Intuitive Channel & Guide Communication Specialist

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"I have been walking the warrior's path for so long, that home is no longer a place; it's a feeling." 
Raised in the United States in the New England countryside, I enjoyed a deep connection with nature and animals...bunnies, horses, chasing butterflies, climbing trees, picking wildflowers and blackberries, spending fascinated hours playing with fireflies and star-gazing.  

There was nothing easy or simple for a "sensitive" child living with parents that lacked the understanding and capacity to nurture beyond fear and anger. The elemental kingdom (and a pair of Pisces grandmothers), offered me friendships, magic, and sanctuary to keep the child in human form alive. 

As my life progressed, I would walk distinctly in two worlds.  A University educated and award-winning corporate-business path paralleled a steady progression in learning who and what I was.  An intuitive capable of integrating energy work and communication from all dimensions.  Working with non-physical Guides at all levels to provide introductions and pass along guidance to those I act as a channel for became my specialty and greatest passion. At this time on earth more than ever, I believe it is critically important for each incarnated soul to know they are greatly loved and incredibly supported in very practical ways in their daily life.
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Aleiya Hunter