Who says we have to believe in other realities of hate or fear or time beyond love?  My heart knows a great feel of joy.  I didn’t need this ‘boyfriend’ or past to claim my feelings or time.  I would sleep again.  I would rest.  I needed more than this world, and delivery wouldn’t disappoint me.


The Food

It would be this understatement to say fighting was my way.  Drawn to battle is what a warrior knows. We clothe it in mind for time.  I have held children bleeding from ancient wounds both carried and etched.  Current dilemmas.  Pain that screams in the dark.  It’s ok.  To be that angelic being when all else around you is failing.


This, I now realize, was my past. I give the decision-making and job of blood to the tide now.  Channel to hold light.  It was always the higher mission.  So surprising to me that at this ebb and flow of rage, I might find silence.  Food.  Is a ridiculous modicum of grace.  It lies. They lie.  What does a channel look like?  For me, recalibration.  On a Saturday I started reading the book “Medical Medium”.  By Tuesday I had stopped the madness.  It was time.


Tired and hurting ended years of pain. Three-day perfect cleanse. Two weeks of initial detox. One month to find new patterns.  I have removed all sugar, meat, dairy, corn, wheat/gluten, eggs.  Where before trying to take any supplement made me violently ill, I now have answers to years of fatigue and medical issues.  It isn’t just about being vegan.  I now see the elements to change and the underlying virus and specific toxins vs. medicines.  The undercurrent of nerve-ending pain is gone.  The virus burrowed into organs that the medical community is unaware of as the cause, is now being eradicated. None of the medical advice I had ever been given was accurate.  Not even the ‘natural-path’ doctors ever gave me a supplement that worked.  Now my body accepts a new array without rejection.  I sleep at night for 7-10 hours.  I don’t wake with stomach pain or body pain or unexplained issues.  My stomach no longer hurts even when hunger approaches.  Yes, I am still recalibrating and tired at times and allowing the flow of guidance to show me what supplements to apply as I progress.  But in a world where I felt no hope and only struggle with the physical issues, here is Spirit-delivered solutions and timing for rebuilding.


I’ve been removing chemicals, groups, souls.  Heart-felt with simple timing.  Everything is clear to do this.



Winter Night ~ A Channeling from Samuel

by Aleiya Hunter on 01/28/17

If your world is requiring nothing but mechanics these days, you're not wrong. But it's important that you see it for what it is. A set-up. 

This is the time period that gets you to the next level. It's the must-do elements of proximity that can make all the difference. And what a difference it is. On the outside is a world in chaos. But within you there is courage and a knowledge that spans lifetimes. Past the gates of what used to be stands all that you have worked for. Why focus on beyond crisis. What makes you think you must cater to that at all. 

Today, under this new moon, comes a chance to make an account of what will proceed you. How many of the issues now seem unreal to you?  Like watching children in a fight with no limits. So now there is much more hope than before within you. It isn't the mechanics but the grace outside of it that guides you. Think not that you are separated from all the peace. Believe that what you leave behind is a finale like no other. 

You don't have to engage with them. You don't have to make it real for you or consume your world by the clock that binds them. Their mechanics are their own. What have you worked so hard for that is now time to be?  We suggest that it's peace. And the first time you stop shouting or listen in the silence, it only takes that heartbeat to see it and recognize it. And that will be enough.

Feeding, sleeping, rushing. What specific trend or mechanics step into your awareness at this crossroads. Realizing that your control is your own will help to make an auxiliary decision to adjudicate as in your own life there will be no more trial. What jury made you think something was beyond your path of hope or fortune or self-belief?  I am telling you that it is not. And I have come to share the before-time. Past the globe you now know as home and heart to the one of record. It is all in the records. Don't worry about the climax that stands at each noticeable threshold. We won't let it pass. Start to view your world as your own forever and now. You can do this with a hint of lecture and grace. You can remember as workers that the work can be done by another even as you rest. We came in legion. We knew the time period was similar to what has come before, but so much of peace may still be collected. Don't stop to chance the records of time. Make yours always in record to the hieroglyphs past duty to love.

~ Samuel, Guide to Aleiya


Discussions with the Guides – at the End and the Beginning

by Aleiya Hunter on 12/05/16

I didn’t get on the helicopter today.  In the dark and the cold.  Though for a moment it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting outside as Alaska has a moment of peace.  Which it rarely does these days.  The snow falls and we know that winter will be real this year.  As the eye of the most recent storm passed directly over the island this past week; and 70+mph winds added to ice and 15 degrees of cold; I realized that my final winter in Alaska wasn’t just going to be all rain this time around.  And for each of the battles I see raging, I was told whether it’s politics or family or weather, that Hurricane Charlie now serves me well.  That I have learned to stop, close my eyes and let absolutely anything simply pass over.  It will end.  And this lesson of non-involvement and extraction has become a milestone where it’s use is a requirement to do my job as a lightworker.


You may have been seeing them lately.  If you’ve truly been announcing your new beingness to the universe.  Double, triple and beyond, number patterns.  It tells us of a walk through the portal. As well as a re-patterning of how much clarity is brought into the dream time now.  On the last new moon that just cleared us into the month of December, it was said we also strode through the end of a 9-year cycle.  In a 9 year.  Are you with this program now?  Endings and completion.  Beyond anything I have experienced in human form. 


I sat in a circle for a week on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, in November with an array of students and metaphysical practitioners.  I was shocked to see the difference between last year and today.  I was different.  And in this group alone it wasn’t people waiting to see if they could figure out how to do it.  It was an exceptional array of defiance.  In the face of all we have seen, those of us present decided to walk away.  Onward to the next portal.  They had already left abusive relationships permanently, and jobs that were done with.  They were strong and fierce and caught in a vortex that is now their norm.  Our norm.  We are just doing it.  Guidance comes in absolute form and is acted upon without waiting.  Ask any one of us and we can tell you that there isn’t any more waiting. 


The earth and the humans have made their choice.  If it had been Clinton elected President, the release and returns would have been at a gentler pace.  But we all looked at each other in that practitioner group in Hawaii when the election results came out, and knew then that this was going to be now and louder as we watch the next 4-years unfold to the important gateway of 2020.


And so we come now to the necessary discussion on how to be.

This time period isn’t going to be about the fear for you.  It will be about the peace.  There are hours and minutes and years you have spent going through the panic and efforts and negative patterning. 


I, and others are getting ready to move.  Alaska is done for me.  The call has come in to bring me to my next destination.  A house is being built especially for my energetics.  It will be the first of its kind.  There is positioning for all of us occurring now.  Some need only shift a street or two.  Some are called to change cities or countries.  But whereas in the past this was a call to arms or mission to dive into a “war” zone; that is not what now comes. 


Practitioners, who choose it, will be stabilized.  If you don’t play games within your own mind or from the matrix of the past, the solutions will come swiftly.  The tribal councils that you all are a part of will be silenced.  There is an extra-terrestrial playground occurring between the worlds.  Why would we ask you to leave the last of your basic childhood behind as a human?  So that simple becomes the norm.  And from that, there is a great play to enact from the galactic council viewpoint.  So we ask you what calls your heart now?  What place do you feel?  What calls you into service without service?  There isn’t a place on this earth that you can go now that won’t have the practitioners stepping into hollowed out spots made of grace.  We didn’t send you down here to do this alone.  If you could agree to purify and clear the last, though herculean effort it might seem; what great joy will await you.


Light.  Peace.  Stand still.


What makes you think that you don’t do for the world and the light if not your hands are pushing?  What monumental grace do you believe is only possible through hardness and despair.  These are human terms.  These are matrix terms.  What new rules will you make?  What courage do you have and what must it take to stop and listen and be.


My permission was granted to realize that I don’t have to hold the Arctic Circle watch anymore.  And to see how many of us leap into the devastation zones.  That may have been our past, but clarity, purification and adjustment has now come.  How much more effective I will be shifting to channel as the priority, without the fight of the extremes of the physical.


It is the last of the year of the 9-cycle.  2016 will leave, and what you leave behind will change the grid forever.


Discussions with the Guides ~ the In-Between Spaces

by Aleiya Hunter on 10/10/16

As the battles rage over personal and exponentially larger issues in the public eye, for those practitioners who have been present for the shift-moments in their own space, there is a lesson of greater importance.


I pulled against a photo that appeared today from the top of a high peak in the Alaska wilderness.  Besides the aircrew that was there and a few others, I found myself trailing past what would have been the physical view to the power of the gate in the mountain.  It wouldn’t have been reality to a human, past a strange feeling if they stopped to tune in at all, but it was there none-the-less. I halted repeatedly on the photo wondering what it was that called to my sight-beyond-sight. 


It may happen for you this way as you are so required to address and attend to the brutal impacts of something that might be as simple as a daily chore that makes you feel leadened.  How to go on day in and day out. You have not yet arrived at your next destination, but you have realized that the release of the past in any form has already transpired. These we would call “the in between spaces.”  It may come with depression even if the new impulse or aim you know to be true and a better life and landing post than what has come before.  Don’t be discouraged. It takes more than just linear action to raise awareness beyond the physical enough for the physical points of return to shift and bring forth into manifestation the next platform.  Memory is shifted as well through the veil of changing icons that are just as real as the DNA that runs through your system.  You will notice the word “through” we use repeatedly. We divide the time zones for you between the past-not-yet-past and the beautiful future made to honor you.


We are the in-between spaces.

Standing still becomes a necessity. Even now if you reach for them you will feel your guardians. Most serious is the diligence deployed. Walking across the earthplane at this time was always going to be this and so much more. If you envision a trek such as the Lord of the Rings toward and into the mountains now.  The bodies fall around you and nearly feel like ghosts.  The people who used to seem real in your world no longer hold physical form. This we say is a normal state for you as time seems surreal. Though you may feel a struggle to compensate and care; finish your tasks with an eye on the future.  Know that it comes today and tomorrow against all tide. There isn’t just one timeline, there are three or four consistently spacing themselves.  The others know this. A hush comes over the land. Join with it and know its protection.


Planetary Alignment Tracking
Current Space Weather
Astrology Key to the Signs

There are a great many aspects, transits and calculations that can be analyzed in the application of astrology. And though we will at times point these out to you through posts and discussions, our primary goal is to assist you in plugging in to your own intuitive communication gateways for both in-the-moment navigation of your life as well as prediction. To work with some of the most visible energetics of each day, we recommend you pay attention to the sign the moon is in as well as the phase because the energy of the moon so greatly affects emotions and behaviors. We encourage you to note what sign the moon is in each day, the qualities of that sign, and then expand your awareness through those energies to feel the pull on humanity. Use the Current Astrology Chart provided above to view in-the-moment planets and the current sign they are in.

Aries - new impulses, pioneering, forward movement, spontaneous, energetic, physical. Negative side: anger, argumentative, forceful without balance or care.

Taurus - desire for comfort and security, impulses to slow down, sensual. Negative side: stubborn, materialistic.

Gemini - active time for thinking and communications, reading, writing, learning, light-hearted, curious, seeking variety. Negative side: restless, over-thinking, cheating, flighty.

Cancer - The moon's natural sign. Nurturing, peaceful, quiet, domestic, seeking safety and the comforts of home. Negative side: clingy, emotional.

Leo - personal/inner focus, dramatic, attention-seeking, creative, risk-taking, generous contributions. Negative side: any of these positive elements can be demonstrated negatively.

Virgo - practical, detail-oriented, re-thinking, organizing, problem-solving, confident, health-focused. Negative: critical/judgment of others, etc.

Libra - seeking balance in all, diplomacy, more willing to compromise, less emotional, seeing all sides of a situation, working through issues, self-examination. Negative side: fear to take action, wanting to please everyone, needing the approval of others.

Scorpio - Intensity, passion, deeply personal emotions, desire to move deeply into things beyond the superficial, removal of old limiting habits and fears. Negative side: manipulative, suspicious, worrying, dwelling on things.

Sagittarius - Optimistic, truth-seeking, travel, higher education, physical activity, adventurous, pursuing new visions of the bigger picture without digging into details. Negative Side: over-doing things, exaggerating, winging it without planning to a detriment.

Capricorn - Structure, planning ahead, practical, resourceful, focused and motivated for long-term success, don't want to waste time, aware of challenges and limitations. Negative Side: depression over the perceived reality of situations.

Aquarius - Group goal assessment, focus on higher ideals, unusual solutions, more unemotional and impersonal, progressive, freedom-seeking, engaging in radical undertakings and social studies put into action. Negative side: blowing up the old while demanding the higher ideals without carefully laying the new foundation for future success.

Pisces - dreamy, sensitive, compassionate, mystical, intuitive, imaginative, metaphysical mergers, spiritual and inner development, music. Negative side: Pisces can be the mystic or the alcoholic, avoiding details, escapism.

By learning to "feel" into each of these signs, you will be more intuitively able to read any astrology aspect, situation or person and predict how the population in general will react and be affected.
Crop Circle Tracking
Global Incident Map


Active Volcanoes

Global Forest Fires Map
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