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There’s never been a more important time on earth to uplift each other by sharing our gifts, abilities and positive insight.  

As old paradigm structures and institutions in society are torn down, community will need a new foundation and framework for the exchange of information, goods and services; and that must begin with those of us who understand that energy flow is the true exchange for prosperity.​

The Trade & Share Community hosted here on the Dendera Gateway is one of those starting-points. The individuals and groups listed in this directory provide continuing free content & support as a portion of their services as healers, channels, educators and lightworkers. The inspired creators included here are open to considering a trade in exchange for their art, jewelry or other physical products. And service providers may also choose to list themselves here with a trade-offering.

a Centralized Information 
Resource Directory

The key to this community platform is that it provides a centralized information resource directory, and participation requires a completely money-free offering or exchange of goods and services. This isn’t a website to “list your stuff for sale.” We invite you to explore the practitioners already included in the community below to see examples of how information and guidance is shared, and we encourage you to bookmark this page to return to as a resource that can assist you in navigating the intensity and changes underway on the planet.
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Do you provide inspiring, educational and ongoing free content that’s accessible via an online free-access platform such as YouTube, Blogger, or your own website…? Are you an artist willing to do a 100% trade for other goods or services if it was a mutually acceptable trade for both participants…?

Click on the button below to learn more and submit your request to join the Dendera Gateway Trade & Share Community of inspired practitioners, healers, educators, artists and lightworkers ~
Aleiya Hunter
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Aleiya Hunter
Intuitive Channel & Teacher
Energy/Astrology Forecasts & Discussions with the Guides
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the View from the Edge Series
Lee Harris
Intuitive Guide & Teacher
Monthly Energy Updates
Steven Washington
QiGong Instructor
Heart-Mind-Body Movement & Discussions
Weekly Astrology Forecast/Pele Report
Michelle Karen
Monthly Astrology Forecasts
Dolores Cannon
Healer / Hypnotherapist
Universal Communication Specialist
Healing, Hypnosis, the Role of the Extra-terrestrial Races & the New Earth
* Providers listed with an asterisk are included in the directory for their superior organic earth-friendly products and practices & free educational programs, but do not currently participate in product-for-service or product-for-product trading.    

Note: This Directory is provided as a community service for informational purposes only.  Individual participants agree that they are solely responsible for any transactions or communications conducted as a result of their use of this directory.
Gregory Scott
Astrologer / Divination Specialist
Astrology Forecasts / Daily Tarot
Michell Osborn
Intuitive Soul Coach, Divination Specialist 
& Animal Communicator
Forecasts & How-to Guides
Kelly M Beard
Shamanic Astrologer
Astrology Forecasts
Mother Earth News
How to Guides for Gardening, Herbal Remedies, Farming, Essential Oils, Yoga & More
How-to Instructional Videos
Astrologer / Healer / Shaman
Mountain Rose Herbs *
Grower, processor, distributor of organic herbs, spices, teas, and other sustainably grown and harvested ingredients
How-to Guides for Herbs, Oils, etc.
Deepak Chopra
Instructor / Scientist / Healer
Guided Meditations
Anthony William
Medical Intuitive
Medical/Healing Guidance 
Programs on Audio
Esther Hicks
Channel / Law of Attraction Specialist
Channeled Presentations
Laura Grace Weldon
Free Range Learning/Home Schooling, Creative Living, Gentle Encouragement, Poetry
Articles, Essays & Posts
Kat/ Seren Holistic Lifestyles
Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor
Forecasts & Intuitive Discussions
Temporary Temples
Documenting, Diagramming, Photography & Video of the latest Crop Circles
Catalog of Crop Circles
Wendy Kennedy
Intuitive Channel
Pleiadian /Collective Channels
Emmanuel Dagher
Energy Intuitive & Healer
Energy Forecasts