Connecting with Energy, Self & the Elemental 

​No matter what is occurring on your life path or with the earth changes that are underway, the gift of intuition and the option to better understand the world around you and how you uniquely fit into it is always available. As an intuitive and channel with more than 20-years’ of experience; and a foundation in the primary metaphysical areas including mediumship, astrology, energy work, healing, universal law, meditation, kinesiology, numerology, divination systems, crystals and more; I work at the planetary level with a diverse team of non-physical guides. Our goal is to demonstrate the successful integration and balance that can occur through the use of the internal gateways of intuition and communication.

As our world changes and higher dimensions become more visible and available, understanding how energy, manifestation, and universal law work hand-in-hand with all of the elements and beings around us is the key to having sustained peace and amazing adventures.

Working thru the internal gates ~
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"With the merging of what is within and what is above, we have the opportunity to experience something truly elemental.  A peace so profound it whispers of miracles."  
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Aleiya and her Guides provide expanded discussions on the latest energy shifts and world events in addition to specific tips and tools to assist you in navigating the changes occurring as you walk your personal life path for members thru the Dendera Gateway. You can also sign up to receive other important announcements, guidance, notices and updates via email and Facebook.

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