Connecting with Energy, Self & the Elemental 

​The Dendera Private Gateway provides access to receive observations, insights, and support directly from Aleiya and her Guides as global events are unfolding. Information about the metaphysical cause-and-effect factors are provided as well as astrology and energy forecasts. Most importantly, Aleiya and her guide-team provide real world training through example in how to work with your own unique abilities and partnerships at all levels to bring your life into clarity of focus and purpose.

We invite you to sign-up for the 7-day free trial period to view and explore what is just the beginning of the resources that will be available thru The Dendera Private Gateway. At the end of the seven days you may choose to continue on with us and have continuing access for a small membership fee of $3.00 USD per month, or cancel your subscription. To sign-up for this membership, simply click on the "Subscribe" button below and follow the instructions. Be sure to finish your PayPal account set up as well as finishing your registration by clicking on the "verify" link that will be sent to you via email. Once these steps are completed, returning practitioners will then be able to use the "Member Login" button provided at the top of the main Dendera Gateway Information page to access the private gateway.
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Everything you need is within you. To connect and bring into realization and manifestation the answers and guidance to expand your energies beyond anything you can yet imagine. You need only to choose to reach for it and engage with it. ~ Sylvan
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